Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And it begins...

Lily the liver colored pup went with her new owner today; thus begins a new chapter in our life as we begin the adjustment period for Zack and Zoie. According to MLH, Zack’s trying his paw at subliminal messaging. So far, only ONE of us can hear it…and it’s not me.

Tonight, as we all piled up on the bed, Zack whispered, in that sotto (vaguely sounding like MLH, but on helium) voice…

“.og tsum eioZ . Won. Won. Og ot eioZ rof emit eht si won. Og tsum eioZ.*”

MLH: “Did you hear something? No? What do you mean you can’t hear it? You’re like the dog whisperer! I think maybe I’m receiving some subliminal message from Zack’s psyche, then. Something about Zoie must go…what? Surely that's not right! Zack wouldn't say that. ”

Yeah, right…I think the men in this house have been playing the Beatles’ White Album backwards again.

*(best read backwards)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One of My Favorite Things

I love the smell of puppy breath, don’t you?

Last night with the pups was the best thus far. We put them in their crate around 11:30 p.m., and they slept until 4:30 a.m. I guess they’re getting used to being away from their Mom, crate life, and life around here. Their crate sits flush up against Zack’s, it looks like a crate apartment community or something. The pups are eating well, and they are so comical! They both have great personalities.

Yes, the pups have been named, and we now know which house they will inhabit.

Zoie is the little ticked one, and will stay with us. Lily is the little solid one, and will go home with Mark, brother of MLH. Both dogs are very smart, and very “birdy”, so none of that counted in this decision. We had received advice both ways: “Keep the solid one, she’s more aggressive!” “Keep the ticked one, if you like to hunt long!” Lord, how can you tell? What a quandary – and as many of you surmised, we’ve even considered keeping both pups. Finally, we decided that interaction with Zack would be the determining factor. From the start, Zoie has been a little more sociable, creeping up to Zack, trying to play with him. Zack seems to accept her, as well.

Though Zack’s not quite letting them crawl all over them, he is interacting with them well, and only growled once – when Lily decided Zack was the biggest and best chew toy ever.

Puppyhood. Here we go again.

Actual Movie Review

Call me a romantic, or call me tired of the blood and guts of major violence, or call me stupid. MLH and I loved the movie Dan In Real Life. Go. See.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Funny Son...

When we got to Wichita, Kansas, on Friday night, Elder Son called to check on us.

ES: Mom, where are y'all?
Janie: Wichita, Kansas.
ES: Picked up the pups yet?
Janie: No, we're meeting Montica in the morning.
ES: Don't click your heels together, or you'll be home without your puppies.

God help me. I raised such a smart-ass.

Heading Home

Just an update to let y'all know Suzan and I are heading to Midland with our little charges. They are so cute, their personalities are precious, and...they.are.teething. Ouch.

We stayed at Suzan's friends on Saturday night (Thanks, Bob and Billie!) and Mike and Pam's (thanks, y'all!) last night. Everyone pitched in with puppy duty, which allowed me to catch up on a couple hours of sleep since I was the designated night time watch and puppy-taker-outer.

The baby girls are doing well in their crate, sleeping about three hours at a stretch, and have not had one accident. So far, they are traveling machines!

Pictures to follow soon!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Babies..(subtitled How On Earth Will We Choose?)

Here's the little liver colored girl. She may be small, but she's feisty! Wonder if we can call this her first point?

This little munchkin is too funny, as well. She seems pretty laid back...but it's hard to tell, this is their first day away from mom. We'll see how it goes!This is Suzan. She's been giving the pups lectures on proper guest bed etiquette and the importance of clean linens. (see the prior blog post for reference.)
Here are the girls saying goodbye to their other mom, Montica. Montica and her husband Mark own both parents of the pups. Montica drove 2 1/2 hours to meet us in Salina, Kansas to deliver the pups. She's a sweetie - and so are the puppies! Thanks, Montica, for meeting us!

The pups have been fed, watered, and are at present asleep in their crate in the back seat of my Yukon. We just left Oklahoma City and are heading to Dallas. It's now 6:45 p.m., and we've been on the road since about 2 p.m.

Heading back home to Texas...with two cutie pies.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Zack The Wonder Dog Strikes Again

My friend Suzan came in from Lubbock last night. We got up early this morning, packed my truck, including the puppy crate, and got ready to go to Kansas to pick up the pups. Zack was jumping into my truck, then he’d jump into Suzan’s. That dog is so smart. And he loves Suzan. Sometimes, in the night, he’ll go jump on her bed and sleep with her for a while. She calls him her protector. Anyway, the boy knew something was up, and a crate in the back of my truck means one thing to Zack…HUNTING.

We got everything loaded, and MLH put Zack up. We got in my truck, MLH got in his, and we went to breakfast, then we were on our way, anticipating a fun, girly-girl trip. I am on vacation, after all. But it was not to be so. I am a stressed out chica. How could I be stressed, you say? When my friend is driving us to Kansas and all I have to do is loll in my leather reclining butt warmer equipped seat and talk on the phone all day?

Well, heck. Even though I employed my Microsoft Outlook “out of office assistant” prior to leaving the office last night, in this oilpatch, YOU NEVER REALLY GET AWAY. It’s a good thing my friend loves to drive, because this is how today went.

Suzan: Um…Janie, would you like me to drive? You’ve been on the phone since we left Midland, and it seems like it’s getting pretty intense. I can’t read or write while riding, I get carsick, so why don’t you let me drive?

Janie: Done. Just let me get off this phone and we’ll stop at the next town.

Smart woman, that Suzan. And she may be a prophet, because almost everything that could go wrong in my side of the oilfield went wrong today. I’ve been on the phone to Houston, Midland, Oklahoma and sending and receiving e-mails. All. Day. Long.

I had called MLH a couple of times to check in, to no avail. Finally, he called. Turns out he had quite the day, too.

MLH: Guess what happened?
Janie: What?
MLH: Well, I stayed at the Harvest Caffe, working for a couple of hours after y’all left.
Janie: Yeah?
MLH: And I went home. And Zack…(pause)
Janie: Zack what?
MLH: Zack had gone in and ummm….urinated on Suzan’s bed, on her side. I had to strip everything and I’m going to steam clean the bed and the floor and…
Janie: WHAT? What was he doing in the house? I thought you put him outside?
MLH: Nope, I left him in – he always does so good.
Janie: Yeah, he does. Do you think he’s sick?
MLH: Hell, no, he’s not sick.
Janie: You’re teasing, right?
MLH: Nope.
Janie: (seriously speechless.)
MLH: That’s not all.
Janie: What? Okay, you’re serious. And I’m seriously scared. He really went on Suzan’s bed? Zack’s not done anything like that since he was a puppy. Ummmm…that time he got mad at you at Pam and Mike's house.
MLH: Yeah, I know.
Janie: Okay, tell me. What did he do, as if that wasn’t bad enough?
MLH: He pooped.
MLH: In the living room.
Janie: Where?
MLH: On our brand new zebra rugs. Both of them. I'm going to have to steam them.
Janie: What the heck?
MLH: Yup. Twice.
Janie: Are YOU SERIOUS? Are you sure he’s not sick?
MLH: Yes, I know he is not sick. And, honey, this was no accident.
Janie: What do you mean?
MLH: This was calculated.
Janie, in shock, but trying not to laugh out loud: Oh, my God.
MLH: Yup.
Janie, trying not to laugh, words barely recognizable: Umm…where is Zack, now?
MLH: In. His. Kennel.
Janie: Have you let him out since?
MLH: Yes. Once. And I’ll get him out again, because I have to take him back for his veterinary checkup. But right now, he can just sit right there. He is in deep...poop.

Later, MLH called me to tell me that they were going to the vet. And while he’s talking to me, he realized that he had locked himself and Zack out of the house. It’s all good now, he’s back in and just got back from a dinner date with his LB1. As for Zack? He’s back in his kennel. He’s had supper, and he’ll come in to sleep in his crate. I bet he’ll be glad when his momma’s back.

Maybe my day wasn’t so bad after all.

Naaaaaaaah. I had a great day.

Countdown to....Zoie!

Tomorrow morning will find me heading north to pick up the pups.

I believe that Zack's little sister will be named "Zoie" - once we decide which one to keep.

Yup, the hardest part will be for MLH to decide just which pup will be ours, and which will go to his brother's house. He's already going from picture to picture and saying, "This one. No, wait, this one." Any bets on both of these pups hanging out permanently with Zack upon our return? Lord, help me.

Okay...funny story...sort of.

Since it has turned cold, the mice in this town have turned housebound. And a couple have found their way into our house. (EEeeeeeeeek! I HATE mice.) So, MLH purchased some of those cool plastic mouse traps that work like a clothespin, are top of the line, more sanitary, you know, the whole drill.

I came in this afternoon, and MLH was home.

(Enter disclaimer: For those of you who have recently started reading my blog, I have something to tell you...Zack the Wonder Dog...talks. He has a funky sounding voice, sometimes sounds like MLH on some major helium.)

Janie: Hey, y'all! How's it going??
MLH: Good.
Janie: Whatcha been doing? Did you catch any mice?
MLH: No.
Janie: No? So are we done with the mouse hunting thing? You got them all? Woohoo!

At this point, MLH has a funny look on his face - like the one little kids get when you've not heard the whole story...yet.

Zack: Mom, don't listen to Dad! It's just not true. I hate peanut butter.
Janie: What?
Zack: Dad's saying stuff about me. And I don't even like peanut butter. I don't!! And I don't care what he says.
Janie: Do what????

It seems that Zack the Wonder Dog has figured out how to spring the traps and is stealing the peanut butter.

No way am I going to be on the receiving end of a Zack kiss tonight.

No. Way. At. All.

Did I tell y'all I HATE MICE?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Expanding House

In a week or so, our world as we know it will be rocked, once again.

Zack the Wonder Dog is getting a little sister. We will be traveling to Atwood, Kansas, to pick up two pups, and will get our pick of the two females of the litter at that point. The remaining female pup will be delivered to MLH’s brother Mark…yup, Zack done flung a cravin’ on him for a good bird dog.

So, now, we’ll have doubles…double dog tales to tell, double trees to climb, double birds to hunt, and double dogs to love.

We’re excited, and more than a little hesitant. A new dog? We've talked it over, up, and down - but still it will be a change in our routine. (Yes, crazy as it may be, we do have one!) Zack is a very social animal, so we fully expect him to be accommodating, and now, he’ll have another playmate. We had been discussing the idea of another pup for a while, and I had been tentatively looking on the net and checking out litters whenever we saw them at field trials, etc.

A friend of mine, Karen, thought we might be interested in another liver colored German Shorthair, and e-mailed me from Kansas about Cola’s litter. We knew it was the answer to our question. Cola’s pups are nieces to Karen’s dog Pepsi, who was last year’s High Point Pointing Dog of the Year. (Scroll down to see a picture of Pepsi and Karen’s husband, Eddie.) Though AKC registered, Cola and Pepsi are “rescue” dogs that Karen had saved. It’s a neat story, and I’ll tell it sometime.

Karen went and took pictures, e-mailed them to us, and we were so.immediately.busted.

Here they are. Could you say no to these beauties?

The litter of four, grouped by boys and girls.

Here's the little spotted female. The pups had just opened their eyes the day before. Looks like someone woke her up from a nap. But believe me, the lethargy these pups show in these pictures is a joke. I don't think there is a more energetic breed than the German Shorthair.

And here is the little liver female. Doesn't she have a cute face? I know it's going to be hard to pick between the two, but MLH is good at that, so it will be his job. And we're open to naming suggestions, if you'd care to put your two cents in!

Back to the pup. I'm not worried about house training or any of that, GSP's are so smart. Zack was easy, and we understand female pups are usually easier to train than males. And as for me, I’m ready to have another female in the house. I’m more than a little outnumbered gender-wise at the present, with our sons and our LBs. Outnumbered, maybe, but not too worried, because you know that, admit it or not…

Ladies rule*.

At least in the dog world!

Monday, October 15, 2007

May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up...My Nose?

At lunch, I had a rather intense meeting. All went well, and my customers and I were walking back out to my car so I could deliver them to their offices. It was around 1:10 p.m., and our talk had been rather extended. As I was walking down the sidewalk to my car, I remember taking a deep breath and exhaling quietly (a great stress reducer).

My next breath was a shocker.

A huge insect flew up my nose. (Well, at least, I thought it was huge. It felt huge.)

My thoughts were, in the following order:

(1) This didn’t just happen to me, did it?
(2) How can I handle this in a graceful manner?

I unlocked my truck doors, diving for the Kleenex box. I start blowing my nose as gracefully as possible. Nothing happens.

I confess what has happened to my customers. They laugh. I don’t.

Customer 1: “We had two lost time incidents last month due to insects flying into people’s ears. On one of them, the doctor couldn’t ever find one of the insects, but the employee swore that insect was still in his ear.”

Me: “Well, dude, this insect is still in my nose, too. I can feel it!”

I deliver them to their respective offices, all the while trying to eject the insect from its randomly chosen perch, somewhere up my nose. I drive to the post office. I’m pretty calm, believing that what I feel is just the “sensation” that something foreign has been in my nose, and that with all that blowing, it has to be, by now, (a) dead and (b) expelled.

I go into the post office, and am immediately confronted with a honking huge line of waiting patrons. I join the line, and start sneezing. No, I didn’t take any Kleenex in with me…stupid, huh? Everybody’s blessing me, and I’m thinking , “If y’all only knew. How am I going to handle this? What if whatever this is inches its way up into my brain?”

I get through the 14 minute line, handle my business, and go back out to my truck. I grab the Kleenex, and give it one more college try, and…Voila! At approximately 1:50 p.m., I delivered some type of flying ant type thing, STILL FREAKIN' ALIVE, with wings almost ½” long. And no, I didn’t weigh it, or name it, or take a photo of it. This is the only evidence of the birth certificate you’ll see. And, it is now dead. It will NOT fly up anyone else's nose. I made sure. I promise.

But... Holy Snot, Batman.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Breakfast Shock

On Sundays, one of our favorite brunch haunts is Wall Street Bar and Grill, located downtown Midland, Texas. The doors open at 10:30 a.m., and the food is exquisite. If you’re a little late, you’re guaranteed a short wait.

One Sunday, we arranged to meet friends at 11 a.m., and would ultimately have quite a large table of diners. We went a little early to get everything set up before our friends arrived, and were waiting in the front area.

A beautiful family had arrived before us, consisting of two sons, their wives, and between them, 4 children, and a set of grandparents. The children were absolutely beautiful, and were very well behaved. One tall dad was holding his 3-4 year old daughter, while his 12-18 month old son toddled around amongst all the adults, garnering smiles and gentle pats on his golden curly-locked head. We were admiring the daughter, who was all golden curls herself, and dressed in a very frilly frock, white stockings, and…cowboy boots. You could tell this little one had a mind of her own. She was whispering in her Daddy’s ear. It was obvious they were enjoying a special moment.

About that time, we noticed the dad’s face blanch white…and then, he yelled. I looked around, and happened to see the young golden-hair boy. He was wrapped around his father’s leg, and when I saw him, he was backing his mouth away from his father’s groin.

He had taken a test bite to get his Daddy’s attention. It worked.

To his credit, Daddy handled it very well. He didn’t knock the munchkin across the room, he didn’t do anything but slowly put down the girl child, bend over for a second, steer the little boy away from him, and try to straighten up again, tears streaming from his eyes.

Once he regained his composure, Dad looked over at us and said, “I’m sorry.” MLH said, “No problem, sir, are you okay?” Dad assured us he was, and we all went to our tables.

It’s never boring around here!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Ultimate Death of Onstar

This happened to us en route to Santa Fe last week. It was a pretty normal road trip day, with the exception of one thing…instead of me being on the phone non-stop, it was MLH. He was pre-planning a fracture stimulation on a well, and as such, was in non-stop coordination mode. Our cell phone coverage had been rather spotty, so at times, we had to resort to using our On-Star phone.

Here’s a sample call:

Onstar: Brinnnnaleep! Onstar Ready.

MLH: Dial.

Onstar: Number please.

MLH: 9
Onstar hears and says: 9
MLH: 5
Onstar hears and says: 3
MLH: Clear
Onstar hears and says: 8
MLH: Clear

Onstar disconnects.
MLH and I look at each other – me, exasperated, him laughing.

MLH hits the white button again.
Onstar: “Brinnnnaleep! Onstar Ready.”
MLH: Dial
Janie: snicker
Onstar hears and says: Directory

MLH hits the white button again.
Onstar: Brinnnnaleep! Onstar Ready.
This time, I take the turn.
Janie: Dial
MLH: harrumph (clearing throat)
Onstar hears and says: Storing number?

Janie: Clear
Janie: Dial
MLH: repeats “harrumph” before dissolving into laughter
Onstar hears and says: Number please.
Janie, in a short, staccato, angry voice: 9
Onstar hears and says: 9
Janie: 7
Onstar hears and says 7
Janie: 2
Onstar hears and says: 4
Janie: clear
Onstar hears and says: clear
Janie: 2
Onstar hears and says: 2

I finish enunciating the number successfully and the call initates…only to go to that person’s voice mail. Really.

Janie: I quit.

Onstar hears and says: Gotcha – nanny, nanny, pooh, pooh! Oh, yeah…you have 10 minute units remaining. To purchase more, please push the Onstar Blue Button.

Where’s Ba Doozie’s knife? I feel a stabbing urge coming on.

Onstar hears and says: Calling Ba Doozie. No number stored. Knives are illegal.

Well, Brinnnnaleep, my butt.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fours at Random

A week later, here I go with this Random Four Meme…after being tagged by Jeff and Jonboy. Hey, guys, better late than never!

Four Jobs I’ve Held:
Tractor Driver (really!)
Business owner (multiple times)
Corporate – Executive – Technical – Senior Account Representative (all same job, they just changed the names to protect the innocent, or I got promoted.)

Four Films I Could Watch Over and Over:
Ummmm…I can’t remember one. What does that say about me? Yikes!

Four TV Shows I Watch:

Do I have to reveal this information? Okay. Just remember, my life is not my own. Therefore, until I invest in Tivo (and learn how to run it), I’m basically left with the stuff that happens after 10pm and prior to 6am. I mean, what did you think made me start blogging?

American Idol (when I can)
Flip this House (hey, they’re from Texas!)
The Colbert Report

Four Places I’ve Lived:

Okay, this is huge. Can you handle it?
Big Spring, Texas
Lomax, Texas
Stanton, Texas
Greenwood/Midland, Texas
Do you notice an ever creeping move west?

Four Favorite Foods:

Les Vela’s Swamp Juice Crab Legs from Vela Bay in Midland
Clam Chowder, Landry’s, anywhere
Sweet Potato Fries w/ cream gravy, Wall Street Bar & Grill, Midland
Huevos Rancheros w/ black beans, La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe

Four Websites I Visit Daily;

All of yours! And…
The Fire Ant Gazette
Skewed View
A Big Doozie
For Love of Home

Four Favorite Colors:
Deep purple
Deep chocolate brown

Four Places I Would Love to be Right Now:
Seattle, Washington listening to some musician on a corner
Hunting birds with my sons, my man, and Zack the Wonder Dog
East Texas hanging out with my cousins
Santa Fe, NM with my man and his guitar, but not on a work-related trip

Four Names You Love, But Could/Would Not Use for Your Children :

Ila Dick. Ila Dick was my grandmother’s first and second name – like Mary Jane. What were her parents thinking?
Emerson. My maiden name – and I’ve known ladies and men with this as their first name, sounds great.
Myers - I love this name as a first name, but my nephew claims it!
Rowdy – I love how this name sounds, but my son would be very unhappy with this name.

I hereby randomly tag:
Karen at Pondering Penguin, Foo at Random Synaptic Misfire, Tricia at Silver Linings, and The Poet of the Panhandle!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I need some Geritol...or maybe a nap would help.

We ended up taking a customer to the airport at 5pm yesterday, then headed home from Albuquerque. Yup, craziness.

I drove the entire way, since MLH needed to leave at 5 am this morning for a job. We got in at 12:30 am this morning. And then...I couldn't sleep. I guess I drank too much caffeine.

I get to the office this morning, and find out I'm leaving for Houston at 4pm today for an overnight trip. I have called and re-engaged the housesitter for Zack the Wonder Dog, and notified MLH of the change of plans.

And I have a lunchtime Assn of Drilling Engineers meeting to help facilitate, with around 100 rsvp'd.

So hear this...(the sound of exhaustion and quiet frustration as I smile and carry on about my day.)


Monday, October 8, 2007

A Weekend in the Life of a Salesperson

This has been an extremely busy weekend. Early breakfasts, lunch dates, activities with customers, and then evening receptions every night, going from there to formal dinners.
I don’t think I’ve had so much rich food since…last year’s event in Santa Fe!

We’ve had a good time, and I thought I’d share with you the life of a salesperson during an event such as this. (I know you’re dying to know!)

Drove to Albuquerque, arriving around 6pm
Went straight to Landry’s, reserving a table for 8
After a long dinner, took customers to casino, stayed out way too late.

Drove into Santa Fe, checked into La Fonda, a historic Santa Fe hotel, unpacked
Took customers and about 25 co-workers to La Casa Sena, where we dined on excellent fare, and were greatly entertained by our singing wait staff. I recommend this restaurant to anyone!
My boss suggested we help him take customers to the local casino. Rerun of Thursday.

10 am Ladies’ Brunch at La Fonda Terraza , where the entertainment was Lisa Trujillo, co-owner of Chimayo Weavers, along with her husband, Irvin. Their work is on permanent display at the Smithsonian, and Irvin was just awarded The National Endowment for the Arts 2007 NEA National Heritage Fellowship. I promise, I will never look at a weaving the same again. These people gather plants, make their own dyes, and put hours and hours into weaving their wares. I am amazed, and plan to make a trip back up to Santa Fe just to visit their facility. Go! See!
12:30 pm – shopping Santa Fe with customers and their wives
6 pm – Attended formal reception for BJ Services (around 500 people)
8 pm – Attended our customer appreciation dinner (around 300 people)
10:30 pm – finally went to bed (left MLH and others milling around the bar)

Breakfast at the hotel, talked business (it never ends, really.)
12:30 pm – took customers on a winery tour – what a fun time!

We stopped first at Balagna Winery, San Ysidro Vineyards, where proprietor John Balagna, a retired nuclear chemist, entertained us mightily! And of course, we walked away with a few cases of his wine. If you get a chance, go visit the Balagnas. Their 500 acre homestead includes a beautiful canyon and a great view of the Rio Grande River.

We then went to Santa Fe Winery, where we purchased some port and chardonnay. And someone, namely MLH, goofed off for the camera in the Wine Diva visor.

6 pm – Attended the Devon/Marathon reception on top of the Eldorado Hotel , so crowded we couldn't move (it was too cold for everyone to be outside, so we were sardined up!)
7 pm – Attended the NMOGA kickoff reception (around 1000 people)
8 pm – Went to dinner at The Ore House on the Plaza
10:30 pm – Back to the hotel, where we crashed

8 am – Up, working on the computer
10 am – Going to late breakfast with customers/friends
Noon – hopefully heading home!

Such is the life of an oilfield salesperson…and you thought all we did was have a great time!
(We did!)

Drive-by Pictures!

This is some of the scenery en route to White Rock...going to our winery tour. I actually took these shots as we were driving down the road. I'm amazed they came out this well!
It was a beautiful trip. More pix and stories to come! Enjoy.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Socorro, New Mexico

These shots were taken as we left Socorro, NM, heading into Albuquerque. Enjoy!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Where in the world is....Janie? (Prizes will be awarded!)

Jen P won the contest and as the winner, will be the recipient of either a cool prize or some great wine from Santa Fe! So, Jen P, let me know what you want! Woohoo! Thanks for playing!

The answer to the contest: The pictures were taken while were driving into San Antonio, N.M. Isn't it beautiful? And Jen P had even been there!

This was fun. I'll try to think of another while I'm here!

Okay. I’m pulling a Jim at Serotonin Rain survey. You probably know where I’m going…but based on this picture, what town am I near in this portion of the journey? I know, if you're like me, you'll say "It's so beautiful, who cares where Janie is?"

First winner with the right name gets an (as yet undetermined) awesome prize straight from some (as yet undetermined, but cool) shopping place somewhere around here (here being where I presently am now)...unless, of course, you want a cool prize from our Winery Tour on Sunday. (Whew, that was one long run-on sentence!) You pick. Are you a winehead? Or do you trust me to surprise you? Okay, Sherlocks, get to it!!

Hints – (1)we got a little off the beaten path; (2) an old Charley Pride tune; (3) Saint Anthony of Padua (4)Texas shares a sister city of the same name. Who knew?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

What not to wear made easy...

Wow. What a night. I left the office at 7:30pm, called and begged the cleaners to open up for me since I forgot to go pick up our clothes for the trip. They graciously met me and loaded my truck. MLH is just now coming in from his leases, and we still have to pack. But the neatest thing happened, and I just have to share it!

Around 8:30 p.m., I called Bob and Cherie to see what they were doing. They were having supper with friends, and I asked them to call me when they were done. I guess they heard the panic in my voice…because I was panicking. Around 9pm, they called me back and asked if I needed help.

I knew MLH wasn’t going to make it home before midnight at the earliest. We have to leave early in the morning for Santa Fe, and I had no clothes picked out. We go from breakfast meetings to golf outings to tours to formal dinners, and though I had some ideas of what I was going to take, I hadn’t worked it all out.

Bob and Cherie came through the door and we went to work. (Well, Bob went to work watching a western, which was good – we probably would have driven him to drink.) Cherie made a long arduous task fun and gave great advice. Want to check the status of a friendship? Go through what we did tonight!

Now, all we have to do is get MLH and Zack home from the field, pack our truck, and go west, young man! No way could I have been this far along without Bob & Cherie’s help. Thanks, y’all! You rock!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

To every thing, turn, turn, turn...there is a season...

I’ve not been sleeping well lately. Meetings, schedules, trying to finish projects prior to leaving town – it’s all creeping into my head and pinging my I.P. at the most inopportune times…like at 2 a.m. When I do wake up, I’m wide awake, so I usually just get up. It’s almost not worth the fight to go back to sleep.

This season in which MLH and I find ourselves is different than any prior, and we know it. Nothing is set in stone. Almost as quickly as we discern something, things shift. Each day is a new day. I’ve become somewhat used to the shifting – which is a personal miracle in itself. We want to discern the seasons of the Lord in our lives, the blowing of the wind.

"Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; He sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning." Daniel 2:20-22 NIV

This is a unsettled time for us – there seems to be a lack of firm ground – of definite direction. Our families, our jobs, everything is fine. It’s just that it is a different time. It feels, smells, seems so foreign, yet, so much remains the same; and, we walk on. Amazingly enough, our steps are sure on this shifting sand. Hearts are open, eyes and ears turned towards Him.

"May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it." 1 Thessalonians 5 :23-24 NIV

We wait on Him. Because He has called us. He is Faithful. And He will do it.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Ace the beautiful Elhew English for sale!

This blog has been paused for a commercial break. I’m showing these pictures of Ace for a friend of mine. (Translate this disclaimer to “I need a website, Eric.” )I have shown pictures of this amazing dog Ace before, but here are more for your viewing pleasure.
Ace is a registered Elhew English Pointer, 4.5 year old light orange and white stud. Ace is fully trained on bob white and blue quail, chukar, and pheasant. This dog has several local wins and, as you can tell by the photographs, is a performing machine. If you know of anyone looking for a great hunting dog, let us know!

Or, for further information, please call Steve at Blue Quail Kennels, 432-561-8228.