Saturday, July 28, 2007

Taco Time!

According to Eric, we're getting a Jack In The Box franchise in Midland.

Glory be. The Southwest company plane will smell much better now.

You see, whenever we fly to Dallas, and we’re en route to Love Field to get home, we have to make a stop. And God forbid if we’re not all in the same rental car, and have different motives (i.e., forget to stop at the Jack in the Box.)

It is a rite of passage on the way to Love Field that we have to go thru the Jack drive through and pick up several taco orders. I’ve seen my co-workers argue over who gets how many Jack tacos, or that the orders weren’t distributed fairly.

Yup, pre-flight, we get tacos. Fast food tacos.

To. Take. Home. To. Midland.

Think about that. Arrive at the Love Field airport at least 1.5 hrs early to turn in your rental car. Then 1hr flight home, and 20 minutes drive from the Midland airport to la casa - with tacos in hand, to be eaten upon arrival por la casa – in Midland. And they don't warm them up.


I know that goofy Jack clown laughs his fool head off.

And now, my co-workers have flung a craving for those same tacos on MLH.

By the way, I refuse to cooperate.

High in the Sky

Don't forget – in a couple of hours, Jimmy Patterson will begin his long 24 hour day suspended in the air, raising money for Midland Fair Havens! He will be posting every 30 minutes during this upcoming 24 hour period.

Yes, he's crazy. Crazy funny. He'll be worth watching!

And for those of you who don't live in Midland, you can view this entire thing on Jimmy's webcam. Check out his site. Donate. Visit. Donate. Comment. Donate. Keep him up the entire time.

Or, ummmm….donate!

update: as of 1:00pm, I have already won 2 of Jimmy's contests...and the prizes are GOOD! Go! See! Play!! Or, like Eric says, just go eat a hamburger in front of him!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Takin' Care of Business!

I know y'all click on my blog thousands of times per day waiting on my next little droplets of wisdom, so I apologize for not posting more regularly.

What? Y'all don't? Click on my blog thousands of times per day?

I'm crushed. I should post more often.

But….work! And…events! And…customer dinners! And…all that other stuff! Has been keeping me from posting.

Sample day (prior to 8am!) of this week…

5:15 a.m. – out of bed, into the shower and rushing to get ready to be out of the house in time to pick up customer breakfast at…
6:30 a.m. – at ChikFilA, hauling out a large fruit tray, large chicken-mini tray, and 15 burritos to my truck to get to my customer's 6th floor office by…
6:45 a.m. – and lay out the food, place business cards, and run to the meeting room to visit with customers prior to their…
7:15 a.m. – conference call, which is the signal for me to leave, so I do, and go straight to the house, pick up dry cleaning to drop off at the cleaners. Zack the Wonder Dog decides that I must need a chaperone, and he hops into my truck. I'm okay with that, I'm going to take the clothing back to the house and drop it off on my way to the office.

Which is all well and good, except for the fact that there is a dog grooming place next to my dry cleaners. I forget that part. And when we drive up, about ten pet owners are standing outside with their pups and waiting on the doors to open. What a funny sight. Zack thinks it's okay for him to get out of the truck and go visit all his friends. I don't think so, big boy!!

Anyway, I get into the cleaners with my stash of clothing, and the owner rounds up my fresh dry cleaning. I'm gathering all my stuff, and my boss walks in with his laundry. I'm thinking, "Great. He's probably thinking I'm messing around, with my dog in the car, etc.", but he's good, as always.

I get to the house, unload Zack and all the stuff, and tell MLH what has happened. And then, he said the neatest thing.

"Girl, most of your peers are just thinking about getting up by the time you've already made 3 rounds. Don't worry about that stuff!" Think I'll keep him around.

And then, I run to another customer's office, getting there just before 8 a.m.

Two offices down, many more to go - just a portion of the day in a life of a person in sales.

Gotta love it. And I do.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Don't I live in the desert?

I woke up early this morning, let Zack out, and came back in.

Later, Zack wanted out again, and I opened the door to find that rain was pouring down. It only lasted a bit, though, and it was over.

We went out for breakfast, met a friend, and then ran out to Bob and Cherie's for a couple of minutes. Came back into town, went to Home Depot and picked up some things, and started home again, and it's raining solidly now.

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dance Card

For those of you that like ballroom dancing, (or wannabees like me!), go check out this inspiring story over at Mamma O's. What a neat idea!

Monday, July 16, 2007

My spiritual Dad...

One of my good friends Leo is catching up by posting some of his stories. If you get a second, check out his posting Cold Memory and then read on up through the postings. Leo enjoys a neat perspective looking through his window. If you mark this blog a favorite, it’ll be worth your time. Leo will be posting more frequently and you'll probably start seeing his name in your comments! He's excited about this blogosphere. He’s a wise, wise man and is a father to me. My life has been all the richer because of my Papa Leo. Maybe yours will be, as well.

The Home Front is looking more like...home!

We worked hard this weekend. Due to our house being in a state of constant remodel, a clothes rack had taken possession of the middle of our bedroom floor. (I say “taken possession” in the sense that it’s been there for most of 6-8 months.)

This weekend, we decided that rack was by golly outtahere…Be gone, darn clothes rack, be gone!

We got up Saturday morning, ran through the closets in double quick time, and if the clothes had not been used in a while, they were taken to Goodwill. No second chances.

Then we picked up LB1, took him to IHOP for a late breakfast (man, that boy can eat!) and ran out to Bob and Cherie's. LB1 tried and tried to get the pups to play with him, but they’re still too shy. So LB1 and Bob went vegetable gathering in the garden, and this boy is excited about the squash and pumpkin he’s taking his mom. He asked me, “Miss Janie, can we make a pumpkin pie?” Once we were back in the car, he couldn’t wait to get to our house. “Is Zack at home? Can he sleep with me tonight?” He is so funny!

So, back to the house, and MLH & I attacked the cleaning of the bedroom and the final move of the almighty transient clothes rack. (As I said, it has taken on a life of its own!) MLH ran back to Home Depot to get metal rods for one of the closets, and came back and installed them for me. I started re-organizing clothes. And thinking about how grateful I am that we’re getting back on track once again! LB1 played 2 hours on the GameCube (he has a limit at our house, too) and asked me to make him some of my homemade spaghetti. We finally compromised on Double Dave's pizza - MLH and I ate a couple of slices, and LB1 ate 13. I don't know how he does it!

Two weeks ago, Bob came and helped Steve re-organize the garage. Then last Saturday, he came and helped Steve reorganize our middle bedroom, which had become a storage room for everything remodel, and everything else that didn’t have an assigned place. (It will now be a music room, and house some funky new furniture, plus all of our guitars, keyboards, and the TV for gaming purposes.) And Bob’s also been digging up the vinca ground cover and monkey grass out of an area that will soon magically morph into our new front patio area. I’m excited about Bob saving those plants.

We have been steadily working on this house for almost two months now, after nearly a year of inactivity. (We were pretty occupied closing a business down, which was very time consuming.) Our new furniture is in, which is very sweet. Our curio cabinets were delivered Thursday, and they are beautiful. Our new bedroom furniture should be coming soon. Joe Fussell at City Wide Electric is going to get us straightened out from an electrical perspective (old house, funky electricity.) Awaiting delivery on music room furniture. We still have to make a few more renovation decisions, and decide on paint colors for a couple of the rooms, but we are well on track to making home more like…home.

Yup, I’m excited.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jimmy in the Sky with Diamonds....

Eric has opted out for 2007 due to family commitments, but Jimmy the P is going to be riding high in the West Texas skies for the The Blogathon. I considered participating in the Blogathon this year – after all, when Eric and Jimmy participated last year, garnering pledges for Midland Fair Havens, it was one of the major happenings that helped me decide to take the plunge and become a blogger myself. As such, I considered and was somewhat excited about participating in the 2007 Blogathon, as more than just a contributor. After all, I love fundraising. Or that's what Jimmy said when he wrote that article about me in 2005.

I thought about doing the Blogathon again today, for a mere 5 minutes. That’s all it took. And then I realized I don’t have the stuff. Jimmy’s a regular part of the media, so he’ll either know or make up stuff to talk/write/blog about for 24 hrs. I mean, last year, Jimmy and Eric held contests , wrote about music and all sorts of great subjects all throughout the Blogathon. I really tried to stay up with them just to comment and help them out, but I didn’t make it the entire 24 hrs. I can’t even win a Texas Lotto Scratchoff contest, much less create contests. And I would probably run out of subject matter soon after Zack the Wonder Dog dozed off. Or my hibiscus flowers closed up for the night.

Eric wrote 76 posts and over 8000 words in 24 hours. I don’t know Jimmy’s post/word count (Eric’s was easy to find.), but I’m sure it was somewhere in the same range. And each post both of them wrote garnered several comments. That, my fellow bloggers, is awesome. And they raised a sweet amount for Midland Fair Havens.

So, this year, I’m out of the Blogathon inso far as being a Blogathoner. I’ll contribute, but not in the 24 hour blogging contribution manner. I’ll send money. And here’s why:

I’ll tell you all I think Jimmy’s going to do, and then I’ll compare myself.

Jimmy will be blogging from the H-E-B parking lot.
I like the H-E-B Store, but I hate that parking lot. I think it’s one of the most dangerous places in town. (People drive like idiots in that parking lot. I think it's a combination of the Starbucks caffeine and the Pinkie's alcohol. Surely not, but, hey, what a thought!) That boy Jimmy has some guts! (I’m sure he’ll be well protected.)
Anyway, Jimmy prevails.

He’s going to be sitting in a small bucket, suspended 30’ in the air.
I don’t think I’d be happy sitting in that bucket.
Jimmy prevails. He’s a tad bit skinnier than me, too.

Jimmy’s utilizing a Genie Scissor Lift for the suspension part of his magic trick.
Genie-us-es work on my hair to give me a lift every 4 weeks with scissors and hair color.
Jimmy doesn’t have to worry about his hair, soooo, dang it…Jimmy prevails.

Jimmy is a man. Janie is a woman.
Bathroom proprieties in a small bucket, suspended 30’ in the air in the HEB parking lot.
Enough said. Jimmy prevails. (PS – Jimmy – do you want to borrow MLH's portapottie?

Jimmy’s not fond of heights.
Me – the higher the better.
Janie prevails.

Jimmy’s funny. Truly funny.
I’m funny – but only in my dreams.
Jimmy prevails.

Jimmy’s an accomplished writer.
Again – in my dreams. I’m what we used to call in the rodeo world a “wannabee”.
Jimmy prevails.

Jimmy the P can film videos while driving his own car.
I can’t even film my dog without laughing and jiggling my camera.
Jimmy prevails.

Jimmy is an accomplished fundraiser. He and Eric raised $5000 last year, for Midland Fair Havens. I’m good at fundraising megabucks with a team…don’t know my abilities going solo.
So – Jimmy prevails. No – Janie prevails. Okay…we tie.

Writing without stopping for 24 hrs.
About what? I can’t even post daily. 24 hours???
Again, Jimmy prevails.

Here are the scores.
Jimmy = 7
Janie = 1
Tie = 1

So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen. Jimmy is the winner. I concede defeat, and will humbly submit my pledge to Midland Fair Havens. If you’d like, you can pledge on behalf of Midland Fair Havens by doing the below, which I plagiarized…no, downright copied…from Jimmy’s site.

And, I pledge to at some point during the 24 hours, hop onto the site and bug Jimmy and play his games and try to win some of his contests. You should, too! It's great entertainment, and for a great cause...Midland Fair Havens.

How to donate before Blogathon: Donate either in lump sum or pledge by the hour anytime between now and the end of Blogathon by visiting Select “Find a blogger to sponsor here.” Select the MyWestTexas/Midland Fair Havens button. Select “Sign Up” and after a very brief registration process, fill in your pledge amount by hour or lump sum.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Rabbit Trails, Dogs, and...Turtles?

Hop on down this rabbit trail with me. (Otherwise entitled "Yup, Janie has A.D.D.")

I was in the front yard this evening watching Zack run. I looked up just as a maroon Ford Explorer drove by. Hanging out the window of that Ford Explorer was a dog that looked so much like Zack that I wheeled around to see if Zack was still with me.

And he was.

Lest you think these solid liver German Shorthair sightings happen often, please rest assured that is not so. Outside of Zack’s littermates, I’ve seen two solid liver German Shorthair dogs. One was from Kansas, and another was from Missouri. Solid liver GSP’s are few and far between, at least out here in the sticks of West Texas.

Once I realized Zack was right by my side, I started breathing again. And then I wondered, “Who was that? Wonder if that dog was a female GSP? If that dog’s birdy? Do I know the owners?”

Will the owner of the maroon Ford Explorer please come by again…and stop? We’d love to visit! I’m sure we have lots in common! Like…weird doggy behaviors…and paw prints 6’ high and horizontal on our fences…and random bird feather decorations in our back yards…and muddy back porches…ice cream loving dogs...and…and…and…

Okay. I’ve been slaving away too hard on that big project at work lately. This is my first full weekend off in a month – and my brain is working overtime. It kicked in again for a minute.

I thought, “Wonder if they post their German Shorthair videos on YouTube the way we did? Maybe I can find them that way!” I went to check (no other local shorthair videos), and there was a comment on Zack’s video (which, by the way, has been viewed 920 times in 4 months!). I went to read the favorable comment, and the commenter had a video marked as favorite. After reading the title, I had to watch.

As aggressive as he is in the field, Zack has nothing on this Killer Tortoise !

Saturday, July 7, 2007

She's Back......

My friend Pam over at Mamma O is back blogging again, and she's asking for input on ideas to entertain her grandmunchkins this summer. Please take a second to go welcome her back into the blog-a-fold!

By the way, Pam's from Cowtown Pattie's town, and just a little bit south of Foo's neck of the woods. Yup, another Texan gets the bloggin' bug!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Zack's Second Cousin

This little munchkin looks so much like my baby pictures that it is scary. Little Mackenzie Bree had a great time at her great-aunt Janie's today...we found out she loves Zack, as well as flowers. Enjoy!

Zack and Mackenzie meet.

Caught in the act...

And looking so innocent!

Caught with the evidence (which was quickly removed!)

The Mackenzie munchkin, trying to walk. Already. Her parents and grandparents are in for exciting times!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pretty neighborhood pranks...

Remember back when my neighbors were playing plastic flower pranks? On each other? And I thought it was too cute?

It's my turn - I’ve been hit by the plastic flower monsters.

Due to the bad weather, my 8:20 pm flight from Houston arrived in Midland last week around 12:45am. Upon my arrival home, I wasn’t really cognizant of anything except for the fact I had an important early morning meeting that same morning, and that I had to get to sleep.

When leaving for that same meeting around 7:00 am Thursday morning, I noticed some changes in my flowerbeds. MLH had pulled some pots down from our ledges so I could replant them, and though I had made preparations to do so, including buying the new flowers, I had not yet replanted the flowers.

My neighbors decided to help me out. I think it’s because I got such a kick out of the pranks they played upon each other. Who knows?

After 4 years, this might be a sign that I may have been accepted into the clique. Or…maybe not.

Here’s a thought - I might just keep the silk flowers. They look pretty good – and they require absolutely no water!

Eric's Hibiscus Meme (Hmmm...The Year of the Hibiscus?)

Only Eric could start such a competition without even trying. I tried to measure my hibiscus with my hand, as he did. Then I figured out it would not be a true scientific measurement. (It just wasn’t going to be apples to apples…or hibiscus to hibiscus.)

We have some honkin’ hibiscus (hibisci?) as well. We have been enjoying their blooms for about two weeks. They are gorgeous.

Anyway, here it is…the honkin’ hibiscus por la Sounding Forth casa - displayed here in a (somewhat) scientific measure, to boot.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.