Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Threshold

Rites of passage abound in this time for Sarah, Christina and Lindsey. Graduation – a marking of this change of season in their young lives. Looking through the window, towards the future. Moving away from home. College.

Three young and beautiful graduating seniors looked up, eyes wide, as I turned the corner into the dining room at a local restaurant last night, carrying three gift sacks and 3 dozen roses, one vase for each young lady.

It was all worth it, to see those huge eyes and shy smiles of wonder and excitement. The young ladies were blown away. They told me later that they had each received one rose, or six, but never a dozen each. Sarah’s mom and I enjoyed watching them discover all the goodies in their gift sacks, and listening to them talking about their lives. I had known Sarah since birth, but had not met Christina or Lindsey. The three have been friends most of their lives, attending a small school in a small West Texas town, and enjoying the family bonding between friends that a small school provides. It was entertaining and such a blessing to listen to them. All articulate, personable, and excited about going on their senior trip. And then, they turned the tables on Sarah’s mom (Rhonda) and myself.

“How did y’all meet?”

Wow. Rhonda and I looked at each other, and smiled. A trip down memory lane. We had grown up, two vibrant girls raised a block apart in a neighborhood of boys, in a town east of here. Though a year older than Rhonda, a bond was formed between us. We were sisters to awesomely protective brothers. We knew we could do anything we wanted and we had automatic backup in those boys. We ruled that neighborhood – with our beauty, wit…oh - and our ability to hit and catch baseballs, throw footballs, ride motorcycles, and (don’t freak out, Beth!) Rhonda actually participated in the rattlesnake roundups by catching snakes with her dad. Oh, we enjoyed the things girls enjoy, like clothes, makeup, the works, but silly, frilly girls we were not.

In our teens, the cool thing to do was cruise a local drive-in. Circle it in our vehicles – and if you saw someone you wanted to talk to, you just pulled your car in, and got out and visited. One evening, I was hanging out with some people from one of the surrounding little towns, and Rhonda drove by. One of the guys asked who she was, and I told him. He indicated he’d like to meet her, so of course, I arranged it.

They ended up falling in love and marrying, and are still married today. I tease Sarah, “And your mom and dad still love me!” – but the truth is, these two were meant for each other. And somehow, I knew it, way back then. And over the years, along came three beautiful children, the middle one being Sarah.

Sarah – a beautiful young lady, also raised with protective brothers – fearless, yet cautiously intelligent. Innocence shines in her eyes, but make no mistake – this little one is no dummy. She treads her own path. And she approaches her destiny with grace, and intensity. She will do well, this Sarah.

Today, Sarah, Christina, and Lindsey stand at the threshold of the door to their futures. They all glow with the promise and excellence that only comes from above. I’m excited for them.

Be blessed, ladies. I’m glad to know you all.


Rach said...

You have a way with words Janie! Great post!

Geo said...

What a wonderful story!

Cherie said...

That was a very classy thing to do - they will remember that gift of love for the rest of their lives!

Jennifer said...

I am really impressed with you, Janie. Between this and the other things you've posted about on your blog (such as your little brothers and charity events), you have a real Texas-sized way of reaching out and touching others. It's a real gift.

Janie said...

Rachel, George, Cherie and Jennifer - thanks so much for your kind comments! Y'all rock!

Gwynne said...

What Jennifer said...I love your style!

Janie said...

Thanks, Gwynne! You are too kind.

Trace said...

What a nice tribute to these girls, Janie; and to your lasting friendship, as well.

Very lovely, and well written.

Janie said...

Trace, thanks so much!