Saturday, July 26, 2008

Janie's BfFH gig has come to an end...

I’m home now, and...Lordy! It was hot out there! I've decided Jimmy should be elevated to some high saint status - he's a trooper.

This was my view while blogging from the scissorlift.As the sun starts to set, the total funds raised are growing every minute.

While I was there, some of my friends and cohorts in the oilpatch came by or called, as well as bloggers pledging, so I’m going to go ahead and recognize them. I appreciate you all.

Shawn Savage, Midland, Texas - cash donation
Rick and Beverly Armstrong, Midland, Texas - Pledge, + $20 cash donation

This is a shot of Beverly and her beautiful little granddaughter!
Matt and Pam Swierc, Midland, Texas - Pledge
Seafaring New Grandmother Gwynne - Pledge
Scott Emerson (my brother!), Big Spring, Texas - Pledge

Meet one of the cuties hanging around today. His mom serves on the board of Midland Fair Havens.

And lest you think photo-bombing is an acquired art - see how big brother totally gives little sister her due share of the limelight! Aren't they beautiful children?

And here come Zack and Zoie! Of course,Zack and Zoie are diligent citizens of Midland, and had to do their civic duty!
Here they are, putting their cash donation into the little house donation box.

If you gave today, or pledged, I thank you. Your money will be put to great use. There’s still plenty of time to give, today, tonight, or tomorrow, or you can give anytime! We'll take your money, and it’s for a great cause! It's as easy as donating some funds to Fair Havens by clicking on the link, or mailing a check!

If you're going to mail a check, here's the address:

Midland Fair Havens
2400 Whitmire Blvd, Suite 100
Midland, Texas 79705


Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

Great job! The ZZ crew also looks like a job well done!!
You Texans are TOUGH, WAY to hot for this KS girl!

Pancho said...

Good to see you and good job. We went over the goal only half way thru!!

Janie said...

Terri - aren't they cute! Thanks so much for your support, Terri. Zack and Zoie send love and lickies!

Wallace - it was good to see you, as well. I'm excited about the monies raised, and know there's more to come! What a great cause...

Gretchen said...

Love the glasses :)

Geo said...

Even your dogs donated?

Wow, you certainly do get things done!

Janie said...

Gretchen - they are cute, aren't they?

George - we are a fiscally civically responsible famiy!

doozie said...

The dogs look like they could use a nice refreshing snow cone

Pam said...

I'm so proud of the ZZ crew! Did they ever figure out where you were? Who's the cutie helping MLH with them? Glad you made it to the end...a better woman than I Gunga Din! Drink plenty of fluids!

Janie said...

Doozie - they LOVE snow cones! (And so do I!)

Pam - they did well. That cutie (the little blond headed one ) is one of the board members daughters. (She is also the same little sister of the crazy eyeglasses pix).

As to making it to the end, I had the sweet duty of only 2 hours - Jimmy the P stayed up there 24. Craziness - but all for a good cause!

Janie said...

I will say, however, with the shoot on Friday, and Blogging for Fair Havens on Saturday, that I am a tired girl!

Snooty Primadona said...

How old did you say you are? Oh Wait. You didn't say, did you? You are a totally amazing lady and did a wonderful job.

I went ahead and sent my money online. I was dirty after playing golf at Nueva Vista, not to mention whupped. Otherwise, I would have gone to HEB and donated in person.

Anyway, Job Well Done!

Janie said...

Snooty - thank you so very much. You are a true lady, I don't care how dirty you get playing golf!

(you should see me after shoots!)