Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Microdermasion and red dots...

Once in a while, I decide my skin’s looking old and decrepit. And, I call our local spa.
This latest once in a while happened on Friday. I talked to the receptionist, Sonia.

Janie: Hey, girl, this is Janie.

Sonia: Hey, Janie, how are you? (They love me around there, don’t ask me why.)

Janie: I need to have some type of treatment.

Sonia: Okay, what kind?

Janie: Facelift? Can you work me in?

Sonia: (Laughs)

Janie: Oh. You can’t do that? Well. Who’s available tomorrow?

Sonia: Judy has an hour at 12:30 pm.

Janie: Great! What can we do in an hour? (I’m thinking, I need two weeks! Can you do that?)

Sonia: Well, you can do a Refirme, or Urbium, or whatever.

Janie: Not impressed with the Refirme, I’ve done four, and don’t have the time to peel for a week with the Urbium. (though after the Urbium my skin never looked better!)

Sonia: How about a microdermabrasion and chemical peel? $150.00.

Janie: Sold. And I need to get some Obagi products, as well.

So, I go in, after hunting with Zack. (Now you’re getting to know why they love me. Most of their clients go in dressed to the nines, dripping with diamonds…I go in dressed in camo and boots, or even better, my red Kevlar coveralls and steel toes. They get a huge kick out of that.) Meet the new aesthetician, and get to work. It doesn’t hurt, and I get finished, and get out of there. My face is a little red, but feels fine.

Sunday morning, we get up to take our Little Brother 1 to breakfast. I’m sitting in the truck, waiting on them to get in.

MLH: What’s the deal with your face?

Janie: What do you mean? (Frantically grabbing the mirror in the visor so I can look)

MLH: You’ve got these dots all over your face.

And oh, my Lord, I do. My first thought was “Crap. They took the whole first layer off, and all these freckles emerged.” Not so. The dots are almost little bruises. I couldn’t believe it.
I called them today, and went in so they could check it out. It’s nothing bad, and it will go away, makeup won’t cover it. They gave me steroid cream to enhance quicker healing.

But now, instead of enhancing my complexion so when people see me they don’t think I’m older than dirt, the dots are drawing attention to my face, which looks…spotted.

Not exactly what I had in mind.


Bee Repartee said...

yeah, cause I always go for the spotted snow leopard look when I get microdermabrasion.

Seriously, it was only $150?? I've never done it but it sounds worth doing.

So, are the spots gone?

Foo said...

I've got a complexion like the surface of the moon. You've seen it. Turtle occasionally mentions dermabrasion and I tell her I should just go down to Home Depot and rent a belt sander.

And anyway, isn't it a little late in my life to start being vain now? What's next? Braces and veneers to deal with my grayish snaggle teeth? Hair plugs to deal with my thinning groundcover?

The way I see it, I was never pretty and if I got that way, I'd probably lose it. Out drinking all night, riding around in limousines without any panties on, wrecking hotel rooms? No. It's probably best that I stick with the simple things like making sure I keep my nose hairs trimmed.

Gretchen said...

Doesn't sound like it was worth the $150. :(

Lone Chatelaine said...

Gah! Did they go away yet? Did it hurt?

I've been wanting to do a chemical peel or something, but the peeling part really scares me. I did recently start using this cream that is prescription only and it helps to get rid of uneven skin tone. Like some sun damage I had. This stuff is fantastic. Hundred bucks a tube, but it works. It's called Tri-Luma.

Let us know if you like the results of what you just had. Other than the red dots, I mean.

Janie said...

Bee - I know, girlfriend. Yup, it's only $150. It is worth doing, it gets rid of all that dead skin. Fresh start, as it were.

Foo - I think a yearly dermabrasion is worth it, if you do the sunscreen route and take care of your skin...I do it mostly for me! As to vanity, well, I probably wouldn't be wearing camo and coveralls if I were that much into vanity. But I do like my skin to rock. As to the nose hairs, well, I don't have that problem - yet...but I heard it worsens with age. Gaaaaak. Thank you for taking care of yours!

Gretchen - well, not today, yet - but it will be! I should have taken before and after. Thanks for stopping by!

Chatelaine - I will, girlfriend. I'll let you know.

ccrocket said...

I can't believe you - well, yes I can actually! I would have been horrified, more actually scared that my face would stay that way. I'm glad that the spots went away and you have a beautiful face again. Oh, by the way, your face was wonderfull as it was. You don't look old! How are you shaking? Good? Call me sometime your in town. Love you!

Eric said...

Tell 'em you have measles and ask if they want some, too. They'll leave you alone! ;-)

Packsaddle said...

What, no pictures?


Janie said...

Cheryl...girlfriend, the spots.are.still.freaking.there. But I love you for saying I don't look old!

Eric - that's hilarious! I should so totally use that!

Packsaddle - I'll see if I can get MLH to take pix so y'all can see. I had to be at a customer's office at 6:30am this morning, so didn't have much time to do anything.

Gwynne said...

See? That is exactly what I'm talking about. My best friend is always trying to take me to the spa with her and I won't go. Don't want any more splotches than I've already got! Although it would sure be fun to go in with camo and boots on, just for fun. I would be scared to do a chemical peel!! I waxed my eyebrows once and the redness lasted a week. I sure hope your red spots don't last that long! Have you found a cover stick to do the trick? Bare Minerals (I think you said you use this...I use it too) isn't the best concealer.

Janie said...

Gwynne - I'm just letting them disappear. I tried to take some pix, don't know if it worked or not...I'll try to post them.

I will say this is the first time this has ever happened. I'm not worried about it (anymore), they're starting to heal...

GymBrat said...

this post is worthless without photos. :)

and there is absolutely nothing wrong with vanity. just ask: me.


Library girl said...

I went for a facial once. Loved how soft my skin was afterwards. Could have done without the spots though!

Janie said...

Mel - I tried to take them, I'll try to get them up tonight. I'm just not as talented as you at taking pix of "moi"....

Library Girl - my skin is soft. It will be amazing...like by tomorrow!! ;)

Keeper Of All Things said...

Sounds like you just needed a big nasty cold sore to go with it!!
Teach you to show up in camo!!!

Janie said...

Keeper - such is my life. Such. Is. My. Life.


i beati said...

I just too a young girl to the spa Friday to expose the second layers??????

Janie said...

She'll be fine, Sandy. Really.