Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm thinkin' she be early...

My grandniece, Mackenzie, is doing a new thing. Go check the little chica out!

(I know, I know...but if you think this is bad, wait until MLH & I have our own grandkids!)

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Woohoo, MLH is home tonight!

I love it when he’s home. Things just flow so much better when he is por la casa. He has to go back out tomorrow, but then, we have a long weekend. With absolutely no plans, for once.

Well, unless we go dove hunting. Season opens what, Saturday? Whatever day is the 1st of the month. It’s supposed to rain, and if so, there will be no dove flying…they’ll have plenty of water, so they won’t come into the water sources.

But, if it rains…

Maybe, we’ll go to the movies.
Maybe, we’ll go out of town.
Maybe, we’ll see our littles.
Maybe, we’ll paint one of our rooms.
Maybe, we’ll go practice field trials with Zack.

Or, maybe not.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No chore left undone...

Man, I’m a tired pup.

I left the house at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning to catch a flight to Tulsa, and got back home around 7 p.m. last night. Then, this morning, I left the house at 4:15 a.m. to go to the office, and then catch the 5:10 a.m. Continental to Houston. It’s 9:13 p.m. and I just got home. It was supposed to be a 2:30 p.m. flight home. But, remember, it’s Continental! And it was raining in H-town. Therefore, delays. But, now I’m home, and glad to be here! MLH is having to pretty much stay in Pecos during the week, so Zack and I are all alone, trying to get my chores done. And when it comes to chores, Zack is absolutely no help at all.

I’ve been trying to keep the laundry going, but I’m not doing well. Well, that’s not true, I’m getting the laundry washed and dried, and it smells great…sitting on my dining room table.

Yup, that’s right. The table. And every time I walk by, this little voice says, “Fold those clothes! Put them up! What would Mom say?”

And I say(in my head), “Ummm…I’m tired. Must get sleep. I will fold you tomorrow. And by the way, if Mom were here, she would be watching ESPN, or helping Tiger hit that hole in one. She would want me to get sleep, too. Really, so shut up. Tomorrow is soon enough.”

(Okay, it’s true…not only does my dog talk, my laundry does, too.)

Tomorrow never comes. My stress level is climbing. I need another me, one that stays home and gets stuff done. Time for reinforcements.

Monday night, I yelled calf-rope and called Bob & Cherie and asked for help. They have been asking “What can we do for you and MLH?”…so I finally took them up on their offer. And Cherie came in and straightened up all my laundry, and did some cleaning. That did wonders for my outlook when I walked into the house. I am so very grateful!

And now, I can breathe a little better. Thanks, Cherie! You rock.

I am going to try to get caught up before MLH comes home. But for now, I’m going to “Napper’s House” for the night. Have to be in a customer’s office with breakfast by 7 a.m.

The life of an oilfield salesman is never boring.

Night, all.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Zack, the Blue Quail,

The prior post details my eventful trip towards Cloudcroft. I say towards, because MLH and I made a corporate decision to not go there Friday night.

Once we finally met up in Artesia Friday night around midnight, our weekend finally started. We were supposed to meet in Artesia, drop MLH’s truck off at our local office, and trek on to Carlsbad, where we had rented a cabin for the weekend.

MLH was exhausted. A major storm had crossed his lease, leaving him near stranded in mud. It took him about 3 hours to work his way out to the highway. I was tired from all the excitement driving up, as well, so we decided to stay in Artesia. Found out later we missed a snowstorm Friday night in Cloudcroft, so maybe it was just as well.

We left at 6am to head to the dog trials at Mayhill, N.M. We had a great time, and Zack did well (though I didn’t shine). We did capture some points, though! It was over 90 degrees, scorching hot, no cloud cover. Around 3 p.m., we were more than ready to go on to Cloudcroft and find our little weekend home. We arrived in town just in time for a downpour, and then, a hailstorm.

Once at the house, we quickly settled in and just vegged out for the evening. Zack had a blast running in the woods, and quickly came when we called him. “Come around, Zack!” would get him in every time. He was extremely good all weekend when off-leash.

We left the cabin around lunchtime to head back home. The plan was to get to Artesia, then split up, with MLH staying the night in Artesia, and I was going to head back to Midland. Once in Artesia, we decided that MLH’s truck needed a little TLC – so we went to the carwash.

Once finished, Zack and I head home. Between Hobbs and Eunice, Zack starts whining. Zack never whines, so I think, “Hmmmm. He must need to take a bathroom break.” (Like I’m the freaking dog whisperer or something.) I pull into a lease road, and let him out of his kennel.


Bad, bad, bad mistake. About three trees away, he flushes a blue quail, and the Zackster is off. And by off, I mean, the boy flat raced after that bird. Zack would have given a well-fed greyhound a run for his money. He probably ran a mile, then dropped down into a valley.

The whole time, I’m screaming, “Zack! Come around, Zack! Here! Here!”

To. Absolutely. No. Avail.

After about five minutes, I take off driving through the pasture. I cannot see Zack, anywhere, so I return to the lease road, hoping against hope that he will come back to where he started this most excellent adventure. I’m praying. My phone rings – it’s Andy, Zack’s trainer.

Andy: “What are you doing?”
Janie: “Dude, if I told you, you’d kill me. I have to call you back.”
End call.

About that time, a contract pumper drives up. I introduce myself, and tell him my dilemma. He takes my card, and says he’s going to drive a couple of his leases, and if he sees Zack, he will call me.

Make no mistake, in all my calm, I am freaking out. I’m thinking things like, “Oh, Lord, I’ve not had Zack microchipped. I’ve heard stories where people never got their dogs back. Oh, Lord, what will I tell MLH? Andy? I’m sooooooo dead. I cannot believe I was so stupid!”

My phone rings…it’s the contract pumper. He has seen Zack, and Zack is heading back towards me. I call Zack, when I see him. Zack ignores me. I can tell he’s very winded, and he probably cannot hear anything but the sound of his own breathing and the wind. He comes right back to where I was parked, and sits down, looking up at me. I check him for snake bites, but find none.

I grab a gallon of water, and pour it over him, trying to cool him down. I know he’s way overheated, so I cool down his ears (a dog’s air conditioner) and wet down under the joints of his legs and his belly. He drinks forever. I was torn between wanting to beat him and wanting to fall all over him and hug him. I did neither. Dogs are forward thinking, and he was only doing what he’s trained to do…

Once I got him cooled down (it took 2 gallons of water), he loaded into his kennel and we took off. I called the pumper and profusely thanked him, then called MLH and Andy to confess. Both were very sympathetic, thank God.

No more taking Zack chances for this girl.

Yup, we’ve got a new trick to learn. (I know, he should already know this.) My dog’s going to learn how to poop while on a leash.

How exciting.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's dangerous out there!

Friday, after the XTO Energy Halliburton Bustin’ Clay for United Way shoot, I raced home to get my truck loaded. The plan was for me to load up Zack, and head to Artesia to meet MLH. From there, we were going to head to Cloudcroft together for our first field trial of the season.

I get my truck loaded, including Zack, and we head out. At this point, Zack is in the back seat, going from window to window checking out the terrain. I head north out of town towards Andrews, and happen upon this fatal wreck on FM 1788 and Midland Farms Road. (When y’all think about it, please pray for the families of those victims.) When I happened upon the wreck, the authorities and EMT’s were on site. We crept through the vehicles, and continued on to Andrews.

I am traveling west on SH176, into Andrews, and stop at a light. There is a motorcycle going west directly in front of me, and a truck also going west in the left lane. I look ahead, and see a huge lifted truck coming across the lane from the eastbound road. He is going to turn into the car wash, and there is no way he can see the motorcycle – it is hidden by the westbound truck. I’m crying out, “Oh, Lord – oh, Lord!”

Sure enough, the motorcycle and the truck crash, and the helmetless cyclist somersaults onto the pavement, ending up prone and still on the carwash parking lot. I pull up into the parking lot, hit my OnStar emergency button, and get out to render aid. The injured is starting to try to move around.

“Hello, I’m Janie. I’m medically trained…can I help you? You need to be still.” He was breathing okay, his pulse was good. His eyes were watching me, not shocky at all, and he started talking, clearly and lucidly. I felt huge relief.

Another man runs up – he’s a veterinarian. He stays with the injured, while I run back to my truck and get a blanket. I get back to the patient. He asks me, “Will you please pray for me?” I did. He was praying, too. “Lord, thank you for sparing my life”, he said, over and over. He told me he could feel his legs, but that his head and his side hurt. It seemed like the EMT’s were there in seconds, but I don’t know. At one point, I looked up and we were surrounded by onlookers. The injured was cognizant, giving me the phone numbers for his wife and his mom, and onlookers who knew the injured and his family called the wife and parents for him. The EMT’s took over, I gave my card to the authorities, and they released me from the accident scene.

When I got to Hobbs, I tried to call the Andrews hospital, but of course, they couldn’t release any information. I don’t think I breathed until I got to Artesia.

On the way home tonight (another eventful drive, story to follow) I tried to call the injured’s family for an update – and he answered the phone! The hospital had released him Friday night, with stitches in this head, and bandages on his hand. He has not one broken bone, no internal injuries. A miracle, I tell you. I have instant-replayed the accident in my mind, and I am amazed. This young man was excited to hear from me; it seems he and his family canvassed everyone at the wreck and nobody knew who I was. He said, “You’re the lady who was there first, who prayed for me, right? I am so glad you were there, you’ll never know!”

He promised he will wear a helmet from now on. He told me he's going to decorate it with the rocks the EMT's dug out of his head.

I'm thankful that he's okay.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


George has an interesting story on lock bumping over at Sleepless in Midland. I live in a relatively safe neighborhood, you know. A neighborhood where, after a break-in, little old ladies get tied up and lose their car – but that’s a rare occasion. It's only happened once, this year.

You know, relatively safe is just…two words. So, read the article…it will be worth your time. While you're doing that, I’ll be calling the locksmith.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Last night, MLH was out on his lease, working, and was planning on staying in Pecos. Younger Son and I went to meet Sarah and her mom, Rhonda at Chili’s for supper.

We left the restaurant and we were all standing in front of our trucks talking. We heard this noise, and looked at each other like a calf looking at a new gate. The first thing that went through our minds was “Rattlesnake!”, so we all froze.

And then, we got it.


In less time than it takes to say "Run!", all four of us were soaked by the automatic sprinklers.

It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so hard that my stomach hurts, but it does.

Communication is good.

We arrived home from the Metromess (as Foo and Turtle call it) around 6:10pm Sunday. Somewhere in between Colorado City and Midland, MLH remembered we needed to visit the Alltel store since his phone was acting up.

Me: “Dude. It. Is. Sunday. And. Everything. Closes. At. 6 pm.”

MLH: “Um, yeah.”

I drove into Midland, hit the loop, and cruised past Best Buy, breathing a sign of relief. Due to “tax-free weekend”, every parking lot I passed looked like those parking lots the day after Thanksgiving. Packed to the hilt.

And, thank God, Alltel in the mall was open until 8 p.m. They didn't have the phone we needed, sent us to Circuit City to buy the phone, then we had to return to Alltel for the numbers transfer.

$400 later, new phone (and we insured this one),in hand and old numbers transferred over, MLH is ready for yet another day in the remote oil patch. Whew. I hate it when he’s 2 ½ hrs away and experiencing phone trouble. It’s just not safe.

We met Younger Son for supper, then went home and unpacked.

We’re glad to be home…for a mere five days. On Friday, we will host the XTO Energy Halliburton “Bustin’ Clays for United Way” sporting clay shoot out at Windwalker, then leave immediately after for a field dog trial in Cloudcroft. It will be nice to get to cooler temperatures.

Zack the Wonder Dog thinks so, too.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Here's to friends ... and new friends!

It's been a full couple of days in the Metroplex…

Drove to Lewisville
Registered at Dallas Gun Club
Schmoozed with customers and peers (SWC&P)
Bought new pair of E.A.R. custom-fit ear plugs
(purple and pink - woohoo!)
Didn't stay for Thursday night activities or shooter auction
Instead went to supper with our friends from Lubbock
Returned to hotel and retired sometime around midnight
5am wakeup to wakeup call MLH for redeye flight
Couldn't go back to sleep
Worked on e-mails and got my shooting stuff ready to go
Went to breakfast at 8:30am when MLH arrived at hotel
SWC&P at hotel breakfast
Went outside where my shooting glasses immediately fogged up
Fogged up glasses – new experience
Went to Dallas Gun Club, met up with teammates
Shot at the hottest time of the day, 1:30pm
Shot the Calcutta Course (most difficult course of Gun Club)
Thought about whining, too hot to talk, just push on
Deduced I should have said "Let's don't and say we did!"
Gave up on my hope to win the 2007 High Over All Ladies trophy
SWC&P while sweating my life away
My customer won a $3500 Beretta O/U
Excited for him
Because I picked out his winning board square
I won a brand new SKB gun case
I won $100 Cabelas gift certificate
Back to hotel to meet my cousin Kristy
She drove in just to see us
First time in 3 years – we had a huge time
SWC&P in hotel lobby
We all went to supper with Kristy
And our friends from Lubbock
Back to hotel at midnight, talked until 1:30am
Went to breakfast at 8:30 with MLH & Kristy
SWC&P at hotel breakfast
Drove to Plano for a home group meeting with a friend
Met about 30 sweet brothers & sisters in the Lord
Left there, headed to Allen
Meet Foo & Turtle of Random Synaptic Misfire
Lunched with them at the Blue Mesa Grill, laughed a lot
What a sweet couple, they're a lot of fun
We decided it's time for a Texas gathering of the bloggers
I think they should come check out West Texas
Stopped at Borders for books, then Starbucks
Headed back to hotel
Try to boot up my computer – oh, my Lord
Blue screen of death, holy crap
Called IT desk to verify, yup
Eulogy said, new computer on Monday
Thank God for backup on server
MLH & I took much needed nap
Decided to stay in, went to get burgers
Will meet Becky of Leo & Becky in morning in FW for brunch
She & her husband a huge part of the spiritual wealth in our lives
Then head west, young man…por la casa, por favor
Ready. More than ready!
Later, gaters…
Much love

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Load up...

I left the house around 6:30 this morning, headed for the AADE Dallas Shoot at the Dallas Gun Club. My plan was to leave my house at 6 a.m., but I was a bit delayed by Zack the Wonder Dog.

MLH spent the night in Pecos last night because he had to be out at the lease early this morning, which translates to I had to pack my truck myself. (Yes, I am spoiled – MLH usually does it for me.) I packed most of my stuff last night, and hauled it out to the Yukon. This morning, I had to load the cooler, and my guns.

The minute I opened my car door, Zack loaded up. To him, guns and a cooler mean bird hunting season. And the little toot refused to get out of my truck. I figured out really quickly that I didn’t have to worry about him running off, so I got his food set up in the back yard, and finished packing the truck, and then set about coaxing the lad back into the house. It took me quite a while. The usual commands didn't work..."House, Zack." "Get out." "Here."

And then, when I did get Zack back in the house, he decided to lay down on the rug right inside the front door, facing the back door. This was a first. Usually, he is standing at the front door, facing the front yard, begging to be let out in the front yard. But no, this morning, he lays down on the rug. It was like he was saying, “No way, Mom. I’m NOT going in the back yard. You loaded your guns in the truck. That means I go, too.”

It took me another good ten minutes to coax Zack into the back yard.

And all day long, I've been feeling guilty about leaving him.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

He's my brother...

The last two days, my (real) brother Scott has been in Midland due to work concerns. And through some divine timing, we’ve been able to spend a couple of hours together over the last two days, sans spouses or kiddos. (We didn’t mean for our spouses to be out of town, but they are.) It’s been fun!

The distance of forty miles apart is nothing. Many people drive that far to work each morning. Scott and I both live busy, multi-faceted lives – and our kiddos have different interests, so oftentimes, we have to schedule get-togethers. We do talk on the phone quite a bit, which is good.

It’s been nice to polish the jewel that is our relationship. And our relationship is definitely one I treasure. Scott’s job will require him to spend some time in Midland, and that’s a good thing for me, his sister.

And it will be good for him, too!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Saturday morning, Zack the Wonder Dog and I rose with the chickens and were out at the shooting range by 7 a.m.

Today was the annual Llano Estacado Bird Hunting Association’s “De-Snaking Clinic”, which was organized by R. L. Orth, Mike McKinney, Curt Sievert, Sean Carter, Tom Atkins, and other club members. What is a desnaking clinic, you ask? Well, it’s just what it is an organized event where dogs are exposed to rattlesnakes so the dogs will understand the danger of such and learn to avoid the deadly creatures. Most hunting dog owners bring out their dogs to go through the training, and many dogs were there for a refresher. Everyone’s getting ready for the upcoming hunting season, and as such, this is a timely clinic. Venomous snake bites translate into huge vet bills, long recovery time, and sometimes can be fatal.

Dogs are, by nature, nosy creatures. Dogs have a natural curiosity about snakes, and most often, will not naturally avoid them. Zack, by virtue of his breed, is a hunting dog. He stays pretty much nose down anytime he is outside. Chances are good that he will stumble across one of those ornery snakes at some time, and we want him protected. Sometimes, dogs will survive a snake bite, but just as often, the snake bites are deadly. (There is also a new Rattlesnake Venom Vaccination (a series of two shots, a month apart) which lessons the toxicity of the venom, should a dog suffer a bite.)

Here’s how the clinic is set up. First, registration and release of liability is executed. Your dog is put on a lead, fitted with a shock collar, and then released to the handler. Two rattlesnakes are planted in the field. Their mouths are sewn shut so there is no chance of a bite or venomization. The handler (in this case, Ray Grappe, a renowned hunter trainer from Levelland, Texas) takes your dog to one snake, which is out in the open. Depending on your dog’s reaction, if the dog is curious and gets close to the snake, a shock will be administered. The dog will associate the shock with a rattlesnake, and won’t get close to it, should he happen on a rattlesnake in the future. The snakes also have handlers – as the day progresses, and warms up, those snakes want to move around. Those snake handlers had their hands full today, as temperatures soared close to 100 degrees.

Zack smelled that snake and wouldn’t have anything to do with it. He didn’t need any shock treatment at all. Zack tried to put the handler between himself and the snake, even at times leaning on Ray's leg. Zack reacted the very same way to the second snake hidden in the field. To my knowledge, Zack has not yet been exposed to a snake. Ray said that some dogs are smart, and just know that rattlesnakes are dangerous and won’t go around them. I was proud of Zack.

We were third in line, so afterwards, Zack and I helped with registration. There were 87 people signed in before I left at 10 a.m., and many of them had multiple dogs. This wasn’t just for hunting dogs – I saw Daschunds, Corgis, Westies, Schnauzers, all sorts of breeds. One young man brought an albino deaf Aussie. It was doubly important that this Aussie be de-snaked, since she couldn’t hear. She was going to have to go strictly on smell. She performed very well in the training.

There were hilarious moments, as well. One huge black lab saw that snake, and took off the other way, dragging the unsuspecting handler about 30 feet. The lab raced back to his owner, causing everyone to laugh, even the handler.

It was fun to meet all the dogs and their owners, see each dog react differently, and know that each dog learned something today. And they’ll all be safer when they’re exposed to the deadly rattlesnakes. The Llano Estacado Bird Hunting Association did a great job, and I commend them for their service to this community.

Runs in the family...

It must be “get your oil changed” week. My brother, Scott at Fiberhawk, has a funny story about Avis Lube on his blog. Go check it out!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Perception is in the eyes of a 5 year old...

My little friend Nate has a little brother named Colin.

Colin is a cute, very precocious cotton-haired (with a cowlick, even!) ball of energy. His voice is a mixture of deep, raspy tones and little boy words. When he talks, his little mouth always cocks up in a crooked smile. He is one happy little dude, and is really funny. Colin came by my office Tuesday, along with his mom and big brother, Nate. As soon as he saw me, he promptly told me that it was his last day to be four years old.

Janie: “Really? Wow! So tomorrow, Colin, you’re going to be five?”

Colin: “Yeah!”

Janie: “Woohoo, Colin! Give me five!”

Colin’s Mom: “Colin, honey, that’s not right. Today, you’re five years old.”

Colin: “No, Mom - I’m not five yet, I haven’t had my birthday party!”

Colin's Mom and I look at each other in wonder...then, understanding dawns.

Tuesday night, Colin’s birthday was celebrated. Having been let in on the gist of the conversation the same morning, Colin’s dad asked Colin how old he was.

Colin, exasperated: “Dad, don't you know??!! I’m five years old!”

You guessed it. Colin's official turning of age was all about the party.

Yahoo! Team Roping!!

Who says there’s never anything fun to do in Midland? This weekend, at the Midland County Horseshoe, our town will host the 2nd Annual Permian Basin API Scholarship Team Roping and the 1st Annual Permian Basin API Cookoff, which will happen on Saturday at 9am. Admission is free, it’s inside the air conditioned arena, and all proceeds go to local youth scholarships with cowboys and cowgirls from all over the country participating.


Just for the record, I, too, went to the Avis Lube mentioned in Eric's story. This morning. And I was determined to be strong. Not buy a flipping thing they tried to sell me. Just get my oil changed, tires checked, and get the heck out of there.

I caved. Just sayin’.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I have a young shotgunner friend named Nate. About a year ago, I suggested to Nate's parents that he be enrolled in 4-H shooting sports. At that time, he had no shotgun, but was very interested. I mentioned Nate and the lack of a suitable shotgun to a couple of mutual friends, and one of them loaned Nate a gun. Nate joined our local 4-H club. He took a lesson from one of the local range pros, and fell in love with shotgun sports.

This young man of 10 has been mowing lawns and doing yard work all summer in order to save up to buy a gun. One day, his father called me, and asked if they could come see me. We set up a time, and father and son came by my office.

When I get a call like that, it’s usually a plea for sponsorship. Not so this time.

Nate just wanted to personally thank me for encouraging him towards shooting sports.

He. Is. Ten. Years. Old.

I have watched this young man bloom, in a matter of months, from a shy young boy to a more confident, look you in the eye, not be afraid to ask you questions young boy. And Nate is a young man well able to take instruction. At the recent 4-H fundraiser shoot, though one of the youngest shooters there, he went to the stage with the older teenagers to help distribute awards. Not one moment’s hesitation did I see. All the rest of the kids his age were chunking rocks and playing by this time of the day. Nate just went up there and got busy. Another benefit I see is that Nate and his dad are getting to spend some really valuable time together, sometimes with the rest of the family, and sometimes just the two of them. They’re all having a blast!

I called Nate yesterday to ask a favor. We needed to 3-hole punch a huge mass of card stock scorecards in order to get ready for this weekend’s shoot. I've been very busy and it would help me out.

His reply? "Sure!" He came up, and went straight to work, getting the chore done in record time.

Though Nate nor his parents asked, after that first visit Nate and his daddy made to my office, MLH & I did sponsor Nate. And with the sponsor money, given with the restriction that it be used for shooting supplies and entry fees, he and his father opened Nate his own checking account. Nate added his earnings from the yard work. His parents are smart – they are teaching this young man money skills at the same time they are letting him participate in the shooting sports. And he’s having a great time, meeting some great people, and realizing the value of money.

Nate’s turning in to quite a little shooter, too.

I’m excited for Nate.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Those who read this blog might remember me mentioning my spiritual parents, Leo & Becky, and how they've been such a huge part of my life. A couple of weeks ago, Becky’s sister, Grace, passed away after being in a coma for a year. My heart goes out to Becky, Leo and Grace's family. I've lost a brother, and I remember how the tearing of that feels.

Grace was a Registered Nurse who traveled the country and worked contract at hospitals everywhere. I remember meeting her once in Fort Worth at Leo & Becky’s house, and being struck by her beauty and vibrancy. She was a pistol, this one – so very full of life. I bet she made friends wherever she went.

Leo was asked to speak about Grace for the service. In his new blog, Songs From the Green Bench, he has posted his text from Grace’s memorial service.

This is absolutely beautiful, and a perfect reminder to us to see each other as God does.

Monday, August 6, 2007

How funny!

Oh my Gosh! I got NAB'D by Ba Doozie!! And this is a fun one!

She and Emma Sometimes have corroborated and come up with an award where we have to do absolutely NOTHING! These girls are something else. I think they'd fit in good around this neighborhood! Wonder if we can convince them to come on down here to Texas?


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Meandering, leisurely Sunday

We hit the hay way late last night. Got up early this morning, and worked on the house again. Picked up our friends, went to late brunch at Wall Street.

Then, we dropped by Pier One, picked up some green accent pieces for our "music room", then came over to our house for a nice afternoon visit with our friends, just catching up. Younger Son is here studying, which is always good.

In a short while, we'll all head over to MLH's big brother's home meeting, where our friends are the guest speakers. It will kind of be like old times and we'll see some people we've not seen in a while…and gather with them and worship the Lord.

I'm looking forward to it., Saturday...wait, it's Sunday now?

What a day…or has it been two?

I popped out of bed around 3am Friday morning and started working on my expenses. I don't know why, I just knew that was what I was supposed to do. Crazy, huh? MLH left around 5:30am for the oilpatch, and I went to the office at 8am. Worked on some projects, and the plan was to leave at lunch for the Larry Ratheal 4H Scholarship Shoot. I easily coerced MLH's baby brother (in town for a wedding) to go with me, and we trekked out to Windwalker in driving rain. By the time we arrived at Windwalker, the rain had stopped. Whew! Didn't want to get my gun wet – but loaded both guns, still in their protective sleeves, into the shooting cart. Baby brother and I went under the pavilion to eat lunch, and all of a sudden, the sky opens up again, and pours down rain. We run to the cart and retrieve our guns…and voila! I was soaked - one of my peers asks me if I'd like to borrow a cap. I exit stage left, jump in the cart, drive to my truck and grab a ball cap. I was pretty scary. Waayyyyyyy bad hair day.

We waited the storm out under the pavilion, and then headed out to the stations.

Where. It. Promptly. Started. Downpouring. Once. Again.

Beautiful. I love shooting in the rain.

At least the temperature was cool, and it was a fun shoot, raised lots of money for the 4-H shooting kids scholarships.

MLH came in from the patch late last night just in time for us to enjoy a 10pm supper at Outback with Baby brother and his wife who were in from Whitney for a wedding. We had a great time. I was tired!

We got up this morning, ran to get a Starbucks and a burrito, and started working around the house. We've been busy all day long. Bob & Cherie stopped by for a bit, and it was good to see them. Then MLH's brother, wife, and daughter stopped by and just now left. Some friends from Oklahoma are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, we're looking forward to seeing them, as well.

Tired. Better hit the hay. Happy trails, all – have a great weekend!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Zack the Wonder Dog - climbing...

Here are two recently posted videos of Zack the Wonder Dog. In both videos, he is after a squirrel. Enjoy!

Zack climbing tree and fence

Zack and the Squirrel

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Oh, yeah....I'm from Texas!

Jimmy tagged me with the coolest meme. Jimmy’s thought for this meme was to find out from as many bloggers as possible just where they'd like to be in the state of Texas if they could choose A Dozen Places. Six of those would be places they've been before; six would be places they've never been. So, yeah, I decided to play along!

A Dozen Places

6 places I've been in Texas (where I wish I could be again right now)

1. My grandmother’s house situated on 40 acres, in Sulphur Springs, Texas
2. Fishing for crawdads with my brother at the pond at the above-mentioned house
3. The Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas, listening to one of my favorite singers.
4. The Gage Hotel at Marathon
5. Traveling east with my Mom down I-20 towards Shreveport, La.
6. The Fort Worth Fat Stock Show –Steer Barn – watching elder son take Breed Champion with Stormy the shorthorn.

6 places I've never been in Texas (where I wish I could be right now)

1. Palo Duro Canyon
2. Fishing offshore in the Gulf
3. The King Ranch
4. Mota Bonita hunting lodge
5. Chillin’ out on a ranch near Kerrville
6. Georgetown- taking shooting lessons from Dan Carlisle!

And I hereby tag Scott, Foo, Spooky Rach, Karen, Panhandle Poet and Bill! Go forth! Play the Dozen Places Game. Remember, six of those would be places you’ve been before; six would be places you’ve never been. And tag more bloggers to come along on this here ride, cowboy!

And a cravin' was flung upon him...

Yippie! After maybe 6 months of allowing my brother to read my (almost) every thought and crazy story on this blog, he has taken the plunge. He’s had many a change in his life in the last year…he was lured back into the energy industry after a 20 year absence, and was blessed with a beautiful grandchild, otherwise known as Zack's second cousin, Mackenzie, who subsequently turned every member of our family into mush with her every gurgle and beautiful smile.

Yup, I did, I done flung a cravin’ on him…and now, you can read up on “the rest of the family” at Fiberhawk. (Scary, isn't it?)

If you read the latest posting, you’ll see that we share a lot as brother and sister – we both have crazy lives, crazy friends, and rental property that could cause us to be “certifiable”. Thank God I’ve only had one renter like his most recently evicted tenant!

He’s a funny man, and I promise, he’ll keep you entertained…please go and welcome my brother, Scott, to the blogosphere!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted....

Have you ever taken a couple days of vacation and spent the entire time on the phone and on your computer, working?

Yeah, me, too - just this past Monday and Tuesday. To make up for the weekend I worked on yet another project.

I got some laundry done, and some things situated in a room that is being redone…but that’s about it. Between my phone, my computer, and Zack the Wonder Dog harassing me to go outside so he could go climb trees, I sucked at taking vacation. I think I need to go to another country, that has no internet access and where my cell phone will not work.

And I have 3.5 weeks of vacation to use before the end of the year.

I don’t know if I’m going to get that vacation utilized or not…but I’m going to try, I promise.

I promise.