Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun in the Metroplex

Thursday evening, MLH and I decided to make a short business trip to Fort Worth. ( MLH’s most said phrase during the weekend was “we drove 5 hours up and back to conduct 20 minutes worth of business.”) Well, we did drive, and conduct, we did! And in the process of doing so, we were able to connect with four different sets of friends that the Lord's placed as living stones in our lives.

Our first meeting was Thursday night, after which we bunked out at Mike and Pam's. We arrived just in time for them to figure out one of their hot water heaters had bit the dust, so MLH and Mike went to work at 10pm. Fun! Of course, Pam and I gave great support…we sat in the recliners and visited amongst ourselves. Pamo and I absolutely ROCK as cheerleaders. Better yet, we know when to be quiet, even when the guys track that black crud that builds up in a hot water heater onto Pam’s white carpet!

All the rest of our meetings were on Friday, so after a fun breakfast, we carried on about our business, then checked into our home away from home, the Renaissance Worthington in downtown Fort Worth, at which time the “rest” phase of our trip commenced.

MLH and I enjoyed some much needed time together, and vegged out all day, reading and doing room service. It was fun, and rejuvenating. We have been way too busy lately! Saturday night, we went to supper with Mike and Pam at Tejas de Brazil, then caught the one-man play “Chesapeake” at the Circle Theatre.

I knocked out two books, they were great, I’ll review them soon for you. We had a leisurely drive back home, stopping in area towns inbetween Fort Worth and Weatherford and viewing real estate. There's a lot of building going on in the country!

As soon as we arrived at the house, we unloaded the truck and picked up Zack and Zoie, and took them to the field for a much needed run. They had a blast, and we loved watching them. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching bird dogs running full blast, noses into the wind, scenting for birds.


Sandy Kessler said...

Wonderful revitalization time . How we all need it . What mlh's diet like?

Library girl said...

Glad you had fun! If I ever need a cheerleader, I'll let you know :).

Janie said...

Sandy - he's doing well! Eating all the right things, and none of the bad ones.

Rachel - I'm here for ya, sweetie!

Cowtown Pattie said...

Pshaw...and you didn't even give me a call...

Janie said...

CP - I thought about I was driving home.

I'll be back once a month...I'll drop by when you least expect it!

thisisme said...

Sounds like a good weekend - room service and vegging out sounds like a great way to wind down.