Monday, October 29, 2007

Funny Son...

When we got to Wichita, Kansas, on Friday night, Elder Son called to check on us.

ES: Mom, where are y'all?
Janie: Wichita, Kansas.
ES: Picked up the pups yet?
Janie: No, we're meeting Montica in the morning.
ES: Don't click your heels together, or you'll be home without your puppies.

God help me. I raised such a smart-ass.


beth said...

You done good. :) Humor like that will keep him coping in anything life throws his way.

Or at least that's what I tell myself whenever a twinge of guilt at my own smart-aleky-ness raises its head. :)

Karen said...

We're in the same boat, I've got one, too. I blame it on his dad's side of the family!

scotte said...

yeah , well I wonder where he coulda got that trait????  from dorothy?? no, janie , your not in kansas anymore!

Janie said...

Beth - Elder Son does seem to find humor in pretty much everything.

Karen - girl, we probably have a ton of stuff in common!

Scott - funny, I was going to blame it on a direct line trait inheritance from his Uncle Scott E.
No? Ummm...well, it must come from his dad's side, then. Just sayin'!!

Rach said...

I wouldn't be the same personality type...Really I wouldn't LOL.

i beati said...

my son Cade is almost 34 and boy can I identify with this post ??I treasure every minute too. sk

In_spired said...

"ES: Don't click your heels together, or you'll be home without your puppies."

Love his comment!! I would say he's a quick-minded young man! Sharp as a tack! He MUST get those traits from one of his mom? (I would guess 'mom')

Janie said...

Rach - oh, yes you would, chica! You most definitely would!

I Beati - I definitely treasure every moment with either son!

In_Spired - he is a funny dude.