Sunday, October 21, 2007

Expanding House

In a week or so, our world as we know it will be rocked, once again.

Zack the Wonder Dog is getting a little sister. We will be traveling to Atwood, Kansas, to pick up two pups, and will get our pick of the two females of the litter at that point. The remaining female pup will be delivered to MLH’s brother Mark…yup, Zack done flung a cravin’ on him for a good bird dog.

So, now, we’ll have doubles…double dog tales to tell, double trees to climb, double birds to hunt, and double dogs to love.

We’re excited, and more than a little hesitant. A new dog? We've talked it over, up, and down - but still it will be a change in our routine. (Yes, crazy as it may be, we do have one!) Zack is a very social animal, so we fully expect him to be accommodating, and now, he’ll have another playmate. We had been discussing the idea of another pup for a while, and I had been tentatively looking on the net and checking out litters whenever we saw them at field trials, etc.

A friend of mine, Karen, thought we might be interested in another liver colored German Shorthair, and e-mailed me from Kansas about Cola’s litter. We knew it was the answer to our question. Cola’s pups are nieces to Karen’s dog Pepsi, who was last year’s High Point Pointing Dog of the Year. (Scroll down to see a picture of Pepsi and Karen’s husband, Eddie.) Though AKC registered, Cola and Pepsi are “rescue” dogs that Karen had saved. It’s a neat story, and I’ll tell it sometime.

Karen went and took pictures, e-mailed them to us, and we were so.immediately.busted.

Here they are. Could you say no to these beauties?

The litter of four, grouped by boys and girls.

Here's the little spotted female. The pups had just opened their eyes the day before. Looks like someone woke her up from a nap. But believe me, the lethargy these pups show in these pictures is a joke. I don't think there is a more energetic breed than the German Shorthair.

And here is the little liver female. Doesn't she have a cute face? I know it's going to be hard to pick between the two, but MLH is good at that, so it will be his job. And we're open to naming suggestions, if you'd care to put your two cents in!

Back to the pup. I'm not worried about house training or any of that, GSP's are so smart. Zack was easy, and we understand female pups are usually easier to train than males. And as for me, I’m ready to have another female in the house. I’m more than a little outnumbered gender-wise at the present, with our sons and our LBs. Outnumbered, maybe, but not too worried, because you know that, admit it or not…

Ladies rule*.

At least in the dog world!


Lone Chatelaine said...

Aw! So adorable!

Now I'm wanting a puppy :)

Janie said...

They are cuties, aren't they?

Panhandle Poet said...

Zack will be jealous. Have fun.

jonboy said...

cute puppies ... and ladies rule only because we let them. :)

Karen said...

Those puppies are just precious. Zack'll be a big brother now!

sandykessler said...

My GSHP Chimo was possibly the best dog ever !!I am insanely jealous..Wonderful

Janie said...

Poet - I hope not...

Jon - I'll give you that...because you seem to be a smart guy.

Karen - I hope he's a good big brother!

Sandy - feel free to come down and play with them anytime, girl!

In_spired said...

This makes me want to get another beagle puppy to give Butch a playmate! (well......almost)

SpookyRach said...

oh, God!!! They're sooo adorable! I couldn't have resisted, either.

(Don't give Jon and inch, Janie!)

Janie said...

In_Spired, do you want me to put a search committee out? I can do it, girl. Have beagle, will find!

Rach - girl, you know the drill. Not an inch - not even a centimeter. I was affirming his intelligence. (Are you reading this, Jonboy? You know, that's one of the ways girls rule!! You're smart like that!) ;)

Like when someone says something mean to me, or they're mad, I say, in my very sweetest voice, "Ummm...I don't understand. Could you say that a different way?" They NEVER can.

MLH loves it when I do that - especially when I use it on someone else besides him!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, what brave people to take on more dogs, hope it all works out and there is no jealousy!

In_spired said...

"do you want me to put a search committee out? I can do it, girl. Have beagle, will find!"

If we were 10 years younger I would say..."Go for it, girl!! But the memory is still fresh in my mind of potty training the wind, sand, rain, snow, sleet! Guess I'll have to pass your kind offer...(lol)