Monday, July 16, 2007

The Home Front is looking more like...home!

We worked hard this weekend. Due to our house being in a state of constant remodel, a clothes rack had taken possession of the middle of our bedroom floor. (I say “taken possession” in the sense that it’s been there for most of 6-8 months.)

This weekend, we decided that rack was by golly outtahere…Be gone, darn clothes rack, be gone!

We got up Saturday morning, ran through the closets in double quick time, and if the clothes had not been used in a while, they were taken to Goodwill. No second chances.

Then we picked up LB1, took him to IHOP for a late breakfast (man, that boy can eat!) and ran out to Bob and Cherie's. LB1 tried and tried to get the pups to play with him, but they’re still too shy. So LB1 and Bob went vegetable gathering in the garden, and this boy is excited about the squash and pumpkin he’s taking his mom. He asked me, “Miss Janie, can we make a pumpkin pie?” Once we were back in the car, he couldn’t wait to get to our house. “Is Zack at home? Can he sleep with me tonight?” He is so funny!

So, back to the house, and MLH & I attacked the cleaning of the bedroom and the final move of the almighty transient clothes rack. (As I said, it has taken on a life of its own!) MLH ran back to Home Depot to get metal rods for one of the closets, and came back and installed them for me. I started re-organizing clothes. And thinking about how grateful I am that we’re getting back on track once again! LB1 played 2 hours on the GameCube (he has a limit at our house, too) and asked me to make him some of my homemade spaghetti. We finally compromised on Double Dave's pizza - MLH and I ate a couple of slices, and LB1 ate 13. I don't know how he does it!

Two weeks ago, Bob came and helped Steve re-organize the garage. Then last Saturday, he came and helped Steve reorganize our middle bedroom, which had become a storage room for everything remodel, and everything else that didn’t have an assigned place. (It will now be a music room, and house some funky new furniture, plus all of our guitars, keyboards, and the TV for gaming purposes.) And Bob’s also been digging up the vinca ground cover and monkey grass out of an area that will soon magically morph into our new front patio area. I’m excited about Bob saving those plants.

We have been steadily working on this house for almost two months now, after nearly a year of inactivity. (We were pretty occupied closing a business down, which was very time consuming.) Our new furniture is in, which is very sweet. Our curio cabinets were delivered Thursday, and they are beautiful. Our new bedroom furniture should be coming soon. Joe Fussell at City Wide Electric is going to get us straightened out from an electrical perspective (old house, funky electricity.) Awaiting delivery on music room furniture. We still have to make a few more renovation decisions, and decide on paint colors for a couple of the rooms, but we are well on track to making home more like…home.

Yup, I’m excited.


Rob O. said...

Sounds like quite a productive weekend! Post a pic or two if you get a chance!

Trace said...

Oh Janie, I would be in my glory if I were at your house right now!! I absolutely love home decorating; it is one of my great joys. And I've been pretty sad these months I haven't been able to do much because of the arthritis. Just picked up a handful of paint samples today, as a matter of fact. Don't know when I'll be able to get to the painting though. I'm so happy for you to be getting your home the way you want it. Enjoy it all. God bless ya'

Rach said...

Next time I come to Midland (and there will be a next time), I'm definitely coming to see all this! Just make sure you are around this time hehe.

Pam said...

Is one of the rooms for hubby and me to stay in? Looking forward to seeing the house. Maybe you could take some vacation time and come help me finish up the kitchen?

Janie said...

I will, Rob!

Trace - wanna fly out, chica? I need a decorator. MLH is a clean, contemporary type, so ideas will be most welcome.

Rach - you'd better, girlfriend! And I'll make sure to be here! You can rotate staying with us and Eric and Debbie!

Pam - you bet! The Queen of the House is welcome, as well (Sweet Pea!). Come on down! You could make this the West Texas leg of your Kerrville trip. Tell Jack R. hi from MLH & I!

Panhandle Poet said...

When you get through, I've got a few "projects" that need attention...

Janie said...

Poet - um...yeah...let me put it in my calendar!

I was actually thinking of appealing to the blogosphere for help!!;)

Wazah Bellwether said...

Just got to warn you about those plastic storage bins, (if you decide to use them) Seems they multiply in the garage or closets. I'm nearly sure of it. Moved 4 years ago, and then again June 1st. And we had MORE storage bins than we stored. That's just NOT right. So, be careful!

In the gathering of furnature, there's an extra BED in the mix of cabnets and cables, yes? Cuz us ol' folks need to rest when we come for a visit & look see. Blessigs on the HOME front!!! Ohhhh Yes.

Janie said...

Leo, y'all always have a place to rest your head at our house! love ya!