Friday, October 26, 2007

Countdown to....Zoie!

Tomorrow morning will find me heading north to pick up the pups.

I believe that Zack's little sister will be named "Zoie" - once we decide which one to keep.

Yup, the hardest part will be for MLH to decide just which pup will be ours, and which will go to his brother's house. He's already going from picture to picture and saying, "This one. No, wait, this one." Any bets on both of these pups hanging out permanently with Zack upon our return? Lord, help me.

Okay...funny story...sort of.

Since it has turned cold, the mice in this town have turned housebound. And a couple have found their way into our house. (EEeeeeeeeek! I HATE mice.) So, MLH purchased some of those cool plastic mouse traps that work like a clothespin, are top of the line, more sanitary, you know, the whole drill.

I came in this afternoon, and MLH was home.

(Enter disclaimer: For those of you who have recently started reading my blog, I have something to tell you...Zack the Wonder Dog...talks. He has a funky sounding voice, sometimes sounds like MLH on some major helium.)

Janie: Hey, y'all! How's it going??
MLH: Good.
Janie: Whatcha been doing? Did you catch any mice?
MLH: No.
Janie: No? So are we done with the mouse hunting thing? You got them all? Woohoo!

At this point, MLH has a funny look on his face - like the one little kids get when you've not heard the whole story...yet.

Zack: Mom, don't listen to Dad! It's just not true. I hate peanut butter.
Janie: What?
Zack: Dad's saying stuff about me. And I don't even like peanut butter. I don't!! And I don't care what he says.
Janie: Do what????

It seems that Zack the Wonder Dog has figured out how to spring the traps and is stealing the peanut butter.

No way am I going to be on the receiving end of a Zack kiss tonight.

No. Way. At. All.

Did I tell y'all I HATE MICE?


Panhandle Poet said...

Have a good trip. Next time put the traps where Zack can't reach them....

In_spired said...

Take safe..

Lone Chatelaine said...

*giggles*...I like Zack's voice :)

I'm not real good friends with mice, but I take them before I can take a bug or spider. Spiders and bugs will reduce me to frantic tears and the need for a good stiff shot of scotch.

Have a good trip and have fun with the puppies. I'd probably cry and have to bring them all home because I couldn't stand to have to choose.

Pam said...

Still wishing I could go with you on this trip...if you come back through this neck of the woods, call so I can meet Miss Zoie and her sister.

Poor Zackie, he doesn't realize the terror that the mice bring with them. I'm glad that the ones around here are evidently aware of Miss Sweet Pea and haven't come past the back door! Woohoo! (Being that her breed was created for hunting mice and rats in woolen mills and all...)

Have a safe and FUN trip, and hopefully MLH and Zack can get rid of the mice before you return.

Karen said...

Mice make me scream like a girl. Zack cracks me up.

i beati said...

how will you ever choose a pup?I've been chewing on that wow . That Zack is marking his place already . I foresee a fun few weeks which with patience as you know will even out. You are brave brave people.But like all dog owners will be greatly rewarded in the end run. focus on the prize hah easy to say..I changed my blog title - had a little problem..sandy