Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Mile High City

Come Sunday, we're heading northwest to Denver for an industry meeting. Looking forward to getting away, it's been crazy around this oil patch (so I head out to another oil patch, and…yet another meeting?).

Last time we went to Denver (for this same organization's meeting, but in the summer of 2004) it was so nice. Beautiful weather. Thanks to the patient teaching of my husband, I enjoyed my first fly fishing experience. I was blessed to meet some long time friends of hubby's, as well. What a great family. On top of that, we racked up enough funny happenings for yet another crazy Janie travel story – but I'll share that one later.

I don't think we'll be doing any fly-fishing this time. The temperature is quite a bit colder this time of year! It will be fun to see all our Oilpatch compadres from all across the nation. (And the Zackster will fare well, one of our friends is going to house-sit for us.)

Anyone want to share any Denver area shopping, shows, museums, tourism, dining tips?


Pancho said...

You weren't driving that acid truck that tumped over were you??

Rach said...

Have an awesome trip! I'm sure we will be hearing about it when you return :). Can't wait!

Jim said...

Ooh, I hadn't heard about the acid truck.

I don't know if you saw this in '04, but between Denver and Boulder there is this shopping paradise (paradise of course, being a relative term. I went there because they have a Chipotle). It's called Flatiron Crossing.

There's also the Alpine Slide down near Red Rocks, but that's probably closed for the season now.

Have a lovely trip!

Karen said...

Have a great trip! Lucky you to have a getaway.
My sister lived in Denver but it was many years ago and I am sure things have changed since then, as they always do.
Safe journey.

Badoozie said...

do they have starbucks there?

Gwynne said...

Have a fun trip! I love fly fishing...but you're right, too cold this time of year, especially with the snow they've been having. How's about skiing?

Janie said...

Wallace - do ya have to bring up bad news on a Friday morning? No, I wasn't - and the driver is okay.

Rach - thanks!

Jim - I'll check out Flatiron Crossing - thanks for the tip!

Karen - I'm looking forward to the trip (but not to packing!).

Susie - Starbucks isn't everywhere? I hope so - we are (almost) as addicted as you! :)

Gwynne - I wish we could fly fish - and skiing's out this trip, as well - but we will (hopefully) enjoy a little down time and see some friends.

See y'all when I get back!