Friday, May 4, 2007

Google me, will ya?

Janie needs to make an appointment at the doctor and explain her symptoms to him. She has some mysterious disease symptomatic of being meme-tagged by Rachel! To play, go to Google, and type in your name, followed by the word “needs.”

Janie needs reassurance from Tea Cake that he loves only her.
MLH I know, Dudley I know…but who is Tea Cake?

Janie needs a man's protection.
Don’t we all?

Janie needs a gun.
Ummmm. Yeah. Right. Like I’ve never won a gun…or two.

Janie needs relevance.
What? You mean completing this meme isn’t relevant?

Fortunately, all Janie needs is love. Hey, the Beatles had it right all along...

Janie needs assistance in paying for extensive travel, food and lodging costs…any and all donations can be made at Chase Bank and will be gratefully appreciated and put to good use.

Janie needs a little help warming up to Jake the dog…yeah, but
Zack the Wonder Dog is another matter entirely!

Janie needs better shoes, but these things are fixable…I get by with a little help from my friends, i.e. Franco Sarto and the internet!


Rachel said...

Thanks for doing it! Like on Gwynne's - I love the little side comments!

Gwynne said...

This sounds like it came straight from your diary! ;-)

Janie said...

No joke, huh, Gwynne....