Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Recap (mood...tired!)

Friday afternoon, MLH called.

MLH: Can you break free? I need to go out to a ranch and meet an owner.

Janie: Sure. I'll just bring my computer and finish working.

We go out to the ranch, work and meeting dutifully completed, and head back to town. The Permian Basin API Scholarship Team Roping is kicking off Friday night at 7 p.m. and we decide to stop by, eat supper, and schmooze for a bit. Meet Patti. I might just arrange for a contract hit on the heifer.

Patti: Hey, can you and MLH help us for a bit?

MLH: What do you need, girl? Oh, yeah, Janie and I can do that.

And help, we do. Until 12:30 a.m. Saturday. We go home, fall in the bed, and sleep. We get up on Saturday, eat breakfast, and head back out to the roping for just a bit. We are just going to stick our heads in, say hi, and disappear. We walk in, and Patti pulls the same questions, round two. We follow her to the arena, where she needs help figuring out the pays for the ropers, etc. We got home at 1:45 a.m. Sunday morning. I don't know what they would have done had we not showed up. The guy who regularly figures all the pays had a conflicting event and had to be in another state. Anyway, here are some miscellaneous pix from the roping and the rest of our weekend.

Ropers, waiting for their turn to get in the box. (Yeah, girls, cowboys with horses. Eat your hearts out.)
Baby Girl Future Roper, crying to Mom. Big sister's not giving her enough time roping the practice steer dummy and she's not a happy girl.
MLH and Baby Girl Future Roper's dad, working on the books. I think it's about 10 pm Saturday at this point.

Patti's son Houston. He's tired and hot, been roping all day. Ready to make some money.

This morning, we got up, and headed out to look at a location for MLH's job this week. En route, I noticed a flash of color. All I could think of was: "There's cash in them there wheels."

And here is a snapshot of my life out in the field. This is a common sight for this oilfield gal.We drove back to town, and were checking out houses for sale in one of my favorite neighborhoods. It was almost dusk, and we were heading home. In my rear view mirror, I saw something cross the street, and it looked long. I turned around.
MLH: Honey, what are you doing?
Janie: I saw something weird in the rear view mirror, I'm not sure what it was - I have to go check it out. Please get my camera.
And this is what I saw. Just your normal, everyday, neighborhood...peacock. In the middle of town, in a ritzy neighborhood.
I am not even freakin' kidding. I guess leash laws or livestock laws don't apply if you've got the bucks, baby.
Next, I'll be seeing pink elephants. Or pigs fly. I need some sleep.


i beati said...

Whirlwind girl!!!!!!How are you energized??

Janie said...

Sandy - we just keep going!

Anonymous said...

Our Vet has a pair of peacocks that someone just left on her doorstep - The dogs were afraid of them last year when they were still pups. Birds were bigger then they were! Don't know what it will be like in a couple months when we take them in for their yearly check-up. Might have to use those leash things!

Janie said...

They are beautiful birds, I'll tell you that!

Snooty Primadona said...

They sure are loud when they speak, those peacocks.

Ok, here's another funny coincidence. One of hubby's partners, that lives in Arizona, is now a big time roper & has been winning big this year in Vegas.

Janie said...

I thought this one was going to jump in the truck when Steve talked to it!


We have to get together.

Lynellen said...

The poor baby. I hope someone got it home before it dehydrated.

Janie said...

Lynellen - as I looked around, there were others in the yard. It's a fenced estate, so they must have them in there. It was definitely people friendly - it tried to get in our truck.

It was plenty healthy. Just visiting people in the neighborhood, I guess.

Too funny.

doozie said...

that thing would look good stuffed and out in the front yard

Library girl said...

Man, Looking at those photos makes me want to wear my cowboy hat and fly over pronto! I wonder what they'd say if I turned up to the Church meeting in it tomorrow haha!

Janie said...

Doozie - watch out! The SPC Peacocks read my blog!

Lynellen - put on that straw hat and ride on over here, girlfriend!

Library girl said...

What about me hehe!

Library girl said...

Ok that totally came out wrong hehe. Was trying to be funny but I don't think it quite worked...I think you wanted to address that last comment to me - I'd ride if I could haha but NZ is a bit too far to ride from :).

Keeper Of All Things said...

Those peacocks are pains in the booty in the mornings.....they are all over in FL.
Love the pictures!!

Gretchen said...

Busy girl!

Love the peacock photo. :)

thisisme said...

Wow - I can understand tired - what a weekend. Somehow I suspect you enjoyed every second of it too :)

Janie said...

Oh! Library Girl! I missed commenting back and I did screw it up! Please accept my abject apology! (And your comment didn't come out wrong, I loved it!)

And...I know you look good in that cowboy hat, girlfriend.

Keeper - thanks so much! We really don't have to deal much w/ peacocks around here, thank goodness! But they are sure beautiful!

Gretchen - I know. I'm vitamined up, though!

Thisisme - well, ALMOST every second! It was fun, most of it!