Friday, July 4, 2008

Boston Pops Fireworks and Concert

Today, we ran around along the Charles River. Here are some of the cool pictures I took. Or, at least, I think they're cool. Don't gripe. I could have posted all 304 of them.

Growing boys have to eat, before we start on our trek. No matter that we have 4:45 pm reservations at Legal Seafood. Elder Son is on the left, Younger Son on the right.
I know this is a weird shot, but I just couldn't resist. Boats. Water. Beautiful Day. So shoot me.
Weird shots of all types of cover. Rain is a prevalent thing here, not that it did today. Thank God.
MLH took this shot of myself, Karen, and that order. Of course, if I'd been at the other end, maybe my boobs wouldn't be the prominent point in this pix. And y'all wonder why I go to the chiropractor all the time. (I gotta teach that boy picture composition...or maybe not.)

Another shot I couldn't resist - the MIT School of Architecture. Or, Architectvre, as they spell it. And they tout their intelligence. Hmmmmmph!

Tonight, we went to eat at Legal Seafood. It was awesome.

Afterwards, we rode the subway to the liquor store, where MLH and Doug stocked up on Crown Royal and Talisker Scotch. We decided we’d go back to our 21st floor rooms, rearrange the furniture so the couch faced the corner window, and enjoy the Boston Pops Fireworks show from the room. (Pictures will follow, Doug took some amazing ones!)

Tonight will forever be known as “Fireworks a la Couch on the Charles”. We had a blast ( no pun intended).

The fireworks were beautiful. We sat on the floor, the couch, a chair in the room, all facing the window. We ordered pizza and desserts and coffee. All of us went from our room to Doug and Karen’s, and back again. Doug set up his camera on a tripod in order to catch the great shots. Our room became the party room (I was the designated couch-ee.). We had the Boston Pops at the Esplanade on the TV, and the fireworks were timed perfectly to match the music. Awesome.

At one point, Doug, Younger Son, MLH, and I were in our room. Excerpt #1:

Doug: Man, I’m a little worried. If there’s a warhead under that water, they could take out a million people, and us.

MLH: Man. Don’t worry about that - tonight's a good night and it's been a good life– if that happens, we won’t even know it.

Younger Son: I hope that doesn’t happen. I’m too young to die – I haven’t f****** up enough things yet.

All of us: (silence)

We all busted out laughing. It was so unexpected (but we had let him try a little whiskey, so his inhibitions were probably down a bit. )

Later, Doug went to go take photographs, and Karen came into our room. We’re watching the fireworks, enjoying the elaborate designs.

Janie: That was a beautiful one!

MLH: I just thought I had seen fireworks before – this is amazing.

Karen: I want to see more of the spermy ones.

MLH: What?

Karen: You know, the cool white ones that look like little sperm and wiggle all around.

All of us: (silence)

We laughed again. Couldn’t freakin’ stop.

About that time, the “spermy” fireworks happen again…and right after that, little purple things meet the sperm halfway, and the sperm seem to die.

Janie: Oh. Those purple ones must be the condoms. Or the birth control pills.

MLH: Janie!!!

Janie: Well, they're killing the spermy ones!

We laugh again.

Hmmmm. After re-reading this, you probably had to be there. Oh well, pictures to follow.


Anonymous said...

Spermy - hilarious! I know the ones Karen is talking about - I always called them twirlies.........

Lynellen said...

I'm glad you're all having such a good time! I love those white swirlie fireworks too. How awesome that you could see the show from your hotel rooms!

i beati said...


Lone Chatelaine said...

Lol! Sounds funny to me even with not being there :)

I like the spermy ones too. And I like the boat and water pics.

Oh, and Legal Seafoods! YUMMY!

Janie said...

Cherie - it was funny!

Lynellen - The show was absolutely beautiful.

Sandy - It was a GREAT day.

Chatelaine - Thanks, girl, I need that affirmation!

Packsaddle said...

Boston Police Officer: "We received a call about a mild disturbance here in Room 2105."

Unidentified Texas Woman: "Look, sir, just because we're from Texas, and the incident may have involved boobs, alcohol, and spermy things, doesn't necessarily make us guilty."

Janie said...

Packsaddle: Ummmm. Yeah. I was just reviewing my blog to see if I needed to change some stuff. And I don't even drink! But all of it was funny.

And, by golly, it still is.

It is a wonder noone turned us in last night - we laughed all night long.

Happy belated Fourth!

thisisme said...

So, where are the rest of the photos?
Must see more.

I giggled hopelessly reading this - I would have been on the floor hysterical if I'd been there.

So glad you are having a great time.

Janie said...

This is me - I know, it was crazy.

And somehow, I knew you suffered from the same type of humor as me.

Welcome to the world of the corkscrewed and crazy!

Janie said...

This is me - I know, it was crazy.

And somehow, I knew you suffered from the same type of humor as me.

Welcome to the world of the corkscrewed and crazy!

Gwynne said...

This is why I always try to stand as far away from the camera as possible. ;-) But it's a good shot, nonetheless. :-) I've been known to call those "sperm" as well, but I've never seen "condoms" before. You are too funny. What an experience, to see the show from the privacy (and thank God for that ;-) of your rooms.

Janie said...

Gwynne - yes. Thank God for privacy.

I'm with ya there, chica.