Sunday, August 5, 2007, Saturday...wait, it's Sunday now?

What a day…or has it been two?

I popped out of bed around 3am Friday morning and started working on my expenses. I don't know why, I just knew that was what I was supposed to do. Crazy, huh? MLH left around 5:30am for the oilpatch, and I went to the office at 8am. Worked on some projects, and the plan was to leave at lunch for the Larry Ratheal 4H Scholarship Shoot. I easily coerced MLH's baby brother (in town for a wedding) to go with me, and we trekked out to Windwalker in driving rain. By the time we arrived at Windwalker, the rain had stopped. Whew! Didn't want to get my gun wet – but loaded both guns, still in their protective sleeves, into the shooting cart. Baby brother and I went under the pavilion to eat lunch, and all of a sudden, the sky opens up again, and pours down rain. We run to the cart and retrieve our guns…and voila! I was soaked - one of my peers asks me if I'd like to borrow a cap. I exit stage left, jump in the cart, drive to my truck and grab a ball cap. I was pretty scary. Waayyyyyyy bad hair day.

We waited the storm out under the pavilion, and then headed out to the stations.

Where. It. Promptly. Started. Downpouring. Once. Again.

Beautiful. I love shooting in the rain.

At least the temperature was cool, and it was a fun shoot, raised lots of money for the 4-H shooting kids scholarships.

MLH came in from the patch late last night just in time for us to enjoy a 10pm supper at Outback with Baby brother and his wife who were in from Whitney for a wedding. We had a great time. I was tired!

We got up this morning, ran to get a Starbucks and a burrito, and started working around the house. We've been busy all day long. Bob & Cherie stopped by for a bit, and it was good to see them. Then MLH's brother, wife, and daughter stopped by and just now left. Some friends from Oklahoma are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, we're looking forward to seeing them, as well.

Tired. Better hit the hay. Happy trails, all – have a great weekend!

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