Sunday, January 28, 2007

New Blogger on the Scene...

Earlier in the week, Eric turned us on to Bob Westbrook, of the Blog Ran With The Devil, Walked With Angels.

Bob’s a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury, and has quite the story to tell. If you get a chance, go by and visit him and welcome him to the blogosphere!

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Bob said...

Thanks Janie for adding my blog on your blog roll. My wife and I are both taken with how we are being recieved here in Midland. Eric listed me on his Fireant Gazzete and suddenly my readership has doubled. The blog was initially just my journal for other survivors and caretakers of brain injuries to follow. When we moved it became a powerful way for family to keep up with how things are going, complete with pictures. Now it's like...I don't know, it's like we have a ton of friends we've never had a chance to meet. I haven't posted yet today because was dealing with migraine but just came and checked, finding your comment which led me to your blog. Can't wait to try out that new seafood place. Thanks again.