Friday, July 13, 2007

Rabbit Trails, Dogs, and...Turtles?

Hop on down this rabbit trail with me. (Otherwise entitled "Yup, Janie has A.D.D.")

I was in the front yard this evening watching Zack run. I looked up just as a maroon Ford Explorer drove by. Hanging out the window of that Ford Explorer was a dog that looked so much like Zack that I wheeled around to see if Zack was still with me.

And he was.

Lest you think these solid liver German Shorthair sightings happen often, please rest assured that is not so. Outside of Zack’s littermates, I’ve seen two solid liver German Shorthair dogs. One was from Kansas, and another was from Missouri. Solid liver GSP’s are few and far between, at least out here in the sticks of West Texas.

Once I realized Zack was right by my side, I started breathing again. And then I wondered, “Who was that? Wonder if that dog was a female GSP? If that dog’s birdy? Do I know the owners?”

Will the owner of the maroon Ford Explorer please come by again…and stop? We’d love to visit! I’m sure we have lots in common! Like…weird doggy behaviors…and paw prints 6’ high and horizontal on our fences…and random bird feather decorations in our back yards…and muddy back porches…ice cream loving dogs...and…and…and…

Okay. I’ve been slaving away too hard on that big project at work lately. This is my first full weekend off in a month – and my brain is working overtime. It kicked in again for a minute.

I thought, “Wonder if they post their German Shorthair videos on YouTube the way we did? Maybe I can find them that way!” I went to check (no other local shorthair videos), and there was a comment on Zack’s video (which, by the way, has been viewed 920 times in 4 months!). I went to read the favorable comment, and the commenter had a video marked as favorite. After reading the title, I had to watch.

As aggressive as he is in the field, Zack has nothing on this Killer Tortoise !


Karen said...

That is one determined tortoise! Funny stuff.

Janie said...

No doubt, Karen! Have a great weekend!

Winston said...

Zack is certainly a handsome feller! And he has that look in his eyes that screams, " I am in charge here. I am the king. You are my pet slaves. Now feed me lest I have to go kill something."

Janie said...

Thanks, Winston! And yes, you read him exactly right.


Including us.

Panhandle Poet said...

I used to own a liver spot GSP - he was more dog than I had time for. I gave him to a guy at Post, TX, who made a super quail dog out of him. I wish I still had him -- but he probably isn't still around. Beautiful dogs. I like seeing your pictures of Zack.

Janie said...

Thanks, Poet. These dogs are so smart!! I bet your dog was a sweetie. I love the dark liver spotted dogs, too. We may have to get that color if we get another dog, but I really like the liver colored like Zack is.

He is pretty photogenic, isn't he?

Karen said...

So, I showed the video to the husband. Being the science guy/geek that I love, he immediately identified the type of turtle and started talking about their rarity and all. Yada yada yada.

He can't just look at a critter. He has to id it and educate me. Whatever.

He enjoyed the show, too, though.

Janie said...

Karen, it is an amazing show. What is the type of tortoise, by the way?

Karen said...

The husband says it looks like an Eastern Woodlands Tortoise.

Whatever! It's funny.

Trace said...

Gosh, what a gorgeous picture of Zack. I have fallen head over heels in love with him since you've been sharing him with us. Thanks Janie.

Janie said...

Karen - don't you live near the Eastern Woodlands in Houston?? ;)

Tracy- Zack says to tell you "Thank you very much" and he'd love to send you an autographed picture. a mud paw signature okay?