Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Random Things...Again

So much for my great promise to "write".

Random stuff of late:

*We spent the weekend in San Antonio, celebrating the 21st birthday of Younger Son. Vodka Mom would have been proud of the amount of liquor imbibed.

*I remained the designated walker.

*It is HOT in San Antonio. And yes, I whined. A lot. It didn't help at all.

*When we gather all our chicks plus their friends, the walkway on The Riverwalk isn't wide enough for all of us to walk abreast.

*We had enough rooms at the Westin Riverwalk to get a group discount. Did they give us one? Not on your best day.

*The waitstaff at Dick's Last Resort can be (pardon me for this) dicks. (And, due to the atmosphere, they think they have the right to be - I disagree, and I'm NO prude, as y'all well know.) They were rude, crude and lewd. And our waiter actually pulled Emily's hair when she asked a question. I was thankful none of the men in my group saw it go down - Elder Son might have opened a can of whup-a** on them. I won't go back.

* We trekked out of San Antonio Sunday night and flew to Albuquerque to visit friends. We had a huge time.

*We arrived home at 11 p.m. Monday night to a clean house, our dogs bedded down, and wonder of wonders, someone had mulched the flowerbeds. They look beautiful. If I think about it, I'll post pix.

*I have to go. The alarm belonging to ThatManILove is going off and obviously, he's oblivious. It's time to get ready for work.


Anonymous said...

Maybe there should be a class for waiters to learn proper waiter etiquette? Sounds like it anyway. Sorry no all went so lovely for you.

The Blue Ridge Gal

♥ Braja said...

Honey trust me, i'm readin' ALL your posts, but for 5 or 6 days cannot comment...can't do posts on my own blog even, just sneaking onto hubby's....but I'm here... any news on our emails, Cowgirl? :)

And hey...I'm electing you now designated walker on our night out: cos I wanna see what that looks like. We're takin' Vodka Mom, so we'll both be waiting for the performance :)))

Chatelaine said...

I'm too chicken to go to Dick's Last Resort. I'm way too sensitive and would totally end up either crying or throwing something upside a Dick's head.

Either way, I'm embarrassed.

I haven't seen the Riverwalk in several years. I think I may have to take my new fella down there some time. He's got so many sights to see in the south that he's never seen before.

Pam said...

Ah, San Antonio in the summertime...what were you thinking?

Although I do love me some SA. Sorry about the waitstaff, that can really ruin a nice evening.

Now, as to the designated walker, were the rest of them in wheelbarrows or something? Just curious. The visual brought to mind defies all explanation!

Hope it was cooler in Albuquerque, cause it was HOT in Branson.

Looking forward to more sparkling commentary from you.

A. K. said...

Honestly, i love reading random post. ITs more straight from the heart. If you plan spend time writing, thinking.. it becomes more of a corporate thing..

Sandi said...

no matter how random, I love hearing what you are up to.

Jeanne said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

I've only been to San Antonio once, in October, and I loved it. Hoping to make it back to Albuquerque this fall....

Fragrant Liar said...

You were so close to me! I'm in Austin/Buda. Aw, shoot. I would love to have met you.

Dick's Last Resort is known for their dickiness. We have had company parties there before, and it was all good fun. Either they crossed the line, or they should have made it clearer up front that anything could happen, and you have to be game for that.

Next time you're going to be so close to Austin, give me a shout!

i beati said...

can you add some to this list ??hahahah

Paige Lacey said...

To come home from a trip to a clean house and freshly mulched flower beds... Perchance to dream. :o)

Shauna said...

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend :)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Have a great 4th!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused Janie. you're proud of the alcohol consumed, there's a link to a bunch of naked men. I know it's all in fun but I remember you and Steve leading people to the Lord, teaching bible in your house, a house that was filled with worship and music. Do you still worship? It's such a change.

Vodka Mom said...

you are right, I AM proud.

midlife slices said...

I agree about Dick's and think they cross that line between fun and not funny in the least.

You are the goingest person I know. Don't you ever get sick of going? I'm kind of a homebody I guess, so there's a big difference between us. LOL

Anonymous said...

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