Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted....

Have you ever taken a couple days of vacation and spent the entire time on the phone and on your computer, working?

Yeah, me, too - just this past Monday and Tuesday. To make up for the weekend I worked on yet another project.

I got some laundry done, and some things situated in a room that is being redone…but that’s about it. Between my phone, my computer, and Zack the Wonder Dog harassing me to go outside so he could go climb trees, I sucked at taking vacation. I think I need to go to another country, that has no internet access and where my cell phone will not work.

And I have 3.5 weeks of vacation to use before the end of the year.

I don’t know if I’m going to get that vacation utilized or not…but I’m going to try, I promise.

I promise.


Jim said...

The problem you may find is that many of the countries in the rest of the world leave the US in the dirt as far as availability of internet... so temporary expatriation might not work so well for you.

scotte said...

girl u had better get busy if you are going to use up all those days. Can you sell them? or better yet transfer them to my work?
You can now follow the escapades of your BLB at

love ya

Janie said...

Jim - awww, darn. I'll figure something out, if I can just get out of here!

Scott - I know, I gotta get busy.

What's BLB? Bacon, lettuce, brother?

Trace said...

Do it for yourself!! Make it a Christmas present to Janie.