Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Babies..(subtitled How On Earth Will We Choose?)

Here's the little liver colored girl. She may be small, but she's feisty! Wonder if we can call this her first point?

This little munchkin is too funny, as well. She seems pretty laid back...but it's hard to tell, this is their first day away from mom. We'll see how it goes!This is Suzan. She's been giving the pups lectures on proper guest bed etiquette and the importance of clean linens. (see the prior blog post for reference.)
Here are the girls saying goodbye to their other mom, Montica. Montica and her husband Mark own both parents of the pups. Montica drove 2 1/2 hours to meet us in Salina, Kansas to deliver the pups. She's a sweetie - and so are the puppies! Thanks, Montica, for meeting us!

The pups have been fed, watered, and are at present asleep in their crate in the back seat of my Yukon. We just left Oklahoma City and are heading to Dallas. It's now 6:45 p.m., and we've been on the road since about 2 p.m.

Heading back home to Texas...with two cutie pies.


scotte said...

good luck choosing between those two. Hey sounding forth readers any takers on janie having a 3 dog house????
They are both beautys, but I love the look of the dapple.
love ya scott e

Pam said...

I think Scotte is right...there is no way Steve can choose just one of those sweet little darlings. I guess Nana Pam will have to put him straight on this one! Thanks, Suzan for getting them lined out on the linens and things. I'm sure they will be fine tomorrow night since they're too small to be out of their crate, but for future visits, I am grateful. Looking forward to meeting the little ones.

Rach said...

Take both - they are sooo cute hehe.

i beati said...

omg can not stand it my pointer Chimo was spotted but I am seriously confused. ha Time will tell however that's for sure . I visited Pharoah 3 times before he and I had a real strong bond.Lucky you

Foo said...

Awwww... baby dawgs is so cute!

DogBlogger said...

Awwww... BabyDogs! Tough call on which one to keep, though.

Lone Chatelaine said...

Take them both!!! They're so cute together :)

Really, though. I'd love that little brown one, but my black one wouldn't stand for it. And I know my cat would be furious if I got another dog.

Karen said...

Is there anything cuter? No. If you do make a choice, it'll be really difficult. Good luck.

Karen said...

Would love to meet you in Houston, if we can coordinate. E-mail:

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

for little og-days, they look cute. But I'm a cat. What do I know.

The Shadow Princess

cherie said...

Well, I can't vouch for the mattress, but I know for a fact that the sheets are clean!!!

Janie said...

Scott - I know, dude. I need to get home, I'm falling in love with them! (Dapple is my fav, too)
Pam - Suzan says no probs, but we'll test them on your linens!
Rach, Chatelaine - don't tempt me, girls.
Sandy, Foo, Dogblogger, Karen - they are beauties, aren't they?

Tiria - the babygirls said to tell you hi, even though they are og-days. They want you to come visit, and promise they'll be nice.

Cherie - Suzan says THANKS...and so do I!