Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fly-Away Shopping Spree

Talk about crazy…

Y’all know I hang out with guys all the time, at the house (Zoie and I are the only females), at work (ditto), and in play (not many females shoot and hunt). So, it’s a rare day indeed when I get to hang out with humans of the female persuasion.

My friend Rhonda and I cooked up a wild hair scheme to surprise Sarah (Rhonda’s daughter, who is living with us and working in Midland this summer) with a fly-away shopping day. Because Rhonda and Joe live about 75 miles away, a Saturday fly-away shopping spree means Rhonda had to come spend the night in Midland, so we could go catch our flight. Little Sarah was so excited when we told her!

Friday night, Sarah decided to surprise her Mom by baking a dessert. Sarah went to Walmart, found a neat cooking magazine, perused the recipes, selected one, went and purchased the ingredients, and …put the magazine back in the rack. I had to laugh at her. I mean, I know one can read and have a coffee at Barnes and Nobles, and put the magazines back, but, Walmart? She’s a resourceful one, is that Sarah!

Here’s Sarah and her “Fruit Pizza”. And, believe me, it was good!

And here she is again, looking a little fruity, herself. Isn't she a cutie?

Friday night, we girls went to eat Mexican food at Casita Gerardo’s, came home and had the Fruity Pizza, then went to the late movie – of course, a chick flick! We stayed out way too late to be catching an early flight, but that’s how we roll.

We flew out at 7:15 am Saturday morning. We had to be at the airport by 6:45 a.m., but traveled light – with only our purses. I needed another suitcase, so the plan was to purchase one on our shopping trip, fill it with our purchases, and check it on the return flight. Plan was executed as designed. We returned to Midland at 8:35pm Saturday night, and went to eat supper at Kuo’s Chinese Restaurant.

MLH came in about 11pm last night, so we visited until midnight, and went to breakfast this morning, then toured some of the garden stores. We had a good time, hanging out.

Rhonda and I found the Daily Makeover website this morning, so I took a picture of her so we could upload it and play with the different hairstyles.

Here’s Rhonda in her current hairstyle. I tried to upload some of the makeover hairstyles so y'all could see, but gave up.

We laughed until we cried at all the crazy results. It’s fun – go join, play with it, and figure out which hairstyle is good for you! (I know you gentlemen readers are jumping on that.)

I have to go take a nap now, exhausted, see ya later…have a blessed week!


Lynellen said...

I'm not sure I'd really like to hunt, but I do love shooting. So next time I'm in Texas we should meet!

Janie said...

Lynellen, that would be great! E-mail me and we'll exchange information!!

Snooty Primadona said...

Sounds like you had a fun girls trip. I love Casita Gerardo's too. We always split the Mexican Sampler Platter (I think).

So, did you get a ton of shopping done? It's fun having a girl that age around, isn't it? I miss mine so much!

I did the hairstyle thing online @ InStyle and have never laughed so hard in my life. Mr. Snooty kept coming in to ask what was so funny, but I wouldn't let him look. Some secrets don't need to be shared, lol. But Rhonda looks like she would look okay. For some reason, my face & neck just don't go with celebrity hair, lol.

Janie said...

Snooty, we did! And yesterday, we drove by the Alien's house. Tried to figure out which one was yours, but it was

It was fun shopping with Sarah. She makes us both laugh.

I'm glad you thought the hairstyle thing was as funny as I did. Rhonda was getting a little perturbed at me when Sarah and I would get so ticked. I guess it would all be different if the hair were on another head, as it were. I'll have to try the InStyle one - that's probably more user friendly.

sandy said...

And those young men - do they realize fully what a cutie is living there or are they best friends..??

Janie said...

Sandy - they are all best friends. And I'm watching hard to make sure it stays that way, if you know what I mean! ;)

She is a cutie!