Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And it begins...

Lily the liver colored pup went with her new owner today; thus begins a new chapter in our life as we begin the adjustment period for Zack and Zoie. According to MLH, Zack’s trying his paw at subliminal messaging. So far, only ONE of us can hear it…and it’s not me.

Tonight, as we all piled up on the bed, Zack whispered, in that sotto (vaguely sounding like MLH, but on helium) voice…

“.og tsum eioZ . Won. Won. Og ot eioZ rof emit eht si won. Og tsum eioZ.*”

MLH: “Did you hear something? No? What do you mean you can’t hear it? You’re like the dog whisperer! I think maybe I’m receiving some subliminal message from Zack’s psyche, then. Something about Zoie must go…what? Surely that's not right! Zack wouldn't say that. ”

Yeah, right…I think the men in this house have been playing the Beatles’ White Album backwards again.

*(best read backwards)


SpookyRach said...


Cowtown Pattie said...

"Playing the White Album backwards..."


Trace said...

Janie, I'm so far behind here and I am excited to go back and catch up with the whole new puppy tales. Wow! I gotta' tell ya', that just from cheking out the photos, they are adorable!

Anonymous said...

do you own a lot of tape rollers?

In_spired said...

You are one creative girl!

“.og tsum eioZ . Won. Won. Og ot eioZ rof emit eht si won. Og tsum eioZ.*”

Love it!!

Gwynne said...

I'm just catching up here! The pups are priceless, as are the stories. Hey, I thought you were headed way up to Northwest Kansas, not quite so close to KC (but still 3 hours away)...ah, well. My brother plans to move to San Angelo, TX, so I'm sure there will be a road trip to West Texas in my future. ;-)

Janie said...

Rach, I know, girl. I kn..ow.
Pattie - thanks!
Trace - thanks, girl, they are cuties.
Ba-doozie- what are tape rollers?
In_Spired - I would love to create...but I am clueless!
Gwynne - sorry I missed you. We go to San Angelo often, hopefully we can hook up!

Becky said...

It was great meeting you too Janie! (Even if I did have horns... )

Janie said...

Becky - but they were cute horns!!

Terri aka Pepsi's MOM said...

Janie-I swear you are one warped girl! You could come to work at the Post Office and be as warped as we are!!!
At least with Zoie being the ticked one you will be able to tell them apart in the fields.
(Pepsi wants more pictures!)
What is a tape roller anyways?