Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!

It’s cold here. It’s supposed to drop as low as 16 degrees tonight. All my Texas blogger friends are writing about it, from their respective necks of the woods. These guys and gals are funny. Us Texans just can’t handle the cold (I can say that, 'cause I is one.). Well, we probably can handle the cold, but we will whine about it. We could all be in the running for some trophy team roping buckles, we are all whining so much. Did I tell you it’s cold here? Colder than a…
Never mind.

Go ahead, take the tour…slide across Texas with us!

Local to Midland,
Jimmy makes a politically cold statement here, and in Houston, Bret's playing weatherman/news anchor here, and back in Midland, George took some winter pics – check them out.

Wallace was inspired by the cold to recount stories of his younger life almost cut short, Kyle's waxing poetic down Austin way, and somewhere called Fake Cow County, still in Texas, Spooky's taking pix of funky trees and wild cats! Back in Houston, Karen's writing in the rain about MLK, and home again, Eric's thinking it's outside, inside. Snuggle up, bunnies. Stay warm.


Trace said...

Y'all are gonna' hate me down yonder; but, I love the winter weather. I don't actually like for it to be uncomfortably bitter cold, but I like the gusts of wind and rain. I love the blizzards, of which I have experienced none here in southwest Virginia yet this season. It's starting to get me down, actually. I just like snuggling up with soft light in the evenings, hot chocolate or tea and closing the door on the world. During the day, it's fun to watch the weather from a window. I'll admit, it isn't really great fun driving in messy weather, but other than that, I love wintertime.

Janie said...

Ah, girl, we love winter, too. We're just not used to it, ever. It's usually 90 degrees here on Christmas Day (though it can be 20 degrees the next!). I just thought it was funny that so many Texans were writing about it. (So of course, I joined in!!)

Karen said...

So far just cold rain here, no ice. That may change by drive time in the morning. My son is hoping really hard for a no school day! Some schools have already announced closures.

Geo said...

Global warming -- never around when you need it. Brrrrr.

Actually, these icy blasts might help keep down the insect population this summer.

Janie said...

So far, no snow here...and like George says, we do need a hard freeze.

But, dang, it's cold! (whine, whine)