Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One of My Favorite Things

I love the smell of puppy breath, don’t you?

Last night with the pups was the best thus far. We put them in their crate around 11:30 p.m., and they slept until 4:30 a.m. I guess they’re getting used to being away from their Mom, crate life, and life around here. Their crate sits flush up against Zack’s, it looks like a crate apartment community or something. The pups are eating well, and they are so comical! They both have great personalities.

Yes, the pups have been named, and we now know which house they will inhabit.

Zoie is the little ticked one, and will stay with us. Lily is the little solid one, and will go home with Mark, brother of MLH. Both dogs are very smart, and very “birdy”, so none of that counted in this decision. We had received advice both ways: “Keep the solid one, she’s more aggressive!” “Keep the ticked one, if you like to hunt long!” Lord, how can you tell? What a quandary – and as many of you surmised, we’ve even considered keeping both pups. Finally, we decided that interaction with Zack would be the determining factor. From the start, Zoie has been a little more sociable, creeping up to Zack, trying to play with him. Zack seems to accept her, as well.

Though Zack’s not quite letting them crawl all over them, he is interacting with them well, and only growled once – when Lily decided Zack was the biggest and best chew toy ever.

Puppyhood. Here we go again.


Rach said...

Zac is acting better than Mac is. Doesn't want to play with Toby still but for the most part now tolerates him.

Foo said...

You know, you're right about puppy breath. What's that all about anyway? And how come they can't keep smelling like puppies instead of... yanno. Like they do later.

Lone Chatelaine said...

I do like puppy breath :)

My parents have some kittens at their house. A feral momma cat sort of homesteaded the side porch that doesn't get used often and had 5 little black kittens. They're SO cute. They're at that playful age of about 3 months old where all they do is run, jump and attack each other in play fights. I want the little fat agressive one. But they are buck wild. Can't catch 'em.

Pam said...

So glad the suspense is over! Either of the sweeties (or both) would have been fine, but I was partial to "Spot". Sweet Pea is almost over her snit...and would love to see the Zackster and Zoie, I'm sure.

Here's to long, sleep filled nights at the Doggie Condo.

Janie said...

Rach - I'm hoping it will get better soon!

Foo - I don't know, but almost nothing smells better than puppy breath!

Chatelaine - I had a wild cat one time, I just kept feeding him and he chilled out. He was beautiful. He became my friend, I loved him.

Pam - yup, we picked your favorite to be Zoie! As to sleep...what is that?;)

i beati said...

Good choice - mother of Chimo

Janie said...

Sandy - thanks, girl!