Saturday, December 20, 2008

One Two Three - GO! Go! GO!

Having more than a little trouble getting motivated today. I’m a girl that likes a plan, and I don’t have one yet. ThatManILove and I are still way undecided about how to handle Christmas, all based on when his rig is getting to location. It wouldn’t be so bad, but other people are being affected, as well…the flowback guys have been on location on the mountain in the PA since Sept. 15th. When they go home to Louisiana, they don’t want to come back until the next job. They’re great guys, and I can see their point. They’ve not seen their family in all that time, and one of them has a brand new granddaughter as of last month. At least I’ve been able to visit ThatManILove, though our sons haven’t seen him in over three months. Anyway, enough whining about that.

I’ve over 200 corporate Christmas gifts to deliver on Monday and Tuesday, which will keep me hopping. I have to go into the office today and do some paperwork, and then I’ll take the ZZ crew to the doggy park. The trainer’s not been here in two days, and there’s enough fodder in that for two posts – but I have to wait until I cool down. Hint: my dogs were stupidly exposed to an infected with parvo pup who subsequently died, and I’m not a happy camper. At least my dogs have been vaccinated.

I went and picked up the main gifts for the boys. I can’t post about them (Hey, Booth, love ya) yet, but after Christmas, I’ll post pictures. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I have to take pix of them today before they are wrapped so y’all can see.

I also helped some parents find a new shotgun way below cost (one of my customers won it!) for their young shotgunner son Nate, so I’ll be delivering that today. It’s exciting to help a young one grow, and he’s one I’ve taken under my wing. Last week, I went to borrow Nate’s gun for a friend to try – she’s going to start shooting and needed to check gun fit. When I picked it up from Nate, something had drastically changed. Somehow, someway, Nate has grown taller than me…so his present shotgun (one of my old ones) won’t fit him for long. I did some calling around, and found this gun, and then called his parents and offered to sponsor part of the cost. They agreed to allow ThatManILove and I to do so, and I bet you there will be one happy young man in our town come Christmas day! I'm so excited for him!

The Trav has his interview questions posted. Go check them out! I think I’ve sent out questions to all of you who offered to suffer through an interview – if I missed you, please let me know!

Have a Happy Saturday before Christmas!


Travis Erwin said...

My answers are posted. You asked some tough ones.

Janie said...

Yeah. And your answers are funny, too! Go, Trav!!

Sabrae said...

It's hard being away from him huh?? I would die if the wife were gone for that long! :(

Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

I can't wait to hear about how the boy likes the gun!
Eddie got his shotgun stolen out of the dog box, in the back of his pickup, in the middle of the afternoon! Right here in little tiny Goodland! Got any ideas about findng a Browning Centari? It was his favorite gun, totaly custom fitted to his arm length ect.....
I an waiting to hear how the dogs are doing..
I hope you get to see your Hubbie for Christmas!

Michelle J said...

Hi!!! It's so amazing to me how the blogging world comes together!!!

We live completely different worlds...I have never held a gun in my entire life!!! It's wild how we can learn from each other too!!!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with loved ones!!!!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

If I don't make it back before Christmas... I hope you have a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

Annie said...

Hot dog a shotgun for Christmas! I love it!!!

Vodka Mom said...

Hey heifer! Let me know If I need to set two extra place settings for CHristmas Dinner. I'll clean up the paper plates!!!!

Patti said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment! From one Texan to another-Merry Christmas!!!

Janie said...

Sabrae - it is!

Terri - I tried to google that Centauri and I can't find one. I did see some good reviews on that gun, though. Have you checked the pawn shops to see if it's there? Tell Eddie I'm sooooo sorry about that. That sucks.

Michelle - shooting is fun! I could teach you, anytime. Girls are GOOD at it!

Shauna - have a Merry Christmas yourself, chica!

Annie - there's nothing better!

VodkaMom - I'll let you know!

Patti - Merry Christmas to you, too, fellow Texan!

nikkicrumpet said...

so nice of you to help the young man out with the gun. He'll be so excited! I asked the hubby for a shotgun for Christmas..but here in Massachusetts it's soooo hard to get a permit. We couldn't get into the class you have to take until January. Then after you're certified you are still at the mercy of the Chief of Police of the town you live in. It's his discretion to whether you get a permit or not. Without a permit you can't even buy a BB gun!!! I sure do miss living in Utah...where buying a gun was EASY!

Janie said...

Nikkicrumpet - are you serious? We do have to fill out a Federal Firearms License and go through a background check, but that's it. Well. Take the class. Get the shotgun. Shooting is a great sport!