Thursday, August 2, 2007

Oh, yeah....I'm from Texas!

Jimmy tagged me with the coolest meme. Jimmy’s thought for this meme was to find out from as many bloggers as possible just where they'd like to be in the state of Texas if they could choose A Dozen Places. Six of those would be places they've been before; six would be places they've never been. So, yeah, I decided to play along!

A Dozen Places

6 places I've been in Texas (where I wish I could be again right now)

1. My grandmother’s house situated on 40 acres, in Sulphur Springs, Texas
2. Fishing for crawdads with my brother at the pond at the above-mentioned house
3. The Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas, listening to one of my favorite singers.
4. The Gage Hotel at Marathon
5. Traveling east with my Mom down I-20 towards Shreveport, La.
6. The Fort Worth Fat Stock Show –Steer Barn – watching elder son take Breed Champion with Stormy the shorthorn.

6 places I've never been in Texas (where I wish I could be right now)

1. Palo Duro Canyon
2. Fishing offshore in the Gulf
3. The King Ranch
4. Mota Bonita hunting lodge
5. Chillin’ out on a ranch near Kerrville
6. Georgetown- taking shooting lessons from Dan Carlisle!

And I hereby tag Scott, Foo, Spooky Rach, Karen, Panhandle Poet and Bill! Go forth! Play the Dozen Places Game. Remember, six of those would be places you’ve been before; six would be places you’ve never been. And tag more bloggers to come along on this here ride, cowboy!


Panhandle Poet said...

OK, Janie. It's not poetic but it's posted.

Janie said...

Woohooo - thanks, Panhandle!!

Karen said...

Holy cow. I'm gonna have to think on this one. You rascal.

Janie said...

You are the pondering penguin, you know, Karen!;)

scotte said...

Janie I done gone and done it.
Love scott

Panhandle Poet said...

A couple of my readers responded to your meme. Plowing Sowing and Reaping and Middle Age Ramblings both posted. You can link to them from my blogroll. I'm not all that adept with this HTML stuff or I would put links to them in this comment....

Anonymous said...

Mota Bonita Lodge is on the King Ranch. Good luck getting their, cuz it's invitation only.

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