Friday, January 12, 2007

Please welcome Leo!!

One of our very dearest friends, Leo, has entered the world of blogging!

I’ve know Leo & Becky for many years. They were (and are!) a huge part of the richness of the Lord in my early walk with Him, and we’ve remained staunch friends. When I first met them, they lived in Big Spring, Texas. They’ve since migrated east to the Metroplex, and we’ve found that true friendship withstands the stretch of time and distance.

Their son, Josh, is touring the nation (check out
Dimlit Daylight ). If you’re young and in the music scene, a MySpace page is a must, and Josh had one! Leo got on MySpace as well, to stay in better contact with his son as he traveled the country. I was reading some of Leo’s blogs there, and encouraged him to enter the other “mainstream”. I guess he must have given some consideration to what I said, because, today, you can read his first entry at Leo's Blog.

Check it out, and please give Leo a heartfelt welcome!

And like Leo always says, see ya UP the road!


LZ_JY_X said...

Congratulations. Its a nice blog you are keeping here. Keep it up and all the best.If you have some time, do check my personal blog and don't forget to leave a little comment for me while you are there.

Gwynne said...

I see Leo also was a member of the esteemed crossing guard. I'm beginning to wonder if this is the key to entry into the blogosphere. I always thought it was LOTR. ;-) I've done neither.

Emmie said...

well i too feel that time and distance is not a hindrance to true friendship... its all about how close the hearts are to each other... i would surely love to visit Leo's blog....u can as well visit My Friendship Blog sometime... take care...
God bless!!!

Janie said...

Gwynne, I saw that, as well. Glad you picked up on it! Thanks for visiting Leo's site. More will be forthcoming, I assure you!

Emmie - thanks, I'll go check out your blog!

Rach said...

Hey Janie,
I tried to leave a comment here but it wouldn't do it last night! I surfed over last night :).

Janie said...

Shoot, Rach, I don't know what was wrong. Glad you came back today, though!!