Saturday, July 25, 2009

Becoming One With The Mac - Part 2

We’ve spent a delightful couple of days at Mike and Pam's in the Fort Worth area. I needed a break!

Today, we went to the Apple store, trying to get some things situated with my MacBook Pro…and I realized the Apple people have a.t.t.i.t.u.d.e. Some young whippersnapper at the store ( and yes, he was a blue shirt) was pretty rude to us. He’s obviously never had to stoop so low as to have a Windows PC, much less utilize Outlook.

We made an appointment with an Apple genius, so maybe he can help us later on this weekend.
Then, off we went to the Fort Worth Best Buy, where the young Apple Solutions Consultant, Victor Robles, was just an absolute jewel. He answered all our questions (and yes, he was previously a PC user, who obviously repented) and told us just what we needed to run both Windows and Mac software on my MacBook Pro. I told him I was going to write a letter of commendation for him. His reponse? “Well, I just hate that you’ve had that kind of experience not once, but twice now.” Dude. The kid needs a raise, hear me, Steve Jobs? He needs a RAISE. Like maybe to VP.

I showed him my blog, where Captain Smack, who is a sometimes commenter, wrote this poem about my problems with my Mac being a spiritual problem, not a technical one. Victor thought it rocked, I could tell, but he remained professional and smiled. No comment. He knows where his bread is Apple Buttered.

So now, ThatManILove is busy working on backing up my Mac and getting it all fixed up for his darling girl (me) so I can operate more efficiently, utilizing both operating systems. Please keep up in your prayers.

Here’s the poem again for your review.

Dear Steve Jobs

Who art in iHeaven

Hallowed be thy apps

I giveth unto you

Thy heart

Thy soul

And thy credit card information

In hopes that you will show me

The error of my PC ways

And leadeth me from temptation

The temptation of using a much cheaper

And much more user-friendly product

For you are The One

And The Zero

And all the ones and zeros

The Alpha and Omega

Not to mention that iPhone thingy

Which really kicks ass

Though it is a bit pricey

But I digress


Please give your commercially hip guidance

To me, my mouse, and my wallet

And show me The Way

The Way to copy a simple file from one folder to another, which really shouldn't be that hard, but for some reason is, like, a total freaking pain in the ass, what the hell???


I shall fear not

As I walk through the shadow of the valley

Of bad customer service

And confusing help menus

And toolbars placed in odd locations

For no apparent reason

For I know that at the end

Of this struggle I will learn how to copy/paste jpegs

And even install some freeware

And then it will all make sense

For I can brag that I have a Mac

I am one of The Chosen Ones

And all those PC users

Can kiss my ass.

Whatever and ever



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Anonymous said...

Yes.... PC users have been kissing my arse since 1997. Welcome to The Kingdom of Apple... by the way, did you notice that Microsoft did not make their quarterly earnings and lost $$ on the stock market, and that Apple excelled and their stock shot up 2 buckolas... woo hooo. WE love our Apple stock.

Nuttin' but Macs in this house forever and ever... AMEN.

The Blue Ridge Gal
(are you running Parallels?)

Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

Janie, I am totally rocked for Monday. I am already going to be in upstate NY that week! My daughter, who plays cello, wants to see Yo Yo Ma! Wish me luck!

Fragrant Liar said...

That is a great poem. I love it. I am, alas, a PC user from the get-go, and I love it. If it weren't for those pesky little viruses and the pinnacle of eff-ups, VISTA, I would still love it as much.

Fragrant Liar said...

Oh, and good luck with the Mac stuff. Hope it's running like a champ and letting you rock your bad self, bad as you wanna be.


Eric Siegmund said...

I experienced the same disappointing "attitude" issue at the Apple Store in Austin a year or so ago...and I've been a Mac user for decades!

It's sad when Best Buy gives Apple customers
better service than Apple.

Paige Lacey said...

I've had pretty good luck at the Mac Store I use here in Tampa, so maybe it's a regional thing???

Either way, I love, love my Mac. Will never go back to PC. I can't. My iPod won't sync on a PC and I've sold all my cds...

Just think that everyday is opposite day when you're on your Mac. That's what helped me learn!

Good luck!

Gretchen said...

Too funny! However, I am a PC. Had to use Macs in high school and when I was on staff at the paper. They were not fun. My lovely purple Dell is good enough for me. :)

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Di - we need to get together so you can help me with this monster machine! (We got parallels today!)

Terri - hope you win!

Fragrant Liar - I know, girl, I'm with you, but I'm going to climb this MacMountain, I am I am I am!

Eric - I'm not quitting, but yeah - I'm with you. The Best Buy guy was so much better!

Paige - we're not big enough in Midland to warrant an Apple store, so I have to travel 5 hrs at the least to get to one. I know I'll love it once I get used to it, but man! It's a trip!

Gretchen - I'm gonna give it a good ol' try, though PC is like speaking Texan to me. Easy,easy, easy...