Monday, June 9, 2008

One Down, Eight To Go - Lives, That Is...

MLH has been working in the field lately, which means he might or might not come home. As hot as it’s been, we needed to put another tarp over Zack and Zoie’s kennel. We purchased one, but it wasn’t the correct size. Bob and Cherie to the rescue! They found one at Freight Harbor, and purchased it. They came straight over to help put it on.

Bob: Do you have any zip ties? We can secure it with those.

Janie: Yes, I think so. Come with me into the garage.

Bob: Okay.

Sound: Meawwwrrrrrrr.

Janie: Oh, no. (I’m thinking I’m going to have about a million dead kitties in this garage.)

Bob: Sounds like you’ve definitely got a cat in here.

Janie: I don’t think anyone’s been in here in like 6-8 days. It's so hot in here. Oh, my Lord. God, I hope it makes it.

I kneel down, and at the back of one of our shelves, is a gray cat. I tentatively reach my hand out, and it licks my finger. I grab it, and it immediately curls up on my shoulder.

Bob: Cherie, get the dogs in the back yard and bring us some water.

Janie: Let’s take it in to the kitchen.

This poor little kitty is definitely starving and dehydrated. We just finished a 108 degree day. It’s 8 p.m. now, and this garage is hot, hot, hot. I can’t believe anything lived this long in such heat.

We fed it some tuna chopped up in water, and that cat goes to town. It eats a little bit, then decides to visit. It’s very friendly, and looks spotless. I can’t believe it’s alive. While we're discussing plans for the cat, it finishes the food. My friend Suzan, who’s in town for the night, decides the cat should be named Gracie or Grayson, depending on what sex it is. (We were unable to tell!)

Bob and Cherie took it home in a crate for the night, and brought it back in the morning so I could drop it off at the vet. We called SPCA, and Animal Control, and no reports of lost gray cats were filed.

Vet report came back healthy, and it’s a 7 month old female. She has a date with the vet this next Friday to be spayed. I think her name is Gracie, but ultimately, that’s up to Bob and Cherie.

I’m so glad Bob and Cherie decided the time was now to tarp the kennel…and that Gracie lived, and now has a good home.


Lone Chatelaine said...

Aw!!! I'm so glad you saved it! Thank god y'all went to the garage! She's so pretty! I love that color :)

Janie said...

She is a cutie, isn't she?

scotte said...

This looks like the cat that has been missing over in big spring. I think there is a $1000.00 reward for it. Okay maybe not but it could be. I had fun this weedend, thanks for getting me involved.

Gwynne said...

Any idea how she got in there? I'm sure glad things worked out as well as they did. She is beautiful and healthy looking.

Janie said...

Scott, if there's a reward, we definitely need to talk, 'cause we've already spent around $300 on that pretty kitty! I had fun this weekend, as well.

Love you!

Janie said...

Gwynne - the only thing I can figure out is that she may have snuck in when our yard man was mowing, I'm not sure.

The pictures were taken a day later, after she'd had some fluids and food - but man, what a difference a day makes!

Sandy Kessler said...

Russian Blue and lovely meant for you - Survivor Cat- that long hot summer!!!!Fur like Velvet - that's what I named my first

Anonymous said...

It's definitely "Gracie" and she's making herself right at home, getting accustomed to the dogs, and sharing Carman-kitty's living space (MEEEEEOOOW!!) I forgot we'd told one of our neighbors we'd take a couple or so of their kittens (they have 10) for mousers when they were old enough and currently there are 3 babies hiding under the couch - if there's any truth to that $1000.00 reward let me know!!!!! HAHAHA!

Janie said...

Sandy - I like that Russian Blue. Beautiful.

Cherie - want to let one go, I've got a home for it.

doozie said...

those little felines can survive amazing things. I don't much have a thing for cats so much as cat naps

MotherPie said...

What a sweet story and indicates that perhaps she wasn't feral. She looks very thin.

Janie said...

Doozie - I LOVE cat naps. I'm with ya, girl.

Mother Pie - no way was she feral, though when I stuck my hand in there, I was wondering if it was wise to do so. She's litter box trained, everything. I can't imagine why someone would let her go...she's a sweetie!

Janie said...

Mother Pie - the vet said she had a tapeworm, and he treated her for such...I bet she's a fat little kitty before long!

catd264 said...

Lucky Kitty. Becky now has 2 puppies that showed up at her house last night.

Janie said...

Oh, my gosh, Cat. Becky's always ending up with new babies!