Thursday, January 11, 2007

Videos from Show of Military Support

Here are some videos taken from our Second Annual Show of Military Support. Show of Support is a non-profit organization, founded by our fellow Midlander Terry Johnson, and provides hunting adventures to the brave, wounded heroes of our Armed forces. This year, 24 servicepersons from different branches of our military, as well as their significant others, were honored for their service to America. See prior post for more details.

See for yourself what this hunt meant to these heroes! Here are short little video clips from
John Fuller, Robert Roeder, Layne Morris, Aaron Rice, and Ryan Crunk, all heroes that were feted at the Show of Military Support. Chris Gill, another injured serviceman, shot this video (16 minutes long but worth it!) of the escorted ride, banquet, deer hunt, and some commentaries. (Warning: a short portion of this video is very graphic, showing actual gutting and cleaning of deer - but easy to skip past!) The music is awesome.

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Karen said...

I think you and this group are awesome!