Friday, January 12, 2007

Scoot on over...

Funny quotes to check out at Emma's place. And jchrisrock at Fluid Pudding has some custom-themed Bible titles here. Pretty funny. (To be read in a lilting Irish accent, with just the right amount of brogue…) “And if that be offending ya, laddies and lassies, well, then, be a lettin’ him know, he might could be a namin’ one with your kind in mind!”

Scoot on over there and check ‘em out. You know you be a-wantin’ to…don’t ya, now?


Foo said...

This reminds me of an email I received yesterday--a response confirming participation in an event. It was something like "So we'll be participating again this year". Completely innocuous, but the "so" caused my brain to hear the sentence in the voice of Dave Thomas and take on ", eh?" at the end.

It was only after I'd stopped laughing at myself that I realized the author was from B.C., Canada.

Janie said...

Foo, I totally LOVED Bob & Doug McKenzie.

Whenever I hear someone say "eh?" I always want to add on "hoser"!