Friday, July 25, 2008

Blogging For Fair Havens Reminder

I’m participating in the Oilman’s Shoot after lunch out at Windwalker, and that will take up the rest of the day. Just wanted to give y’all the lineup on Blogging for Fair Havens, which starts tomorrow morning. Jimmy’s done a great job getting everything lined up, and he is to be commended. Now, if I can just do my part - and with your help, I can! Remember, any amount counts and will be greatly appreciated! My time, again, is from 6-8 p.m. on Saturday.

Some of y’all asked for a reminder – well, this is it!

You can go ahead and give now, if you’re going to be busy this weekend. I will warn you, Blogging for Fair Havens was one of the things that got me hooked on blogging, so watch out! In advance, I thank you for your support – whether by blogging, donations, or both!

7-8 a.m. -- ARCHAEOTEXTURE, with Jeff McDonald.
8-9 a.m. -- WEST TEXAS MISSIONER, with Jeff McDonald
1-2 p.m. -- STREAMS, with Wallace Craig
4-5 p.m. -- SLEEPLESS IN MIDLAND, with George Johns
6-8 p.m. -- SOUNDING FORTH, with Janie Snelson
11 p.m.-midnight -- JESSICA'S WELL, with Ospurt

Related web sites:'s Fair Havens' donor page (where you make your online donations to Midland Fair Havens; be sure to designate Blogging for Fair havens in the Designate Donation area):

Midland Fair Havens' mission: Midland FairHavens.

Saturday's Blogging for Fair Havens web site, where the marathon event will unfold all day online.

Ways to Donate:

Use the Just site above or here

Drop me an email,, with your pledge

Come by and see me on Saturday from 6-8 p.m. at the Midland HEB.

Yep, I’ll be up on the scissorlift. Scary, huh? See ya then!


In_spired said...

Hope you check your e-mail!

Janie said...

I did, sweetie! Thanks so much for your donation to Fair Havens! Bless you!