Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boys in the Hood...

Friday night, I called my Little Brother Nick’s mom and asked if we could all meet for supper. She said yes, and I joined Nick, his mom and brother at a local eatery. At some point, we sent the boys to the restroom, and I asked permission to take them to my friend’s house for a surprise. She readily agreed, and we left the restaurant headed east to Greenwood to Roy and Patti’s house.

We get on the interstate.

Me: “Where are we going, guys?”

Boys: “To Putt-putt! No? To play golf? No? To Big Spring? No. We don’t know!”

I love surprises.

It’s a good thing.

We pulled up into the circle driveway, and I was amazed at how big the plants were. I had just visited this house last summer, and the outdoor foliage was just starting to take off. (Clue #1). The boys piled out of the truck, with mom in tow. We go to the back yard, and I start opening the back yard gate. A dog barks, and the boys pull back.

Me: “Don’t worry, Dillon won’t bite. He’s a huge yellow lab, but he’s a sweetie.”

Nick: “Ummm, Janie, that dog’s black!” (Clue #2)

Me: “Right. Hmmm. He sure is. He doesn’t look too happy to see us, does he? And I don’t remember Roy and Pattie having a tin fence in the back, either. I better call them.”

We. Were. At. The. Wrong. House.

Big, black lab. I’m trying to open the gate. We’re in the sticks. We could have been staring down the barrel of a shotgun.

I’m such a role model for these boys, I swear. The very epitome of intelligence. It’s a wonder I passed the background check.

We RUN back to the truck and pile in, laughing, and head north. We pull into the correct driveway. Roy and Patti and friends have been team roping, horses are still saddled, and we walk out to the barn. We are met by Dillon (the friendly yellow lab) and a cute kitty…and Norman, the 5-day old calf that Patti is bottle-feeding.

This calf is precious. Beautifully colored. Barely wobbling around, but even as we watch, he tries to run after Patti. Make no mistake, even in raising cattle, whomsoever carries the formula bottle, should one be needed, is “Mommy.” And Roy and Patti are making sure this little guy is going to make it, no matter that his mom rejected him. They may be walking into a dependency problem, though. Norman is currently sleeping in Patti’s huge garden tub at night. Covered by a blanket, at that.

Anyway, the boys go crazy!! They both obviously love animals of any type, and are all over Norman, the cat, Dillon…and then they get to help feed the horses. These boys are so much fun to watch. They both get to feed Norman his bottle, and the calf sucks on their fingers.

Boys: "Oooh, weird! That feels weird! But he's so cute - is it my turn to feed Norman yet?"

All the adults have a great time, watching them run around, play, and feed Norman and the horses.

And then, Roy lets them ride the tractor with him, one at a time, while he works the dirt in his arena. Both boys are ecstatic. It was fun to watch them experience something new.

Nick’s mom and Patti and I just sit on the barn porch and enjoy ourselves while visiting and watching these active brothers.

We had a great time…and the boys want to go back, and ride. Pattie and Roy have invited them to do so, and to come swimming, as well. We probably need to take all of our Little Brothers out to Roy and Patti’s.

There’s no life like the country life - Yeehah!


Rach said...

You have the funniest stories!

Karen said...

That's a great story. Too fun.

Bob said...

Of such comes the wonder of life, the gifts that give back, lives touched and forever bettered as these memories will remain with the boys as long as they live.
You rock Janie

Gwynne said...

The wrong house?!?! That's classic. So glad you made it out alive. ;-) I'm very proud of the work you are doing for your Little Brothers...you are setting a great example!