Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tired Saleswoman Needs Spa Treatment

I''m tired.

I've walked all over Downtown Denver the last two days, and my feet hurt. AND I was wearing high-dollar Mephisto sandals, which they advertise are for "comfortable walking"...ha!

I'm in dire need of a luxurious spa experience.

On another less whiny note, I called ThatManILove. We just recently realized we'd not been anywhere without our kids or friends in years. And it hit me this afternoon - he just finished his well work (pray for more!) and he's actually loose tomorrow. I suggested he meet me somewhere for the weekend.

I'm in Denver. He's in Midland.

Suggestions, anyone? We can fly anywhere, as long as we're home Sunday evening.

Hurry up, I gotta make flight arrangments!!!

While you're thinking, go meet My Bestest Friend Suzan - yup, the one in Pennsylvania I blog about all the time. She started a blog - woohoo! She's so funny, it's gonna be great to see what she does with the blog!


Chatelaine said...

How about The Wyndham Peaks Golden Door Spa in Telluride? You're already close to it. I know Telluride is better in the snow season, but it's still a quaint little town in the summer.

Wyndham Peaks

Fragrant Liar said...

Um, Austin?

We like to keep it weird here, so make sure you bring your guitar and clown nose.

♥ Braja said...

Yeah, I have an idea: come with me to Bangkok, it's got spas EVERYWHERE. And I love it.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You will have fun wherever you go..even if it is home.. oh your poor feet..If I were in Denver and Far Guy was in Midland.. I would say meet me in the Mountains and help me soak my poor feet in a mountain stream in the moonlight! :)

Vodka Mom said...

I'm going to visit!!

And I have NO idea where you can go.

I'm voting Telluride.

Jeff said...

Janie, I'd be more sympathetic if you weren't in Denver, you lucky, sore-footed, daughter-of-a-gun!

Anonymous said...

Cool.. I'll check out the new blog!

The BLue Ridge Gal

Gwynne said...

Is it too late to suggest San Francisco, or Napa (great spas and balloon rides even if you don't drink wine)?!

Anonymous said...

Can I come to the spa too?

(Don't worry I won't ask to tag along this weekend. Enjoy.)