Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cool Texas Video

Well. I feel like I’ve been everywhere in the last 10 days. But I find I’ve not been to some of these places – and in my own home state of Texas, at that!

Check this video out - Brian Burns Texas. Who knows, it may have you bustin' a move...well, down a Texas road, anyway.


Eric said...

Welcome home. Betcha missed Tex-Mex! ;-)

Loved the video, by the way. I noticed someone got bent out of shape because he didn't mention San Antonio in the song.

Janie said...

Eric - we SO missed Tex-Mex! And steak...yesterday, our first meal in Texas, we 9-0'd to the Saltgrass.

That seems to be a theme in our vacations...we hit land, and we go to Saltgrass.

Hmmmmmm. ;)

I didn't even notice he missed San Antonio. I noticed there were towns I'd never visited - so, I gotta get busy in my own home state!

Snooty Primadona said...

I have to say that I have been most of those places, lol.

When the kids were little & hubby was still a landman & gone alot, we used to hit the road (since that's all I'd ever known) and we covered half of New Mexico too. They can't even remember most of it. Go figger...

I always stopped at every historical marker and every historical town. I think the kids refuse to do that to this day since it always took twice as long to get where we were going. Due to their mother. Me. Yes, I've scarred them for life.

Janie said...

God, Snooty - you do put a different perspective on things. You always make me laugh.

Scarred for life, huh?