Wednesday, August 15, 2007

He's my brother...

The last two days, my (real) brother Scott has been in Midland due to work concerns. And through some divine timing, we’ve been able to spend a couple of hours together over the last two days, sans spouses or kiddos. (We didn’t mean for our spouses to be out of town, but they are.) It’s been fun!

The distance of forty miles apart is nothing. Many people drive that far to work each morning. Scott and I both live busy, multi-faceted lives – and our kiddos have different interests, so oftentimes, we have to schedule get-togethers. We do talk on the phone quite a bit, which is good.

It’s been nice to polish the jewel that is our relationship. And our relationship is definitely one I treasure. Scott’s job will require him to spend some time in Midland, and that’s a good thing for me, his sister.

And it will be good for him, too!

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