Sunday, April 18, 2010

We May Be A Little Claustrophobic

Earlier this week, ThatManILove and I had a movie date.  We split salad and lasagna at at Pizzeria Venti, then headed to the movies.
We went to see "Date Night", the comedy with Steve Carell and Tina Fey.  The movie had probably been at our theatre 2 days, so we knew that most likely, the theatre would be crowded.
We were the first couple in the theatre, so for once, we sat in the middle of the second row from the top.  (We’re usually side seat aficionados.)  Our theatres are of decent size, for a mid-size Texas town, so there are plenty of seats.
We were early, and I was talking long distance to an old friend from North Carolina, and having a good time. ThatManILove was playing poker on his crackberry.  In about five minutes, a couple came and sat down on our row, about three seats down from me on my right.  And five minutes later, another couple came and sat the exact same distance from ThatManILove, on his left.
ThatManILove starts muttering.
Then, six people, who obviously go to the movies together all the time (I’ve seen them) came and sat...directly in front of us.
I’m still on the phone with my friend, and whispering the play by play to her.  She’s laughing hysterically, and I’m trying not to do the same.  ThatManILove is starting to steam.
People.  The entire theatre was empty.  No one was on the side seats, no one was seated in the lower section.  
The “Dancing Boxes” (what I call the previews) start, and I get off the phone.  But not before 4 people come and sit directly behind us.  I kid you not.
ThatManILove was grumbling.  I turned to him and asked him, “Did you order those special attractant pheremones from one of those funky 1-800 numbers or something?  Because these people are sticking to you like glue, baby.  Glue!” recap, we were instantly surrounded by 2+2+6+4 people.  The theatre didn’t fill up.  So, Including ThatManILove and myself, there were now 16 people in the theatre.  All smacking on their popcorn, kicking our seats, and talking amongst themselves.  Surrounding us.  In a theatre that probably seats at least 200 people.
And we were dead smack in the center of the top section of 12 seat rows, totally and irrevocably surrounded.  You just can’t get much closer than that.
I think we’ll repair to the side seats next time.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Back Yard Looks Like a Demilitarized Zone....

Wow.  It’s gone from clean to scene in about 2 days here por la casa.  You see, ThatManILove had a dream.  And one of our friends, Doug, is a whiz at drawing out plans...and they're both good at executing said directive.  ThatManILove sees a plan, it's Katy Bar That can consider that puppy faded, put to bed, complete. No ifs, ands, or buts.
The next thing I knew, there are strange men over here digging up our entire backyard.  Bringing over slabs of rock for me to pick out colors.  Limestone?  Flagstone?  or Rosa?  Or Arizona?  Arrrrrrgggghhhh!  Digging major holes which are, by the way, driving Zanna the Wonder Girl crazy,  since they have filled them with water in order to ready them for cementing.  She swears there are birds in those holes, and tries to swipe them out with her paw.  We think she sees their reflection in the water.  Her high dollar trainers would be so proud of this girly dog.
this morning....

I digress.  Please forgive me.
I came home this afternoon, and there are these huge pillars of wood sticking up in the air.  Trenches dug all over our back yard.  Zanna’s pissed about that, too.  She looks at us like, “Hey.  I get time out when I dig, what the hey?  You’re not even scolding those guys.” 
Did I mention the phone line was inadvertently cut?  Oh, yeah.  Not that we use it, except for dsl.  And at the last minute, when our friend had already come by and replaced our ancient gas line, ThatManILove decided he needed yet another tap for the fire pit?  Can you say “Cha-ching!” three times in a row, really fast?  YIKES.  We passed up the DIY budget days ago.  And ThatManILove’s talking about a “water feature”.  Maybe even a koi pond.  I guess Zack and Zanna would be German Shorthair Fishing Dogs.  
That’s right, fire pit - water feature - koi pond.  ThatManILove is creating his own little Margaritaville oasis in the back yard.  And when he’s on a mission, he’s on one.  And Zanna is more than stressed out and acting all weird.  There are PEOPLE, Mom, invading HER territory!! And Zack?  He’s loving all this activity - because that means ThatManILove is a wee bit distracted. Distracted dad =  free Zack. Today, ThatManILove got a phone call from the city.  
“Do you have a large brown dog?”
“Yes sir.”
“Do you know he’s running free?”
“No sir.”
The city employee gave ThatManILove the address, which happened to be 4 houses down from ours, and when TMIL went out to get him, the city employee was holding Zack by the collar.  Thank God he didn’t call animal control, we would have had to attend Defensive Doggie and pay a hefty fine.  I tell you all that to inform you that Zack is quietly standing by any door that might crack open enough to allow him the slightest chance of sneaking out.
this afternoon
Within a week or so, though, it should all be shaping up.  And that will be exciting. Today, ThatManILove said, “I might have rushed this all a bit - our timing may be a little off, but babe, I think it will all be worth it.”   Me:  “I just want to finish the kitchen and paint.”  Him:  “Babe, we’ll get lots of use out of this outdoor area - I’m even putting the outlets in so we can pull the musical instruments out if we want.”  Me:  “I know, but people have to walk through our house to get to this outdoor area.”  Him:  “We are so going to enjoy this, I promise.”  I know, I know, but how long is it gonna take this WonderWorld to develop?  Did I tell y'all that it rained today, so none of the workers showed up?  And when I say rain, I mean SPRINKLED.  Weenies.  All of them.  Weenies.
What can I say to that "We are so going to enjoy this, I promise?" ?  I mean, holy crap, we certainly can’t stop now...but if he starts pricing lions and tigers and bears, oh, MY!  Our yard may be paid for, but it's not that freakin' big!
Just finish the backyard already...and then, the backsplash in my kitchen and paint, cowboy, and I’ll be  one happy camperette.  Yes, I will. And honey, you will, too!

It's never boring around here!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Powered Down and Holding...

This is the ol’ I’m having trouble getting back to my blog whine.  Wah.  Okay, I’m done with that post, now on to bigger and better things.  (Quickest ever, huh?)
This is our first weekend por las casa with absolutely no plans.  A friend came in to see us, but basically, we’ve done not one thing but visit, and eat.  And visit, and eat.  And the guys have played guitars, and I’ve taken some pictures.  We’ve gone to the dog park.  ThatManILove’s about to put a burn on some salmon a la grill, our boys should make an appearance sometime this afternoon, and play some of their songs for our friend,  and then....we’re gonna eat. 
It’s been a restful, fun weekend.  Powered down, fun, quiet times. 
So good.
How about you?