Monday, October 8, 2007

A Weekend in the Life of a Salesperson

This has been an extremely busy weekend. Early breakfasts, lunch dates, activities with customers, and then evening receptions every night, going from there to formal dinners.
I don’t think I’ve had so much rich food since…last year’s event in Santa Fe!

We’ve had a good time, and I thought I’d share with you the life of a salesperson during an event such as this. (I know you’re dying to know!)

Drove to Albuquerque, arriving around 6pm
Went straight to Landry’s, reserving a table for 8
After a long dinner, took customers to casino, stayed out way too late.

Drove into Santa Fe, checked into La Fonda, a historic Santa Fe hotel, unpacked
Took customers and about 25 co-workers to La Casa Sena, where we dined on excellent fare, and were greatly entertained by our singing wait staff. I recommend this restaurant to anyone!
My boss suggested we help him take customers to the local casino. Rerun of Thursday.

10 am Ladies’ Brunch at La Fonda Terraza , where the entertainment was Lisa Trujillo, co-owner of Chimayo Weavers, along with her husband, Irvin. Their work is on permanent display at the Smithsonian, and Irvin was just awarded The National Endowment for the Arts 2007 NEA National Heritage Fellowship. I promise, I will never look at a weaving the same again. These people gather plants, make their own dyes, and put hours and hours into weaving their wares. I am amazed, and plan to make a trip back up to Santa Fe just to visit their facility. Go! See!
12:30 pm – shopping Santa Fe with customers and their wives
6 pm – Attended formal reception for BJ Services (around 500 people)
8 pm – Attended our customer appreciation dinner (around 300 people)
10:30 pm – finally went to bed (left MLH and others milling around the bar)

Breakfast at the hotel, talked business (it never ends, really.)
12:30 pm – took customers on a winery tour – what a fun time!

We stopped first at Balagna Winery, San Ysidro Vineyards, where proprietor John Balagna, a retired nuclear chemist, entertained us mightily! And of course, we walked away with a few cases of his wine. If you get a chance, go visit the Balagnas. Their 500 acre homestead includes a beautiful canyon and a great view of the Rio Grande River.

We then went to Santa Fe Winery, where we purchased some port and chardonnay. And someone, namely MLH, goofed off for the camera in the Wine Diva visor.

6 pm – Attended the Devon/Marathon reception on top of the Eldorado Hotel , so crowded we couldn't move (it was too cold for everyone to be outside, so we were sardined up!)
7 pm – Attended the NMOGA kickoff reception (around 1000 people)
8 pm – Went to dinner at The Ore House on the Plaza
10:30 pm – Back to the hotel, where we crashed

8 am – Up, working on the computer
10 am – Going to late breakfast with customers/friends
Noon – hopefully heading home!

Such is the life of an oilfield salesperson…and you thought all we did was have a great time!
(We did!)


beth said...

Between you and my friend who went to NM for Labor Day...I'm getting homesick! Thanks for the pictures though - they're gorgeous and it looks like you had a blast!

In_spired said...

Great account of your week-end. I haven't done mine yet, though I've made a couple of postings this morning...just to let everyone know I'm still alive.

Sandy Kessler said...

Thanks for taking us along - fun Zack is impatiently waiting

Gwynne said...

I don't know how you managed to fit all that in. I would have been exhausted!! There is a huge, HUGE(!), difference between us introverts and you extroverts. But Santa Fe is a fun place to visit (and eat). Glad you had a great trip. We could use a post that includes your packing list when you are so inclined...I'm curious how you and Cherie managed to cover all the bases here. :-)

Panhandle Poet said...

You got me beat. I only closed down one Casino last week -- in Boonville, MO. The customers had a blast though...

Jeff said...

Janie, it HAS been a great time! ..... You're the third person in the last few days to recommend La Casa Sena - definitely going to try it next time .....

The boys and I headed back to Midland Monday morning (school and all), but My Favorite Landman is still up there and hard at work .....

Good to see you at the La Fonda reception Saturday night - considering how many people were in there, I'm glad we were able to connect .....

Heard a lot of positive feedback on the golf tourney ..... I don't care much for the game myself - but those who do tell me they enjoyed themselves, the wind notwithstanding .....

Take care on the road home!

Janie said...

Beth - we surely enjoyed your homestate = it is beautiful!

In_Spired - thanks, ma'am!

Sandy - you're welcome, anytime. And Zack was very excited to see us!

Gwynne - I am exhausted. We ended up taking customers to the Albuquerque airport, and didn't get home until after midnight. And now...I can't sleep!

Poet - Wow, I bet that was fun, as well!

Jeff - it was good to see y'all, as well, sorry we didn't get to spend more time together. We'll plan better next time!

Eric said...

Ah, the Cantina at Casa Sena. Fond memories, especially of the chicken fried ribeye!

We were in Santa Fe last February, but it seems like years. Need a fix, badly.

Rach said...

Wow, you are busy! You and I should compare notes sometime hehe! That said - I'm having a lazy day hehe!

Trace said...

Jeez! As I was reading this, all along I was asking myself, "Just what kind of sales is Miss Janie involved in?" Your last sentence in this article told me, of course.
Sounds like you have quite the life Janie...t'would be hard to top that travel.