Saturday, August 11, 2007

Runs in the family...

It must be “get your oil changed” week. My brother, Scott at Fiberhawk, has a funny story about Avis Lube on his blog. Go check it out!

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Foo said...

My oil change story isn't funny at all. I love my new Mazda, but compared to the dealership where I went when I had my Honda, the Mazda dealership stinks. Their business hours make it impossible for me to get there for an oil change after work, so I have to take a chunk out of a Saturday when I'd normally be out riding my bike. Two hours it takes for them to get the job done--and that's if you have an appointment.

"Big deal," I thought. "I'll just use their Wi-Fi connection and get some blogging done." Nope. No one there knows what a WEP key is, so I can't connect. The first couple times I went through this, I tried to get the key, but the service manager gave me an IP address and insisted that was the right information for getting on. So I don't try any more.

My wife, who still goes to my old Honda dealership, did a bit of scouting for me and was assured by our buddy in the service department that they'd be happy to change the oil in my Mazda, and it would still take no more than half an hour per visit. Sounds like a plan.