Monday, July 27, 2009

James Taylor TANGLEWOOD!! Free Tickets Contest!!!

Are you ready to rumble? You have 24 hours to play this game!

This contest is for 2 Tickets to James Taylor, August 29, at the Tanglewood Shed in Lenox, Massachusetts. Great seats, under the shed, Section 20, you’ll love them!

The contest will open at 8 a.m CST Monday (today!). All you have to do is leave a comment, that is linkable to your blog, or leave your e-mail info in the comment section so I can reach you. You will be able to leave comments up until 8 a.m. CST on Tuesday, July 30th. Any comments delivered after that time will be considered ineligible.

I will gather all the entries and conduct a random impartial drawing, utilizing a third party firm unconnected to this blog or to any of you, to keep things fair and above board during the drawing process. Said contracted third party is the renown accounting firm of Acme, BeepBeep and BLAM. (Don't worry, they do have another unrelated third party hired to do their impartial selection work, which should further ensure impartiality.)

And then, one of you will be singing your favorite James Taylor song all month long! And you can tell James ThatJanieGirl sent you. (I'm sure he'll know exactly who you're talking about.)


Pam said...

Well, James Taylor IS one of our favorite fact one of his CDs is in the changer in our truck even as we speak or write. Love the Magi song....

bernthis said...

Oh, God, I wish I were in NY when that were happening but a drive from L.A. to Mass is a bit much and forget the cost of the plane ride!

valthepal said...

Hi there. I am a native New Yorker and a lifelong James Taylor fan. I live in PA now but can get to Tanglewood pretty easily. I have been to Tanglewood as a kid with my parents for the Boston Pops concerts. Sheryl Crow happens to be one of the friends performing with JT this year and am an a HUGE Sheryl fan as well. Love them both. Sure would love to win these tix! Nice of you to be doing this. Regards,Val

Tami said...

Me me me.....I need a vacation. And this is the perfect excuse!!!

Bob said...

We need to go to Ohio and pick up farm equipment sometime so Massachusetts on the way there Right? So I know this is impartial and all but Suck up, Suck up, kiss your A-- and oh, we love you guys (For real, not making that up to influence anything but figure it wouldn't hurt to throw it in) Uhm...would you watch our dogs, cats, plants, house, oh, just move in and pretend to be us while we're gone? Damn, I probably just talked us out of winning.

Bob said...

Oh, I forgot to leave contact info or the linkable thing to our blog. You already know how to get a hold of us and read my blog and have our phone number but I'm wondering, If I posted like a thousand comments would that increase my chances of winning?

valthepal said...

contact info - 610-807-6244 or 610-261-4999 but I do belive you can just blog back, no? Val

Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

Wellllll....I already have a vacation scheduled for the last week of Aug. I am going to see my totally broke, just out of college, daughter. She just happens to live in Coxsackie NY, a hop and a skip down the through way to Tanglewood! I love James Taylor, and she is a cello player who would love to see YoYo Ma!

Janie, you are such a generous person!
Even if I don't win, this has been a blast posting!

LUKE 6:38

785-899-2587 home
785-899-7212 work
785-821-0199 cell

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Okay, okay, y'all are all sounding pretty persuasive. Your stories are breaking my heart!

But quit leaving your phone numbers, okay? Just leave your e-mail address or a link to your blog, I bet I can find you!

Keep 'em coming - and have fun! i gotta go plug in my James Taylor CD...cause I forgot to get that cable that will access my LaToya the Sequoia aux to my Ipod. Which is, by the way, FULL of James Taylor songs.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

This post is from a lady who seriously cannot leave messages on my blog due to some technicality a la, I'm helping her out.

Hi Jane,

Please submit my name into your 'James Taylor' contest. I'm especially interested
in winning these tickets for a friend. My friend just finished his cancer treatment this
spring and is a huge fan of James Taylor! This would be a great surprise!

Just the thrill of entering this contest is so pleasing and exciting! I just came across
this announcement today, a day before the contest. I can't believe it!

Thanks for your generosity and thoughtfulness in offering your tickets to this super

Carpe Diem

Jeanne S.

Paige Lacey said...

You're so cute! I can't make it up to NY, but you're a doll to have this giveaway.

The Wine Commonsewer (TWC) said...

Said contracted third party is the renown accounting firm of Acme, BeepBeep and BLAM.

You'd be better off with lawyers rather than accountants. You should hire my lawyers over at Dewey, Screwum, & Howe to count the ballots.

Evan said...

My wife gave me a fathers day and birthday gift (I turned 53 on July 22) to go to the concert in Tanglewood but was only able to get lawn seats for the Sun. afternoon concert with JT and the Boston Pops. We live in West Michigan and are going drive the 12-13 hours even if this is the only concert we can take in. We have been looking on line for months for tickets to the Sat. concert with Sheryl Crow. We have been effected by the 14% unemployment rate here in Michigan and because my job is directly related to the housing market things have been really slow. Being able to go hear my favorite artist, James Taylor, in seats where I could actually see him without binoculars would be so awesome. Let me commend you for your gracious gift no matter who you choose. You could have gotten a ton of money for these tickets and to give them away shows you are person of real integrity. God bless!! You can contact me at if I am selected.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Another one having trouble with blogger!


How do we enter to win free concert tickets to hear James Taylor at
Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusett?

Orange, Connecticut

King of New York Hacks said...

If you feel like singing along, don't.
James Taylor

Always laugh at that quote from JT .