Monday, May 28, 2007

Tile, schmile.

We are not happy. We splurged on a Hoover SteamVac All Terrain to work on our tile floors.

Don’t buy one!

We had been researching how “dry steam is the new cleaning method” and looking for the right appliance to do so. After reading about Vapor Clean products and the LadyBug vapor steam system, we were pretty sold on steam. And when I saw this (much cheaper) Hoover machine, I thought Hoover might have caught on to the steam cleaning trend.

Not so. In this machine, even the word “steam” is a misrepresentation. The only hot water is the water you put in the machine, straight out of the tap. The brushes heat up the water a little more, but zero steam…unless you count that coming out of MLH’s head right now. And the machine drinks floor cleaner – another consumable just to enhance Hoover’s pockets. This machine might work well on carpets, but by no means is it an "all-terrain" cleaning machine.

We are going to return it. Posthaste.

And we’re going to buy one of the aforementioned products – after we do a little more research, call and ask questions, etc. The testimonials rock!


Zura Beth said...

I just stumbled upon your post. I live in Midland, too, and thought I'd say hi. Check out my blog if you want, at

Janie said...

Welcome, Zura Beth! We'll have to get together! I'll go check out your blog.