Saturday, August 18, 2007

Here's to friends ... and new friends!

It's been a full couple of days in the Metroplex…

Drove to Lewisville
Registered at Dallas Gun Club
Schmoozed with customers and peers (SWC&P)
Bought new pair of E.A.R. custom-fit ear plugs
(purple and pink - woohoo!)
Didn't stay for Thursday night activities or shooter auction
Instead went to supper with our friends from Lubbock
Returned to hotel and retired sometime around midnight
5am wakeup to wakeup call MLH for redeye flight
Couldn't go back to sleep
Worked on e-mails and got my shooting stuff ready to go
Went to breakfast at 8:30am when MLH arrived at hotel
SWC&P at hotel breakfast
Went outside where my shooting glasses immediately fogged up
Fogged up glasses – new experience
Went to Dallas Gun Club, met up with teammates
Shot at the hottest time of the day, 1:30pm
Shot the Calcutta Course (most difficult course of Gun Club)
Thought about whining, too hot to talk, just push on
Deduced I should have said "Let's don't and say we did!"
Gave up on my hope to win the 2007 High Over All Ladies trophy
SWC&P while sweating my life away
My customer won a $3500 Beretta O/U
Excited for him
Because I picked out his winning board square
I won a brand new SKB gun case
I won $100 Cabelas gift certificate
Back to hotel to meet my cousin Kristy
She drove in just to see us
First time in 3 years – we had a huge time
SWC&P in hotel lobby
We all went to supper with Kristy
And our friends from Lubbock
Back to hotel at midnight, talked until 1:30am
Went to breakfast at 8:30 with MLH & Kristy
SWC&P at hotel breakfast
Drove to Plano for a home group meeting with a friend
Met about 30 sweet brothers & sisters in the Lord
Left there, headed to Allen
Meet Foo & Turtle of Random Synaptic Misfire
Lunched with them at the Blue Mesa Grill, laughed a lot
What a sweet couple, they're a lot of fun
We decided it's time for a Texas gathering of the bloggers
I think they should come check out West Texas
Stopped at Borders for books, then Starbucks
Headed back to hotel
Try to boot up my computer – oh, my Lord
Blue screen of death, holy crap
Called IT desk to verify, yup
Eulogy said, new computer on Monday
Thank God for backup on server
MLH & I took much needed nap
Decided to stay in, went to get burgers
Will meet Becky of Leo & Becky in morning in FW for brunch
She & her husband a huge part of the spiritual wealth in our lives
Then head west, young man…por la casa, por favor
Ready. More than ready!
Later, gaters…
Much love


Winston said...

OMG... You've got a lotta energy! It wore me out just reading about it. But glad y'all had a grand ol' time...

Anonymous said...

This boggles my brain, although that is not hard to do

Janie said...

It's more habit than energy, Winston. But we are tired. Just got home, and glad to be there.

Ba Doozie - you're not alone, girl. My brain stays boggled!! :O

Panhandle Poet said...

Intensity. Good stuff!

Turtle said...

You've left me exhausted as well. You 2 have more energy than one of those Monster Energy drinks Foo has when he's riding his bike.

It was great meeting you both! We had a wonderful time and wished it had been longer. If enticed, we might just drive out that way! We've been known to do crazier things. *wink* We look forward to seeing you again.

Rach said...

Busy, busy, busy for some people!

Janie said...

Poet - it was great!

Turtle - it was great to meet y'all as well. And I promise, we wind down sometimes!

Rach - I know you're a busy girl, too!

Gwynne said...

Sounds like a great whirlwind of a trip...if ever you have a West Texas blogger get together, don't forget to invite me. ;-)

Eric said...

Great trip, great report! I'm jealous that you got to meet Foo & Turtle...