Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Okay. That last post was probably a little over the top.

(Disclaimer of sorts: as soon as I saw that sign, I called one of my friends who attends that church, and asked him that same question. Didn’t even tell him what it was about. The following conversation ensued. And then, of course, out came the camera. I then called and vetted it to MLH, who also gave me the go-ahead to post away.)

C: “Hello, this is C.”
Janie: “Dude. What if I have a question on May 28th?”
C: “What?”
Janie: “What if I have a question on May 28th?”
Another pause.
C: “Girl, I don’t know where you are, but I know what sign you’ve seen. And I guess the answer is you’re SOL. You’ll have to go somewhere else to get the answers after May 28th.”


He goes to that church, ministers there. He didn’t get his panties in a wad. He thought it was funny. He so got it.

My “dad” in the Lord, Leo, used to tell me that that “the Father gets a kick out of you, Janie.” And Becky, his wife, would say, “You’re just real. God looks down from heaven and slaps his knee, laughing when His eye rests on you, lassie.” I had to get over myself to be able to hear that one, but I got it. I do believe the Lord has a sense of humor. And I know He made me the way I am.

I know I’m irreverent. I know. And He knows. And He deals with me daily about it…well, almost daily. Sometimes, I picture Him rolling His eyes and grinning. I know that I know that He loves me. And I know that He’s called me for such a time as this.

Sometimes, I get tired of all the religiosity. Do you? Don’t you? The Lord called me at age 38. I was never really “churched” as we know it – but the Father made sure I was mentored and He kept me hungry and seeking Him all the while. He still does. I didn’t learn a scripture a day. I’ve not ever finished “The Bible in a Year” – though I’ve tried. My Father will flat out write His word on your heart without anyone else’s help. He can do it. I know - He’s doing it to me.

We get asked to go to this church or the other, all the time. And we’re possibly judged by man, because we don’t attend a church. I don’t know that I’d fit in a church anymore. Oh, I’m plenty gifted, thank God, in a myriad of ways. So is MLH, more so than I. And we both have hearts for worship, we play and sing. We’ve traveled all over, leading worship for meetings and home groups. We led a huge home group, until the Lord told us to lay it down. We did. When He tells us to go again, or lead a group again, we will.

We are simply waiting on Him.

We love people. We hope, and from time to time, see evidence that maybe we are salt. We allow ourselves to be poured out. And hopefully, like salt, we disappear and get blended in. And the flavor changes forevermore and the very fragrance of Christ arises.

Even when I post signs in fun.


Karen said...

I know what you mean about the church going thing. The husband and I were both raised in the same denomination and both of us feel completely left by our church. They have done some strange stuff these last couple of years and it is definately not the same denomination we both grew up in. We haven't been inside a church for services in a couple of years now and have never formally joined a church here in Houston and we've been here almost 9 years.

It is what it is.

Bob said...

Hi Janie. Cherie says Hi also and is glad to be home. We have endured lots of pain in the social clubs many call "Church". I'm not saying all churches are like this, just that we have had problems. A saying I heard years ago was that Christians are the only ones that shoot their wounded. We have found many great people who live their beliefs but in any group of people there are those who's ambitions and...You know, I really don't need to get into this. Will be starting my bible study blog soon. Love ya

Trace said...

Janie ~ I really feel I know you better through this post.

I very much relate to the church thing. I was raised in the United Methodist church as a youngster. Since those years, I have visited and learned about almost every other denomination, or non-denominational church there is.

I left a community church I had been attending for 8 years, about 4 months ago. I've gotten lazy about searching for another place to worship just now. It does not bother me though; and I do not believe it is because I am a lost soul or any foolishness such as that.

I believe the times that we spend away from organized religion are quite refreshing actually; and my God, who is ever in my heart and by my side is no further away because of it.

It's funny-- I ran into my former pastor a couple days ago, and he is not the same with me anymore, as he was when I attended his church. Hmmmm...makes me more certain that being part of a church group/building, has nothing to do with what makes someone Christian.

Janie said...

Tracy - I understand. My heart for the Lord has changed not.

Seasons change - and we have to rightly discern the season.