Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mountain, move!

Sometimes the coolest things happen.

LB1 wanted to go to our local Kids College this summer because they had a week-long golf clinic, as well as a tennis clinic. We encouraged him to do so, so off he and his siblings went, every day, to this program. LB1's portion of the program finished just before we were to pick him up for a weekend visit.

LB1 has just turned 11. He is smart, has a great personality, and is lots of fun. He gets along well with people, and meets them straight up. He is always up for another challenge.

On a recent Saturday, I called and asked to pick him up, and we planned to surprise MLH. We're driving down the road to do so, and I'm asking LB1 about Kids College. I realized he was trying to be polite, but that something was bothering him. I somehow asked him the right question, and everything just came tumbling out of his mouth. Imagine my chagrin when I found out that his fellow golfers at the clinic made fun of him and were mean to both LB1 and another fledgling golfer, all week long. I mean, we had encouraged him to participate. Most of the other golfers had their own clubs, and had been playing golf for years. LB1 didn't have any clubs, nor did the other youngster.

I was grieved. I know kids can be mean - I was a kid once. But this was supposed to be a supervised program!

Going on about our day, we go find MLH, and LB1 sneaks up on him from behind and gives him a big hug. MLH turns around, with a huge smile plastered across his face. He's glad to see LB1. We go eat lunch, and I encourage LB1 to explain the golf episode to MLH. He does, quickly and succinctly.

Meanwhile, I surreptitiously call our local municipal golf course, and talk to one of the pros. The Junior Golf Program starts Monday – in two days! After calling his mom and obtaining permission, we talk to LB1, and tell him that this clinic will not be like the previous program. LB1 agrees to give it another try. That is one of the reasons I love this kid – he has ears to hear.

I go out and sign him up, talk to the pros, and listen to how the program works. I pick up a schedule for LB1's mom.

I meet LB1 and his Mom at the golf course on Monday, and am amazed to watch LB1 walk right up to the three pros, head on, eye to eye contact, introduce himself, and shake their hands. What a great little man he is! Lots of the kids had their own clubs, but there were just as many that didn't. The clinic provides clubs for those who need them, and after the first week of lessons, the junior golfers play a round of golf every Thursday until the end of July. The program culminates in a Junior Golf Tourney.

One of the pros told me that he would personally take LB1 under his wing, and did so.

We called a couple of times during the week to check on LB1's progress, and he assured us he was having a great time. On the last day of the clinic, we made sure LB1 participated in the Junior Club Fit Clinic, and on the Monday following, his own set of clubs were delivered to the pro shop. Monday wasn't going to come quick enough for LB1!

Today, LB1 called while I was in a meeting and left a message, in a very excited voice:
(the spaces are exactly as they happened in his dialogue.)

"Ummm, this is LB1, and I was just calling to ask you…I mean, tell you (giggle) that today at the tournament, our team won first place and I got an awesome hat!

And my clubs are beautiful, and they are working for me terrifically.

Ummmm… that is all and…I was just calling because I wanted to tell you that…and my number is…oh, and, thank you, Steve, for so much, and Miss Janie, for letting me get into this golf thing. Ummmm….and I will…ummmm… if you will call me back in a little bit, okay? Bye…(laughing)!"

LB1, you just keep telling those mountains to move, dude.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy 85th Birthday, Mom...

Today would have been my Mom’s 85th birthday. If she were alive, we’d have scheduled another big blowout like we did on her 80th birthday. Or maybe snagged her off to Vegas or something. But we can’t. She’s having her birthday in heaven today. She’s been with the Father almost three years now.

So many things have changed since she passed, but the loss of her still feels as fresh as yesterday. If Mom were still here with us, she'd be loving that new great-grandbaby Mackenzie (out of all those grandsons, we finally have a little girl!). She'd be cheering all her grandsons on to excellence, as always, in school and in everything they attempted. She'd probably even break her own rule about never stepping foot in a bar in order to see Elder Son play and sing. She'd be going with us to field trials to watch Zack run.

My brother Scott and I both miss our Mom so much. When I leave to go out to a frac job early, early in the morning, I still cue up my bluetooth to call her. It is a habit many years in the making. She and I would have the best catch-up phone conversations early in the morning.

She and Scott would always have lunch together on Wednesdays - living in the same town made it easy for them. She so loved that time with Scott. In many ways, Mom was one of Scott's best friends. They did business deals together. They worked crossword puzzles together. Our Mom was sharp and smart. Mom and Scott had a special relationship that was really awesome to observe. She and I had a great relationship, as well - but I loved seeing the bond between them.

Scott and I miss her wisdom – and her sense of humor. She had a wicked sense of humor - but she was never mean with it. But we have all laughed so hard together, we cried - and when she was really tickled, Mom would snort. That would kick the laughter up again, all over. (And she would say "Jaaaaaaaane!" if she were here to read this for me telling that snort part...because real ladies don't snort!)

I know ESPN misses my Mom's never-ending patronage. I always teased her that ESPN would do the eulogy at her funeral, but it didn't happen. Tiger's early golf successes were all about my Mom. She willed him to do well, through that TV screen. He doesn't know it, but we do.

She followed the careers of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Absolutely loved Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr. - Mom teased that XM Radio made "Frank's Place" just for her.

And, Lord, Mom loved Elvis, Elton John, the Beatles. I can remember all of us dancing together to the Beatles on the linoleum floor in the den - the first night they were shown on the Ed Sullivan show. I think Scott had on footed cartoon pajamas - I remember him sliding across the floor. Mom loved to dance, and she could do a mean twist.

Mom taught us songs like "Mairzy Doats" and "RAGG DOLL" while driving down Interstate 20 to East Texas to visit all our relatives. Mom loved music - but she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. She would tell anyone that - but, somehow, she could tell when I made a mistake while practicing the piano. She would yell at me from the den, "Start over! Play it again!" She always loved listening to Scott and I sing together.

We miss her strong independent streak - and the way she cared for others both in and outside her family.

We miss her love…her absolute, never-ending, unconditional love. No matter what stupid things we did, or said - Mom loved us. She corrected us, encouraged us, cheered and fought for us - because she loved us. And we never, ever doubted her love. And we never will.

Mom? Happy birthday. Thanks for being "where we come from."

We love you. We'll see you soon.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday coming up!

I went to work Friday way early, to start work on a special project that came up late this week which should probably encompass the rest of my weekend, and is due Monday. That’s how it is in Corporitaville, land of the fast triggers!

And then, at 10(ish) (I was a little late) (ummm…as usual) I drove to the Harvest Caffe, where I met a bunch of the West Texas Bloggers! It was great to put names to faces and meet all these great people. Then, I left for my appointment in Lubbock, accomplished such, and drove back.

Now it’s Sunday. Between working on the project and the house yesterday, we’ve been busy campers. Our neighbors (those of the plastic flower fame in a prior post) are relandscaping their back yard, and are tearing down cedar fencing. Bob and Cherie came by to pick up the material, and plan to utilize it out at the farm. We had a good visit with them, then Younger Son came by, so we all went to lunch together. Younger Son and Neighbor Son followed Bob home and helped him unload the wood afterwards. I think they'll be coming back to pick more wood up soon.

Our friends John and Suzan from Lubbock came in yesterday for an overnight visit and we enjoyed supper with them. They dressed Zack up in a new hat, enhancing his wardrobe. Today, we will enjoy brunch at Wall Street with them, and then, it's back to the project for me! Enjoy Zack's new fashions!

Zack really took to wearing the hat well. He only had a couple of comments.

"Mom - can you take that tag off? I'm just not into the Minnie Pearl look."


"Dad - does this hat make my butt look bigger?"

Have a great week this week!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's all relative

Oh, my Lord.

I may have found Zack’s long lost cousin from the east. He’s going to be so excited.

You can read about her here. Tip of the "stylish hunting hat made just for women"* to Jen

*(like there is such a thing)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seven and Seven

I’m a newby. Ba Doozie told me that she tagged me. And if I didn’t go ahead and do it, it would be put off until…sometime in the not too certain future…like when the cows come home. One problem…I have no cows.

I have to tell you 7 random facts about myself, then tag 7 others.

· I’m a weenie when I see little kids performing – a play, song, piano, whatever. I cry. I try not to, but hey, they are so cute and earnest! And they try their hearts out! I see their immense potential, and I cry for the joy of it!

· If all systems are on go and I’m paying attention, I can usually smell sickness when someone walks past me. Lots of times I know before people even know they’re sick. Weird, huh?

· None of my bosses have ever let me take a Dale Carnegie course. I think they’re scared. (One of them told me I could teach the course – why did I need to take it?)

· I am a bonafide smart mouth. Oftentimes, to my detriment. But I’m overly gracious, as well. Maybe those characteristics…ummm… balance each other out. Or, maybe not. I am kind of tilted, actually.

· Most of the time, I can tell when someone is lying and oftentimes will not “out” them. I’ll just let them fall on their face (unless it’s going to hurt someone – then, I’m all over it.)

· I love watching people interact. I love people. I love watching them expound when all the while, their body language is saying, "Heck...I don't even wanna be here!" or some stuff like that.

· I love, love, love what I call the “trickle down” theory. You do good, they do good, which in turn may inspire someone else to do good, etc. But you don’t know how far it goes until you go to heaven. And only maybe you know, then. I’m not sure. But you do good, anyway. Just because.

So…the below need to consider themselves tagged:

Mamma O – because I think this will be her first blogging tag game!
Gwynne - because she is so talented...
Jimmy - I think he’ll be funny...
Karen - an oilfield gal like me...
Dennis - because he needs to step it up a notch, (he promised a blog a month)and I'm thinking y’all will like what he writes…
Panhandle Poet - ‘cause he can rhyme and he knows it...


Winston, because I love the way he writes!

Okay, seven and seven to you all - and the rest of you check in on them periodically to see what they have to say! I promise, you'll be entertained. And that is what this is about, correctamundo?

Some change is good!

Do you know what these numbers mean?

390 – 1:05pm – 3:30pm – 1 – 2:25

The numbers signify a huge increase in Midland to Tulsa air traffic via Southwest Airlines – and, we don’t have to change planes in Dallas, or layover, on the way up! One flight, one stop...SWA just cut about 5 hours out of my travel day!

Woohoo! I’m all for efficiency and getting home earlier…this change will be so welcome, somebody soon may be reaping dividends on their Southwest stock!

I wonder this is an effect of repealing the Wright Amendment? Probably not, since we're still having to touch down in Dallas. Probably just an effect of high traffic count from Midland to Tulsa - elementary, my dear Kelleher.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Trials of the Patch

I was scared to look.

MLH borrowed my Yukon XL while his Ford Powerstroke was being detailed and um…augmented (a nice term for plastic surgery) at TMP Truck and Trailer. I had rented another vehicle to help assist in this amazing transformation. (By the way, medical insurance doesn’t cover this type of augmentation, either!)

Items added:

1. Trac Top Jack Rabbit Tonneau Cover
2. Whistler Power Inverter hard wired into the truck - Eric would love this – it has huge wattage capacity, and doesn’t even hurt the truck power. Might be a little hard on the recumbent, though.
3. Jottodesk Rotating Computer Table for doing reports on location
4. Full out floor liners – this should have been a clue Ol’ Yukie might be in trouble
5. Auxiliary diesel tank

I know…you’re thinking I was scared to look at the bill for all of the above, right? Not even. Whatever will make MLH's life easier out there, I’m all for it.

Remember, we’re hard-working oil field trash. But the oilfield we live in isn’t exactly clean, though better than it was, say, 30 years ago. MLH is trying to modify his truck to be more of a tool and less of a pretty thing. Meanwhile, driving Yukie, MLH promised to maintain my truck daily. Lots of times in the past little bit, he would call me, and be going through the car wash. So I knew he was trying.

But – still…I was scared. Scared to see Yukie’s condition, once she was returned. Because I know my man – he’s a hands-on kinda guy – and it’s hard for him to stay spotless out there in the patch. He’s in and out of the truck, all day long. It’s hard for me to stay clean out there, too…but I have my truck washed and waxed every Monday morning so it’s ready for customers to go to lunch/meetings/shooting/whatever. When I’m leaving a location, I pull off my steel toe boots and coveralls and put them in my hauling box in the back cargo area. The one time I didn’t, I had some type of chemical on my boot, and it ate a little hole in my floor mat. I learned my lesson. The difference is, I’m leaving a location and probably headed to the office, or even home. MLH goes from location to location to location – no telling how many times a day he's in and out of his truck.

Back to the story at hand. Yukie was parked in the driveway all weekend and I never went and looked. I was too scared. I never said a word. And MLH kept warning me…“I tried hard to keep it clean, honey, but it’s pretty bad.” Finally, last night, when MLH was cleaning it out so we could take it for detailing, he called me out. I went. I looked.

My Yukon XL is equipped with “neutral tan” leather seats. Seats that fold down flat, for easy cargo hauling. Neutral tan carpet. I special ordered that stuff, because up until the not too distant past, GMC would pair tan seats with a grey dash and topliner. I hated that. I wanted all tan. So "neutral tan" it was. Not the greatest color for oilfield use - but it was 2004. Before they started using all black interiors. So I'm looking at Yukie, post MLH and I see stripes in my truck interior. Stripes of black, gooey…dirty, oily residue. Down the back of my seats, where something had been hauled…like a packer. Or a tubing anchor. Downhole tools, anyway. Downhole tools get really, really nasty. Paraffin. Oil. Dirt. Scale. And the same kinda goo in the back cargo area. And Yukie smelled…like oilfield. Bad H2S oilfield. 200 times worse than the smell that hits you when you drive past a refinery. I don't know how MLH was able to stand it.

I just shut my eyes. Turned away. And like a good esposa, said nothing. Went back into the house. I needed a Xanax. A drink. Calgon. Something. “Just sayin’”. (Karen– that was for you!)

MLH drove Yukie to the detail shop this morning - he wouldn't even let me drive her. I picked him up, brought him back to his truck. En route back, I started talking about the Ford Expedition I was renting – it is way comfortable, I liked the way it drove, it would look good in leather, it’s shorter than Yukie, probably gets better gas mileage, etc. MLH expressed his appreciation of this new vehicle as well. Even said (under his breath) something along the lines of “Honey, you might need to start looking for another truck.” I know I heard that (and I'm saving it for later), but I’m not quite ready to get rid of Yukie. Not yet. Maybe the guys at Expert Detail can work wonders.

Woo-hoo! They did! Here she is…

(disclaimer: the little dent in the front was from another MLH driving episode)

I picked Yukie up right before 6pm. The detailers did an excellent job. I cannot believe they got those stains out. I’m telling you, it’s a miracle. Ol’ Yukie’s back in the game!! MLH was very pleased. But it’s a good thing I’m not a smoker – whatever they used to clean this baby up has to be flammable. Whoooooey! Nose plugs, anyone?

Just sayin’.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Random Father's Day Thoughts

MLH and Younger Son today - Father's Day 2007

MLH and I went to breakfast this beautiful Father’s Day morning . We observed lots of families there celebrating their fathers - a blessing to see. Afterwards, we ran errands.

Later, I saw a dad and his young son clamber out of a truck and go into Texas Burger – and I knew they were spending Father’s Day together. My thoughts went to all the fathers in our lives.

Younger Son and MLH have made movie and supper plans, so we’re good there.

Hopefully, Elder Son will call his father today. Elder Son also has two baby sisters (6 and 1) that will be partying down with their Daddy today, so his Dad will get celebrated. And I’m sure they’ll have a special ceremony at church. His Dad and I talk frequently, and ES hasn’t communicated with his Dad since the accident in March. I feel for Elder Son’s Dad today - I know he’ll be thinking about his boy.

Little Brother #1 spent yesterday and last night with us. MLH dropped him off at church this morning. I hope LB1’s church is cognizant today of all the little boys and girls whose fathers are out of the picture. Maybe he’ll honor his grandfather, who has been one of the only fathers he’s ever known.

My own father is deceased. He was in and out of my life until I was 24, when my parents divorced. My Dad chose to divorce my brothers and I as well. During the estrangement, my older brother died of cancer, so my father and my older brother never reconciled. Prior to his death 6 years ago, my brother and I were reconciled to him after 20 years of silence. It was only months before Dad passed, but now he’s in heaven so we’ll see him again, and all will be healed.

MLH’s father also died the same year. He was a man of much wisdom. I loved to sit at his feet and listen. I miss him. MLH misses him. We all do.

I thought of the fathers who are serving in our military and are separated from their children by miles. And the fathers whose sons and daughters are serving their country and can’t be home with their dads today. And I thought about those fathers who have lost their children. This has to be a hard day for some.

In all this, I know one thing - the Father fathers those who are fatherless. He fathered me. And He heals the broken-hearted – another thing I know personally. I’m so thankful – because there’s a lot of brokenness out there.

Lord, today and always, bless all the fathers.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Celebrate good times, c'mon!!

I am glad to tell you that I flew to Houston and back yesterday, via the lovely (ahem) Continental Airlines Volkswagen jet.

And for once, it was an on-time departure. We made it to our appointments in the Woodlands on time!

And better yet, for the first time ever in MY traveling life, the plane touched down in Midland yesterday evening - again, right on time.

The flight didn't cancel.

I didn't have to catch a taxi from IAH to Hobby to grab a Southwest flight to get home to Midland.

The. Flight. Didn't. Cancel.

A miracle, I tell you!! Sound the bells! Fill the streets with laughter and celebration!!

Okay. You're right. I need a life. Or a drink.


Monday, June 11, 2007

And he looks so innocent!

At lunch last week, we were telling dog stories. One of my customers reminded me of the time around three years ago, that Zack…well, read on.

-----Original Message-----From: Sandra T
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2004 9:18 AM
To: Janie S
Subject: Team Captain Letter


Thanks again for all your help on Saturday!!! As always, it was so much fun to have you around, and you were such a huge help. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of your story about your dog locking you out of the house, too!

Talk to you soon!
Executive Director

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Midland, Texas

Ph: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Fax: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Little Moments....Big Magic.


I’m glad our puppy story (which will most likely be Story #332) is providing someone mileage. Zack the pup plus the lifestyle of Steve and Janie equals total confusion, episodes of madness, and days for which we totally cannot account. What did we do before Zack? I’m noticing that I’m having to visit my hair colorist more frequently, not to mention hitting the sack earlier (to provide for those 5 a.m. “need to go outside?” breaks (Story #24)) and put up with lots of whining (Story #76) – and not just from the pup, Zack, but also from Steve (Story #76.5). You’ll have to read the entire book to get the whole story. In a short period of time, we have encountered many “Zack” escapades. The book will probably go to publisher soon, if the pup lives to be 12 months old. Right now, he’s scratching rather lightly on the 5 month door. (Mainly because we’re attending Puppy Training at PetSmart…(passive training, my derriere!!) and we’re afraid Austin, the trainer, will turn us in if Zack comes up missing and/or wounded.)

The title of the book is, “HOW TO TRAIN YOUR HUMANS IN 10 DAYS OR LESS”, by Zack S. (ghost written by his newly adopted parents, Steve and Janie S.)

We’ll invite you to the pawing …I mean signing …probably at Petsmart….

I’m copying this to my pastor and another one of our friends (for godly accountability) and the human grandparents of Zack (which happen to be R. L. XXXX and Curt XXXXXXX), and to the lovely and most optimally graciously forgiving Mrs. Pam O’XXXXXX, at whose house Stories #329,330 and 331 occurred last week while we were visiting. (Pam, the flowers are on the way). Who knows, this entire e-mail could end up to be the preface to the book!!

(For those of you who don’t know, our darling German Shorthair Pointer, Zack, locked me out of the house Saturday morning. I was supposed to be heading to Bowling for Kids Sake, a Big Brothers Big Sisters Function. It was a lovely sight, me running around our very conservative neighborhood (average age of neighbors is 80+) in a t-shirt, flannel pajama bottoms and fuzzy snow boots, hair SCREAMING!, trying to find a phone so I could call Steve to rescue me!! And being February, it was sooooooo cold! Steve and Younger Son were volunteering at the clothing/food drive for Goodwill/Boy Scouts, so of course Steve had to report in to both the Goodwill and the Boy Scout board of directors prior to coming to rescue his bride (all of whom are my peers in the oil industry). Ah, well, you know my favorite saying…”I’m just here to serve!”” I will tell you, though, there is no sweeter sound than the sound of a clacking diesel Ford Powerstroke as it drives up in rescue mode…thanks, Stephen, I love you!!)

By the way, did I tell y’all that Zack is STEPHEN’S dog????

Sandy, Julie, I had a blast at Bowling for Kids Sake, and so did Team Halliburton!!! Y’all did an excellent job!! May we raise quadruple the money next year!!!


---End of Original Message----

Yup, our lives have been anything but boring since Zack was born! And now, he's 3!

Happy doggy paws to each and everyone…

Sunday, June 10, 2007


The hibiscus I planted last week are starting to bloom and I just had to share their beauty with you. Enjoy!

Zack in Plaid

Strange things happen around our house sometimes.

Between MLH and Younger Son, no one is admitting "whodonit", but somehow, Zack decided to get dressed today. It wasn’t long before MLH decided the Z-dog might hurt himself, so the shirt was removed.

Zack looks happier now!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Chests of Steel

Funky day. Woke up late. I had to be in a customer’s office, with breakfast, in like…40 minutes. Which means I had to get ready in speed dial, go to the west side of town, pick up the breakfast order, travel back to the east side of town, meet my coworkers, and truck everything up to my customer’s office. Smiling, together, toting breakfast, in their office - by 6:45 am. Many people are just getting up. I finish that meeting, and go straight from there to my office, then to a breakfast meeting, fielding phone calls all the way. Thank God and GM for OnStar ™ hands-free calling.

The phone calls are pretty important, and I arrive at breakfast meeting #2 a little unfocused, but the meeting goes well. We finish the meeting, and I go on about my day. Meet with one of my coworkers to discuss strategy. Make some appointments. Clear out some e-mails. At some point, I realize it’s 10:30am and we have a lunch date with more customers to go shoot our league, so jet to the house to pick up my shotgun, etc., pick up my customers, and off we go. We have a great time. Head back to the office for yet another meeting, some more phone calls, and so goes the day in the life of a salesperson. It’s never boring!

As MLH and I reviewed our days, I realized that portions of my day seemed to be filled with politics and/or people portraying portions of the animal kingdom. You know, jacking their jaws, marking their territory and beating their chests. Not literally, but, well, you know what I mean.

I love people. And I love the uncertainty of a group. One thing is certain about any group of people – you never know what is going to happen when they are gathered. Get a certain set of personalities together, and sometimes things just explode. And I seem to inspire the best to show their stuff. Sometimes I wish I could flash a sign that says something like:




Maybe I should just yodel. Like Tarzan. Think that would shut them down?

People. Gotta love ‘em.

Pardon me while I go get Cheetah, play Tarzan and mark my territory.

Oh…wait… I’m Jane.

Keith Richards

Julie made me laugh today. Ahoy yourself on over there and check it out.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Summertime = Flowers...and a lounging Zackster

Is it summer yet? I thought so. I’ve been so busy, it nearly slipped by me!

I finally decided to get some flowers going. My perennials are starting to bloom, and we needed some more color. (Of course, it would help if I would pull last year’s dead stalks out of the pots.) I love hibiscus, and I love Mexican heather. Orange and purple – you can’t go wrong with those pretty colors. Here are a couple of before and after pix. They're small now, but soon they'll overflow the pots.

And as usual, Zack was tons of help.
And isn’t this a cool pot that MLH just had to have? I love it!

Now if I can just keep everything alive…

Speaking of alive, I drove up this evening, and what a sight I saw next door. The first five houses on my street are patio homes, with paved front yards/drives. We are some of the youngest people on our block, and enjoy great neighbors. Most of them are retired, which is great, because they watch the neighborhood like hawks.

Due to all the rain, green stuff is starting to poke out of any crack in the asphalt, etc. It seems that my neighbor two doors down was tired of the weeds in the cracks of the asphalt near the curb, and got out her trusty bottle of Roundup. She went to work on those weeds in her front drive, and continued on to the next house, killing their "greenery" as well.

Yesterday, my neighbor brought us some brownies (yup, we are spoiled!) and was telling us about how her Roundup neighbor killed all her weeds. She was very grateful, but they were giving the Roundup neighbor some grief, teasing her. The green weeds didn't look as bad as the now decidedly dead weeds. Everybody was laughing.

I'm the one laughing today, along with Ms. Roundup. Someone's playing tricks and age seems to be no barrier!! These are plastic flowers, stuck into the cracks of the pavement.
Too funny!

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Friday and Saturday, we hosted our annual Permian Basin API Sour Crude Open Scholarship Golf Tourney at Hogan Park. A mere 530 golfers enjoyed two days of golfing, good food and fellowship – with all the proceeds going to scholarships.

This tournament was different from many we’ve had in the past in that we invited our 24 scholarship recipients to come out and work the tourney. Many of the young people showed up, and worked wherever we needed them at the tourney.

As a whole group, they were great. Individually, they shone. Though each had different personalities, and many of them attend different (some, rivaling) colleges, they all worked together, met their benefactors, and served the tournament. Some were quieter than others, but they weren’t shy about meeting new people, and they were truly thankful for their scholarship awards. They all shared one characteristic – excellence.

It was a joy to work with these young people, and the golfers enjoyed meeting the actual beneficiaries of the funds raised.