Saturday, July 28, 2007

Taco Time!

According to Eric, we're getting a Jack In The Box franchise in Midland.

Glory be. The Southwest company plane will smell much better now.

You see, whenever we fly to Dallas, and we’re en route to Love Field to get home, we have to make a stop. And God forbid if we’re not all in the same rental car, and have different motives (i.e., forget to stop at the Jack in the Box.)

It is a rite of passage on the way to Love Field that we have to go thru the Jack drive through and pick up several taco orders. I’ve seen my co-workers argue over who gets how many Jack tacos, or that the orders weren’t distributed fairly.

Yup, pre-flight, we get tacos. Fast food tacos.

To. Take. Home. To. Midland.

Think about that. Arrive at the Love Field airport at least 1.5 hrs early to turn in your rental car. Then 1hr flight home, and 20 minutes drive from the Midland airport to la casa - with tacos in hand, to be eaten upon arrival por la casa – in Midland. And they don't warm them up.


I know that goofy Jack clown laughs his fool head off.

And now, my co-workers have flung a craving for those same tacos on MLH.

By the way, I refuse to cooperate.


Pancho said...

I first encountred Jack in the Box, we called it something else not printable, in 1970 while in college in San Antonio. Back in the good ol' days when they actually had the revolving clown head that talked to you. We always got burgers back then, Secret Sauce you know.

I didn't fully develop a love of the tacos until later in life. Extra grease with that order please!!

Karen said...

My son loves their food, me not so much. However, something we both love there are the shakes! Holy thickness, Batman. They have a blackberry one for summer and it is excellent.

GeorgeH said...

How can anyone living in a place with real Tex-Mex food eat that JIB tacos?


Gwynne said...


Janie said...

Pancho - I'm sure you and MLH can have a taco date there when it opens.

Karen - now, girl, we love milkshakes! Have to try it!

Georgeh - But these guys swear by them. And also swear by tex-mex, as well. Who knows?

Gwynne - why, what?

Gwynne said...

Why eat practically day-old tacos from Jack in the Box?!?! Are they really that good?! I can't imagine soggy, greasy tacos. That just ain't right. But I am craving some tacos right about now. ;-)

Janie said...

Gwynne - Lord knows why they love them so much...that they'll wait 5-6 hours to eat them.


They are good, but that good? Don't know.

Scared to go there...;)

Trace said...

They must be pretty darn good tacos, for everyone to work so hard to get at them :)

Janie said...

Trace - you know that's right, girl.

Eric said...

This whole thing is a mystery to me. I remember loving their deep fried burritos, but I don't think I ever had a taco. I guess that will have to be on my 100 Things to Do Before I Die of Excessive Cholesterol. ;-)