Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fours at Random

A week later, here I go with this Random Four Meme…after being tagged by Jeff and Jonboy. Hey, guys, better late than never!

Four Jobs I’ve Held:
Tractor Driver (really!)
Business owner (multiple times)
Corporate – Executive – Technical – Senior Account Representative (all same job, they just changed the names to protect the innocent, or I got promoted.)

Four Films I Could Watch Over and Over:
Ummmm…I can’t remember one. What does that say about me? Yikes!

Four TV Shows I Watch:

Do I have to reveal this information? Okay. Just remember, my life is not my own. Therefore, until I invest in Tivo (and learn how to run it), I’m basically left with the stuff that happens after 10pm and prior to 6am. I mean, what did you think made me start blogging?

American Idol (when I can)
Flip this House (hey, they’re from Texas!)
The Colbert Report

Four Places I’ve Lived:

Okay, this is huge. Can you handle it?
Big Spring, Texas
Lomax, Texas
Stanton, Texas
Greenwood/Midland, Texas
Do you notice an ever creeping move west?

Four Favorite Foods:

Les Vela’s Swamp Juice Crab Legs from Vela Bay in Midland
Clam Chowder, Landry’s, anywhere
Sweet Potato Fries w/ cream gravy, Wall Street Bar & Grill, Midland
Huevos Rancheros w/ black beans, La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe

Four Websites I Visit Daily;

All of yours! And…
The Fire Ant Gazette
Skewed View
A Big Doozie
For Love of Home

Four Favorite Colors:
Deep purple
Deep chocolate brown

Four Places I Would Love to be Right Now:
Seattle, Washington listening to some musician on a corner
Hunting birds with my sons, my man, and Zack the Wonder Dog
East Texas hanging out with my cousins
Santa Fe, NM with my man and his guitar, but not on a work-related trip

Four Names You Love, But Could/Would Not Use for Your Children :

Ila Dick. Ila Dick was my grandmother’s first and second name – like Mary Jane. What were her parents thinking?
Emerson. My maiden name – and I’ve known ladies and men with this as their first name, sounds great.
Myers - I love this name as a first name, but my nephew claims it!
Rowdy – I love how this name sounds, but my son would be very unhappy with this name.

I hereby randomly tag:
Karen at Pondering Penguin, Foo at Random Synaptic Misfire, Tricia at Silver Linings, and The Poet of the Panhandle!


Karen said...

OK, Janie. I'll get to it. Now I have to think. Darn.

Panhandle Poet said...

Thanks Janie! -- NOT!!

OK, I'll play, but it may take me awhile to get the post up.

Panhandle Poet said...

OK, the deed is done.

Eric said...

The Fire Ant Gazette

Seriously?! Wow. Talk about pressure.

In_spired said...

Good morning! Love your meme.

and...Gosh! I'm flattered that you check my blog daily. That is certainly a motivation to try to post some interesting 'stuff'..which sometimes becomes a challenge!!

as eric said.....Talk about pressure!!!

Have a great day!

Rach said...

Nicely done!

jonboy said...

Good answers.
I'll have to try out some of that food next time I'm in Midland.

Sandy Kessler said...

I'm following you on the map across Texas ha

Sandy Kessler said...

omg Ila Dick - Emerson lovely

Janie said...

Karen- don't get in a rush, it took me 2 weeks, I think.
Poet - you are so very diligent!
Eric - yup.
In_Spired - no pressure, chica.
Rach - Thank ye, ma'am!
Jonboy - we'll take Dewaine!
Sandy - come on, girlfriend!