Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas is A-Coming!

Elder Son is in town today, and called to have lunch with his MommyDearest. We had a good time. In retrospect, though, I think he was just fishing to see what we were getting him for Christmas, and beg to go hunting. I knew the "fishing" part was going to happen. Now, I just have to guess when Younger Son will do the same thing.

Another thing I pegged about Elder Son was that his friend Booth would call him and tell him he made the blog.

Booth did, and Elder Son told me. It was funny. Booth told him, “Dude. You made the blog again. And I would tell you what you’re getting for Christmas, but your mom made fun of us, and won’t tell on the blog. She knows I read it.”

You probably know that both of our sons are musicians, and that we frequently do concerts somewhere, as a family. Last year, for Christmas, we surprised them with JT tickets, in JT’s own home town of Lenox, Massachusetts. We tucked the tickets into brand new JT cds, so it took them a while to figure it out. Once they did, they both freaked out and started calling all their friends. They love his music (well, heck, who doesn’t??)

Elder Son: So, Mom. What are we getting?

Janie: What makes you think you’re both getting the same things?

Elder Son: Makes sense.

Janie: We always make sense. (in my dreams!) We’re your parents.

Elder Son: That sucks, Mom. You should just tell us.

Janie: Okay. We’re getting y’all tickets to Wayne Newton.

Elder Son: Shut up!

Janie: Okay, how about Tony Bennett?

Elder Son: I’d rather see Tony Bennett than Wayne Newton, I promise!

Janie: You don’t wanna go see the king of Botox?

Elder Son: Kenny Rogers is the king of Botox, Mom.

Janie: No, son. Kenny Rogers had a facelift and jacked his face and they had to redo it.

Elder Son: Not going to tell me, are you, Mom?

Janie: Nope.

Elder Son: arrrrrrrrrrrgh!

They're never too old for this kind of stuff, I swear.

Fun, this.


Jennifer and Sandi said...

Smart!! Keep em guessing!!

Happy Thursday

- Jennifer

Sabrae said...

lol i learned the hard way one year not to snoop... we found the presents and christmas was totally runied! blah!

Comedy Goddess said...

I still think I will get a puppy from Santa. Sigh.

scotte said...

I say get them a back stage pass to the rolling stones reunion\retirement\mickcan'trocktilheiseighty tour. I know someone --no wait--he passed away 5 years ago. I wonder if Mick hired his son?? Oh well! You will pick something good. You always do!!
Love ya,

Janie said...

Jennifer and Sandi - we'll try. They're pretty smart, though!

Sabrae - oh, no. I've done that before!

Comedy Goddess - I hope you do get that pup!

Scott - great idea!

jill jill bo bill said...

heh heh. I love this part. POWER!!!

Janie said...

Yeah, baby, Power! Power!

Simplicity said...

Ha! Ha! Yes indeed poor Kenny and Wayne. It's incredible the mess they made of their faces!

I wrote some poems for my daughter last year and put them in a Spice Girls DVD along with tickets to their show and another one about Avril and put it in a little pillow. She cried! :)

Snooty Primadona said...

Every year. Just. Like. Clockwork. I would just be thrilled if my children wanted something so simple as concert tickets. Both son & daughter go to GREAT concerts where they each live. (Austin & L.A.) Gah! It's a Catch-22 over here at our house.

They better be reeeeaallll good this year. Or Santa might bring them rotten potatoes and coal and sticks, lol.

Heh he he he he.....

Vodka Mom said...

you're a damn good mommy.

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Funny! Don't try this sort of thing cuz I am horrible at trying to give them or tell what they are getting and they make me wait! Weird! It's the opposit of your story;)

Janie said...

Simplicity - that's awesome, what you did for your girl. I bet she loved that!

Snooty - we should go to concerts with them, huh? Sweet.

VodkaMom - I try, chica. I try.

AdventureGirl - that's hilarious!!

Mariah said...

My kids will NEVER find their gifts, because I haven't bought them yet...

Janie said...

Mariah - I'm pretty behind, myself!

Braja said...

I loved 'em harrrrd, Janie!!

Sunny said...

that's what I usually do when my lil' sis' asks about her presents

Janie said...

Braja - I'm trying! I'm Trying!

Sunny - you're too funny!

NicoMc "the Illustrator" said...

You should get a gag gift, a box with a lump of coal. And tell them they better be good or else. Later, suprise them with something good.

Valerie said...

My daughter never asks me that. She waits til I go to work then she goes to my home and snoops. The little darling. lol