Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jimmy in the Sky with Diamonds....

Eric has opted out for 2007 due to family commitments, but Jimmy the P is going to be riding high in the West Texas skies for the The Blogathon. I considered participating in the Blogathon this year – after all, when Eric and Jimmy participated last year, garnering pledges for Midland Fair Havens, it was one of the major happenings that helped me decide to take the plunge and become a blogger myself. As such, I considered and was somewhat excited about participating in the 2007 Blogathon, as more than just a contributor. After all, I love fundraising. Or that's what Jimmy said when he wrote that article about me in 2005.

I thought about doing the Blogathon again today, for a mere 5 minutes. That’s all it took. And then I realized I don’t have the stuff. Jimmy’s a regular part of the media, so he’ll either know or make up stuff to talk/write/blog about for 24 hrs. I mean, last year, Jimmy and Eric held contests , wrote about music and all sorts of great subjects all throughout the Blogathon. I really tried to stay up with them just to comment and help them out, but I didn’t make it the entire 24 hrs. I can’t even win a Texas Lotto Scratchoff contest, much less create contests. And I would probably run out of subject matter soon after Zack the Wonder Dog dozed off. Or my hibiscus flowers closed up for the night.

Eric wrote 76 posts and over 8000 words in 24 hours. I don’t know Jimmy’s post/word count (Eric’s was easy to find.), but I’m sure it was somewhere in the same range. And each post both of them wrote garnered several comments. That, my fellow bloggers, is awesome. And they raised a sweet amount for Midland Fair Havens.

So, this year, I’m out of the Blogathon inso far as being a Blogathoner. I’ll contribute, but not in the 24 hour blogging contribution manner. I’ll send money. And here’s why:

I’ll tell you all I think Jimmy’s going to do, and then I’ll compare myself.

Jimmy will be blogging from the H-E-B parking lot.
I like the H-E-B Store, but I hate that parking lot. I think it’s one of the most dangerous places in town. (People drive like idiots in that parking lot. I think it's a combination of the Starbucks caffeine and the Pinkie's alcohol. Surely not, but, hey, what a thought!) That boy Jimmy has some guts! (I’m sure he’ll be well protected.)
Anyway, Jimmy prevails.

He’s going to be sitting in a small bucket, suspended 30’ in the air.
I don’t think I’d be happy sitting in that bucket.
Jimmy prevails. He’s a tad bit skinnier than me, too.

Jimmy’s utilizing a Genie Scissor Lift for the suspension part of his magic trick.
Genie-us-es work on my hair to give me a lift every 4 weeks with scissors and hair color.
Jimmy doesn’t have to worry about his hair, soooo, dang it…Jimmy prevails.

Jimmy is a man. Janie is a woman.
Bathroom proprieties in a small bucket, suspended 30’ in the air in the HEB parking lot.
Enough said. Jimmy prevails. (PS – Jimmy – do you want to borrow MLH's portapottie?

Jimmy’s not fond of heights.
Me – the higher the better.
Janie prevails.

Jimmy’s funny. Truly funny.
I’m funny – but only in my dreams.
Jimmy prevails.

Jimmy’s an accomplished writer.
Again – in my dreams. I’m what we used to call in the rodeo world a “wannabee”.
Jimmy prevails.

Jimmy the P can film videos while driving his own car.
I can’t even film my dog without laughing and jiggling my camera.
Jimmy prevails.

Jimmy is an accomplished fundraiser. He and Eric raised $5000 last year, for Midland Fair Havens. I’m good at fundraising megabucks with a team…don’t know my abilities going solo.
So – Jimmy prevails. No – Janie prevails. Okay…we tie.

Writing without stopping for 24 hrs.
About what? I can’t even post daily. 24 hours???
Again, Jimmy prevails.

Here are the scores.
Jimmy = 7
Janie = 1
Tie = 1

So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen. Jimmy is the winner. I concede defeat, and will humbly submit my pledge to Midland Fair Havens. If you’d like, you can pledge on behalf of Midland Fair Havens by doing the below, which I plagiarized…no, downright copied…from Jimmy’s site.

And, I pledge to at some point during the 24 hours, hop onto the site and bug Jimmy and play his games and try to win some of his contests. You should, too! It's great entertainment, and for a great cause...Midland Fair Havens.

How to donate before Blogathon: Donate either in lump sum or pledge by the hour anytime between now and the end of Blogathon by visiting Select “Find a blogger to sponsor here.” Select the MyWestTexas/Midland Fair Havens button. Select “Sign Up” and after a very brief registration process, fill in your pledge amount by hour or lump sum.


Jimmy said...

Thanks so much for your comments, Janie. I welcome you up into the bucket with me for however long you'd like to be there). Anyway, a thousand thanks, I appreciate all your kind words. Especially the part about me being crazy.Come on out and brave the parking lot for awhile when you can.

If we each do a little we can all do a lot.

Janie said...

I'll be there to support you, dude. Make no mistake.

Janie said...

I'll be there to support you, dude. Make no mistake.

Jimmy said...

Then I guess I better commit to being there, too, eh?

Norm said...

Jimmy needs the Stadium Pal

Norm said...

Stadium Pal

Eric said...

Don't sell yourself short, Janie. You'd make a great 'thoner. (Jimmy's just showing off with the bucket thing, you know.)

Plus, it's the one time when you can legitimately send the spousal unit out at 11:00 pm for a triple venti mocha and not feel guilty!

Janie said...

Jimmy - you are crazy! Did you check out the Stadium Pal? Norm has all sorts of great ideas.

Eric - Thanks for your support!! I don't ever need a reason to send MLH to Starbucks...he could live there! I'm still "outa the bucket", though...

Gwynne said...

Oh, c'mon Janie, you know you could do it. What great fun to blog from a bucket! Heh. But I'm with you...easier to write a check than blog for 24 hours straight. I'll sit on the sidelines with you. ;-)

Janie said...

Woohoo! Does that mean Gwynne's coming to Midland?

Gwynne - it really will be fun...until the Starbucks closes!