Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sunday Follies

Though we had a late night Saturday night, we were up and at ‘em on Sunday morning. We met a customer and his wife at Cabela’s at 10 a.m. He’s buying her a new shotgun (her first!) for Christmas, and they needed my advice on fitting her with the right gun. We had a good time – it will be fun when she starts shooting sporting clays!

We left, and went to Uncle Julio’s for lunch. ThatManILove is missing his Mexican Food, so we indulged. He was so funny – he ordered three different things – just so he could taste everything. You don’t realize what a staple Tex-Mex food is until you’re away from it for an extended period of time!

We had a couple of hours before he was due at the airport, so we decided to go work on the Christmas presents for Elder Son and Younger Son. I can’t talk about what either of them are getting for Christmas in this blog, because Elder Son has a friend who is a faithful reader. (Hey, Booth! I miss seeing you, dude!) Elder Son says that Booth calls Elder Son from time to time and tells him, “Hey, bud, you made the blog again!”

We headed to the airport. I’m not paying attention to the signs, thinking MLH will. He doesn’t. So we enter the maze that is DFW Airport, looking for Continental. We go to Terminal A. Then, Terminal B. (Can you imagine how we looked from the air? What stupid idiots! It would have been better to leave the terminal, start over, and come back in and read the signs. Seriously.) DFW is designed like a bunch of cloverleafs, and it's a mess. Okay, we’ll try Terminal C. ThatManILove is getting more than a little antsy…it’s 3:30 and his flight leaves at 4:35 and “Jane, you know how picky Crapinental is!”. Oh, yeah, baby. I know ALL about Crapinental.

Finally, we see the sign. It’s Terminal E. Off we go. We get to the departure drop-off, and park. I get out, and start helping him unload his stuff. We hug, and kiss, then I go through the checklist.

Janie: Got your phone?

MLH: Yep.

Janie: Computer? Your wallet?

MLH: Jane. C'mon. (and then) Yep. Oh. Wait. My wallet? Oh, no! Where is it?

Do I know my man, or what? The frantic tearing through the bags and truck begins. I call Uncle Julio’s to see if we’ve left it. I call the other stores. No go. The clock is t.i.c.k.i.n.g. seriously.

Finally, amongst many curse words, he finds his wallet, underneath the passenger seat.

Rerun. We hug, kiss, and he goes up the escalator into the airport. I pull into parking just to make sure he gets through – 30 minutes is usually the cutoff for Crapinental. MLH calls me ten minutes later, to tell me he made it through security. It’s now 4:05 p.m.

I start breathing again, and head west into the right into my eyes afternoon sun for the 5 ½ hr drive home to Midland.

It’s never boring around here!


Comedy Goddess said...

Guns, TexMex, and holiday shopping? You got my Sunday beat!

Denise said...

We love Cabela's! And Tex-mex....sounds like a good day, except for the Manyoulove leaving. How long will he be gone?

Janie said...

Comedy Goddess - it was fun!

Denise - he's been gone 3 months today. Longlonglong time. I'm hopeful that he will be back within the next two weeks. Thanks for asking!!

jill jill bo bill said...

You already know my thoughts on delayedflightsbumpingyoutothenextdayflightslosingyourluggage Continental.

Tricia said...

"You don’t realize what a staple Tex-Mex food is until you’re away from it for an extended period of time!"

Oh girl. Testify!

La Belette Rouge said...

We have been out of Austin for almost six months and I am really starting to crave queso and migas.

New Girl on Post said...

Can I say amen about the Mexican food? I miss my Tex-Mex so much. Where we are at in Louisiana does not have good Tex-Mex food and I miss having access to it all the time like I did in Oklahoma!

Valerie said...

lol My husband and I go through the same routine when he has to go out of town to work. It is so funny! He will always forget something (usually his phone). But we have spent the afternoon looking for his wallet. He has lost it three times just this year alone. After trips to SS office and the DVM he usually finds it. lol Have a great day girl!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Five and a half hour drive back from the airport - ACK!

Vodka Mom said...

I'm stressed just READING this one. Okay. come on over for a cocktail. What was that you like???

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well I bet your five hour drive home got you to thinking about the next great reunion in a couple of weeks!:)

Janie said...

Jilly - ditto.

Tricia - I knew you'd chime in on that one!

La Bellette - migas. oh my God. migas are amazing. and I couldn't live with queso.

New Girl - yes, ma'am, you can!

Valerie - our men could be related. I've done the same thing. Makes. Me. Crazy. Just sayin'.

NannyGoatsinPanties - ack is right. Sun is killer, not to mention 5 1/2 hours.

VodkaMom - you know I don't drink! heifer.

FarSideofFifty - yes, ma'am, I'm ready for him to come home!

Sisiggy said...

I think the universe is trying to tell you to avoid airports for a bit.
Yeah, I guess you can't, but I'm just sayin'...

Braja said...

Well as Clyde said to Bonnie, "Hell, you might just be the best damn girl in Texas."

Janie said...

Sisiggy - you might be right!

Janie said...

Braja - I LIKE that! I LIKE that!